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Comic Fiesta 2014 Official Feedback Thread

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Poll: Comic Fiesta 2014 Official Feedback Thread (98 member(s) have cast votes)

How was your Comic Fiesta 2014 experience?

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#31 Bayou


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 06:09 PM

It would've been great if premium artbooth and the basic artbooth are next to each other. It's easier for visitors to walk around and browse both of them instead of having to walk to Mordor and back.  :D  :D Perhaps next year you can put exhibitors booths in one area and the artbooths in the next area. Other than that, the event was awesome! Great job! I'll make sure I'll attend again next time!

#32 P3aNutZ


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 06:27 PM


-rich booths

sponsored ones like KDU and Dasein and VBG etc. those take a lot of space. i know they're a big income and they need the commercial space but screw commercials when rows of sardines are squeezing their way through. you guys should emphasize on the DJ booths more imo 

speaking of DJ booths why are the premium ones so far away from the normal ones? the premium to normal booths are cut off by the mini shopping center stores in the middle as i mentioned before ._. why? why???



-utilize the barren 'hall 6'

which is the ticketing hall. other than the mornings when people are fighting over tickets the hall is practically empty. one thing for sure it's great for cosplayers because no one's there. why not move off the fences after peak hours are over and lend space for the crowd in the waiting hall in? the photo shooting in the waiting hall is ridiculous. ridiculous isn't even the right word. i wanted to see the artworks for the countdown but all of these photoshooting shit is blocking me 

why put them there in the first place then



I myself agree with the "barren hall 6" ~ i understand that it will be a pain to set up the walls again or anything like that, but given the situation where there are too many people and too little space, i guess this is the best way 


and i too rather have more fan booths then all those big company booths ~~ =P  Hopefully this could change in the future ~

#33 yunan026


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 07:31 PM

I'm one of the volunteers working there. This was my first time participating the event and to become a volunteer. I shall provide some suggestions and improvements based on a volunteer's perspective.

1. LoL stage SHOULD NOT be placed at Hall 5. This was perhaps the worst part of the entire floor plan. It left only one narrow passage for people to get into the inner area. Also, people were obstructing the entrance area as they stood/sat to watch the tournament. SWITCH THE POSITION OF BASIC ART BOOTH AND LOL STAGE.

2. I had been repeatedly asking people do not exit at Hall 5 entrance. I know many was mad at me because they had to go through all the hassle to get to Hall 1. Even me myself would be reluctant to do so. But there could not be more exits because the exhibitors complained that people were not looking at their booths. The entrance could not be made as the exit because of the crowd trying to get in. So, my suggestion is, create an EXPRESS LANE using belt dividers from Hall 5 straight to Hall 1. People must walk fast on the express lane, do not allow them to stop and/or taking photographs whatsoever. I think this is feasible because the normal walkway will still be there, just narrower. Signage must be clear to indicate this.

3. Me as a volunteer did not aware of the information booklet until the end of Day 1. As a result, I was stunned when visitors asked me where a specific booth was and I could not help them (I'm sorry about that). Put them on the counter with signage obvious enough for people to retrieve them. Or maybe put them at the early bird entrance and ticketing area. Otherwise provide digital copies in addition of physical copies.

4. Put Coffy Tiam at the side with belt dividers to create a queueing line for people to line up systematically in a designated area and not in the middle or side of the crowd.

5. Make a line parallel to the dividers at the entrance to Hall 6 to provide a space for people to give their friends/families tickets they bought. Otherwise they would be crowding at the entrance and obstructing the path. I felt bad when I disallowed them to exit and told them to ask their friends/families to enter the hall to retrieve the tickets. I knew this caused them troubles.

6. Place a signboard telling cosplayers to go for prop check if necessary at the entrance or a place where people would surely stumble across. It was very daunting and inconvenient to ask them to go for prop check. Not all of them read the guidelines on the booklet.

7. Bigger area for cosplayers to settle down and let others to take a photograph of them, Hall 6 could be utilised for this purpose because Hall 5 was just.....too crowded with people trying to take photographs.

8. I did not go to the ballroom in these two days but I heard there were not enough lifts to carry everyone. Actually, outside the exhibition hall(the corridors) were mostly empty. I suggest to place a lane using dividers for people to get to the central area to utilise the staircases and escalators. Also, the ballroom wasn't big enough. I'm not sure about this but maybe a bigger ballroom?

9. The changing room could be made obvious by putting a big signage at the top of the entrance. Yup it was pretty obvious with the two gender signs ONLY when there was less people. The crowds blocked the gender signs and people coming in could not see it.

10. Directions for buying tickets could be made legible with signboards guiding them from the entrance until the destination. Not everyone knew they had to go round the hall to get there. It was totally unnecessary for the volunteers to tell them where it was when signboards could do all the job.

Okay these are basically all the cons, anything else not mentioned are the pros to me.
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#34 Amin



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Posted 31 December 2014 - 07:32 PM


  • Getting even bigger compared to previous years, kudos to the ACG community.
  • Hachioji-P. Whoever that was in charge of inviting him over, here's a virtual hug.
  • The quality of booths have increased dramatically, you guys are seriously talented.
  • Ballroom at Level 3. Definitely a smart move considering you guys already have the LoL stage in the main hall area.



  • Quite a lot of borderline NSFW items on display.
  • Bottleneck during photo/autograph sessions.
  • Pickpockets (I know that this is beyond our control).
  • LoL stage near the entrance.
  • Long line to enter Ballroom.




- Create a line or twitter account or anything of that sort, so people can get real time update on what is going on before / during / after the event. This could double as a place to announce lost and found, emergency announcement, or general announcement such as " The queue of meet and greet with XXXX has started, please proceed to hall X now. " 


  • I love this suggestion. We already have a Twitter account, might as well make full use of it and live-tweet the event. Maybe have some mini games that won't affect the crowd inside the halls, like "First three persons to take a picture of someone cosplaying as X outside the building will get Y".
  • As for the booklets running out, slap some QR codes around the entrances (and exits) for a digital copy. Going paperless will definitely save costs in the long run.
  • For those NSFW items, either have them hidden or sold under the table. I noticed quite a lot of kids attended with their parents. I personally don't want an overly concerned parent complaining to the religious police and all that.
  • The photo/autograph booth could be located at a corner, so that it won't block the pathway and you guys won't need so many Felynes becoming a wall.
  • Any and all stages should be towards the end of the layout
  • Just like what you guys did with Hall 6 to try and ensure that the line outside isn't long, maybe have 2 lines to enter the ballroom. First batch right outside the ballroom and second batch just outside Hall 1. I noticed that the line was continuing outside as it began to drizzle.


These are just a few that I could think of, will edit later.

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#35 Ly Sue

Ly Sue

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Posted 31 December 2014 - 07:40 PM

Too bad I went only for day one CF14 as I'm heading off to Melbourne that night-! Nonetheless, this is my review~

1. The entrance and the exit plan, well let's just say that I'm not satisfied with the long walk to and fro. Why can't be there a few small exits before hall 6? My friend went out for a bit and had to wait for a long time to get back in again.

2. I totally love how the photograph/signing session were placed at the hall but please a proper line and space are needed to improve to avoid further massive human jam.

3. Apparently some volunteers are not aware of where the above event were placed at? I rather if they are notified with every details of CF

4. Please bring Liui again--

#36 faizdanyal


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 08:47 PM

Hey Comic Fiesta Community and Committee. It's #TheNXTLiberator,F.D. Here to talk about how EPIC this year's Comic Fiesta 2014, which I dubbed it as Comic Fiesta ®Evolution (It's the Evolution of the ACG Community,that's why.) From my 3 years experience attending the BIGGEST ACG Convention in Malaysia, I have to say this will probably be in the history books as one of the best experience I ever had in any Comic Fiestas I ever attended. I met with a lot of familiar cosplayers and even new ones that just debuted at this event from all over Asia, photographed with their best cosplays,met with the special guest announced cosplayers, Mon, King, Aza Miyuko and Liui Aquino, all were in my most wanted cosplayers I want to meet, got tons of autographs not only from the special guest cosplayers but also cosplayers who I met as well as part of my 'F.D. Signature Project' to appreciate the cosplayers' contribution to the ACG itself, bought tons of merchandise (mostly A5 postcards and photobooks) and got them autographed as well and more importantly, connecting with the entire ACG Community as a whole in one EPIC event. 


Here, I would like to explain the pros and cons that I encountered during the entire 2 days of Comic Fiesta ®Evolution 2014 and some suggestions from me which hopefully the Comic Fiesta committee will pay attention to improve for next year's Comic Fiesta.



  • They have finally sorted out what is the main problem in the last 2 editions of CF, the queue. The Early Bird ticket holders, like myself, were finally treated like what they supposed to do in the first place, becoming the 1st priority in entering the exhibition hall. That's the privilege that defined what 'Early Bird' supposed to mean.
  • I felt there's a slight reduction in terms of the crowd jam situation this year compared to the last 2 Comic Fiestas I went. I felt a bit smoother walking past through the crowds all around throughout the event this year so kudos to that.
  • Separating the Main Hall with the Market Section was a smart move by the CF Committee as there would be more space for the visitors to walk through the market booths smoother. 
  • The volunteers and workers who operate the entire event co-operated really well in terms of controlling the crowd throughout the entire event.


  • The One Entrance,One Exit Crisis still plagued me since the 1st time I came to Comic Fiesta 2 years ago. Especially since this year, the convention was using the ENTIRE HALL throughout the event, I had a VERY TOUGH time trying to figure out how to exit the convention centre while dealing with the jam packed crowd all over the convention hall.
  • While separating the Main Hall and the Market Booths was smart, using only 1 of KLCC's hall as the Main Hall...not a great idea. I was looking forward to the Cosplay Invitational to see my favorite teams compete but alas, the line was astronomically long, the hall wasn't prepared as early as what they expect, it's hard to navigate how to get to the Main Hall itself and the end result, I missed the Cosplay Invitational myself, which made me sad that I couldn't be able to watch the Cosplay Invitational Live. #SuchAShame...  :(
  • I have to agree on someone who mentioned that the League of Legends Special Hall should have been moved somewhere else. I mean,literally, because of the wide usage of Halls 4 and 5 just for the League of Legends TLC Tournament, there's quite a HUGE jam walking through the stage because of the lack of space in the walking lane towards the Premium Market booths.
  • The queue lines for the Meet & Greet Sessions...what a jumble up those were. This was not only applied to the Meet & Greet sessions with the announced special guest cosplayers but even the Meet & Greet sessions with unannounced guest cosplayers at some specific Premium Booths. There's chances of someone who are not involved in the Meet & Greet session at all to barge into the queue or standing nearby the queue just to get a close view at what happened at the Meet & Greet session, thus blocking those who wanted to pass through the lane nearby that area.


  • Just like this year, seperate the Main Hall and the Market Booth but this time, since KLCC probably has more indoor halls that are provided, how about for next year's edition, utilize all the indoor halls for seperate events. For instance, the committee can suggest on using the biggest indoor stage in the convention centre as the Main Hall and use the other halls available inside KLCC for specific purposes like one for League of Legends, one for the Creative Corner, one for the concerts,etc. Therefore, you can reduce the risk of overcrowding and missed opportunities for the visitors to watch what they want LIVE, including Cosplay Invitational.
  • Please...For the love of God, can you give us more than 1 Entrance and more than 1 Exit for the next Comic Fiesta,please? This has been my main gripe for the past 2 years, yet, they did not sort that out this year as well. Even worse, since you are using the ENTIRE HALL, it has been a major problem for those who are on emergency leave, who wants to go to Suria KLCC for a while or any other cases related to those. That has caused a lot of visitors to end up having sore feet just by entering and exiting the convention hall frequently.
  • Better queue control on the Meet & Greet session at the Coffytiam booth (for the announced special guest cosplayers) and other booths which also provide Meet & Greet sessions as well. Separate those who are in queue to meet and greet with the cosplayers and those who passed by those booths. Make a marker or barrier so that the passer bys won't interfere the queue who wants to go for the Meet & Greet session, thus better flow of the crowds.
  • Comic Fiesta is supposed to be the penultimate event in the ACG Calendar so to live up to its status and to ensure the grandness of the event compared to other ACG Events in Malaysia, I suggest the Comic Fiesta committee to invite even more cosplayers. This year, 4 guest cosplayers announced felt not enough and I would like to see Comic Fiesta becoming as grand as Anime Festival Asia does. Not only that, invite some Japanese artistes, even some popular Seiyuus from famous Animes and Video Games. (I would be flabbergasted if Nana Mizuki and Aoi Yuuki come to Malaysia for Comic Fiesta. That would make the event 100 times MORE EPIC than ever!)

Other than some mishaps and flaws, I have enjoyed Comic Fiesta ®Evolution 2014 more than I can ever imagine. Being an independent photographer who loves to take pictures of cosplayers, Comic Fiesta 2014 gave a HUGE opportunity for me to connect to the whole world of cosplays and even gamers, artists and Otakus as well. Comic Fiesta ®Evolution 2014 was an experience I will never EVER forget in my entire life as an Otaku. HUGE props to the Comic Fiesta committee for putting up one HELL of an event! ;) 


I'm so looking forward to see what next year's Comic Fiesta will in-store for us and hopefully next year's event will be even grander than ever before. Hopefully next year, the '1 Entrance,1 Exit' fiasco that plagued my experience at Comic Fiesta will FINALLY be solved for good and thus, making next year's Comic Fiesta's experience EVEN BETTER!  :D


Until approximately 360 Days from now, this is F.D.,signing out for Comic Fiesta. Bang!

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#37 HonooNoKarite


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Posted 31 December 2014 - 09:20 PM

Good day gentlemen and an early Happy New Year 2015 I wish to you people, it's been a while, also yay for this year's since I missed last year's due to dengue.


This year was quite fun, however, it's not without some caveats, as a feedback should be in place.


The traffic flow on the first day was quite... something, if I may say so. You can have an early bird ticket holder at the back of the line and... another on-the-spot-ticket-buyer visitor who can scurry off right away into the main halls before the former does. But the queue moved fairly fast, there was not much to complain.


However once inside there are a few sets of issues on their own altogether. Unlike the previous years this year I'm quite ill-informed of what's inside, mainly due to choice (surprises are fun... some aren't, though, but you get what I mean). So here comes my question for the layouts. In the first place, I don't know about the LoL finals nor do I have an interest in it but man, aren't their location just strategic (for lack of a better word). Navigation through it is quite the challenging task. Well, IIRC the LoL event was running concurrent to this year's CF so I don't think there was anything that could be done about that.


My next issue I'm wondering is the location of booths. I realized that this year there were two kinds of doujin booths: basic and premium. What baffles me is why the latter has to be put all the way within Halls 3 and 4, while the basic ones stay in Halls 1 and 2. Also open nearby them are some booths I thought to be commercial booths, further complicating visitors' navigation for those who come for doujin stuff - they have to go between these two halls back and forth for that purpose. On the second day during noon the pathway linking these two areas became clogged with people taking cosplay photos, but thankfully that got cleared after that. But there were also people taking cosplay photos at the basic doujin area, sometimes stopping the flow of traffic. Well, that was a fun game of trying to squeeze through it however.


I did not go to the main stage for the events, and seeing the crowd heading there, that was quick to made me give up. So I cannot really comment on that.


Though being a visitor with expectations, the doujin booths did not really satisfy in terms of what's available. That's not a problem to be addressed towards CF, though, but it give quite one kind of a motivation within me.


With these said however, this year's CF was another good year, good job guys.


So again, an early Happy New Year 2015 for you gentlemen, and let next year be another good year if not better.

#38 Faiz Si Budak Batu

Faiz Si Budak Batu

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Posted 01 January 2015 - 04:55 PM



I'm summing up a few critics I have with the event in a convenient comic form hehe. A lot of these have been said before, but I thought it is always relevant to be pointed out. I'm giving out these points as someone who's into both the cosplay and doujin part of the event. 

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#39 jo525


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Posted 01 January 2015 - 11:06 PM

Nice job on pulling out CF 2014. Still, every year have the same problem.

More and more people flood into the event.


- 1 entrance and 1 exits (not counted the exits add in later)


Like seriously one exit and entrance, imagine some accident/ bad happen, 

people will just stomp each other out just to leave the hall, Im pretty sure we really want to avoid that.


- Why you want to put LOL stage to road block everyone that are trying to went into other halls?



This is VERY VERY VERY frustrating and troublesome

since a lot of people stuck in the middle of road just to watch the LOL competition. Not to mention 

there is also a lot of cosplayers and photographers taking shoots at there, this make the traffic EVEN MORE WORST.




People like me who are confused and annoyed the fact that, when ever I try to go to the basic booth area,

is like having a bunch of Zubats blocking you while you exploring Pokemon dungeons. Please, move Coffytiam to elsewhere

that is not blocking the road. Fans took 2 rows to line up thus making the space to walk even smaller.

Traffic got worst even when the signing section is not started yet. 

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#40 Amirrel


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Posted 01 January 2015 - 11:33 PM

The Good

- Less hassle going in and out. Especially for early bird ticket holders.

- Lots of mini-events. People started dancing impromptu and cheering. Everyone was also very cooperative with the ushers.


The Bad

- The crowd. But meh, there's always a crowd. It wasn't like a complete standstill, at least...

- There was only one thing that really annoyed me:

---> There was one usher actively moving up and down the line. He needs to learn some social skills. He was very rude when he announced to the rest of the line that we were "DEFINITELY not gonna make it. You can try, but I HIGHLY doubt you can manage to get a picture with the guest". No remorse. No sympathy. Terribly straightforward phrasing of words...with kids. If he talked like that with adults then sure, we can handle the news better, but not with kids. Some of them just stood there speechless, and I got really pissed off with his attitude.


- I believe I've mentioned this to some ushers at the information counter, but I'll say it again just in case. I really want to attend a better CF and I don't want the same thing to happen again.

Get a better PR team. Maybe someone who has more experience with social network advertising. Some vital information that was supposed to be included in announcements (ie: must have coupons for signing session, NOT JUST buy merchandise for signing session) was announced waaaay too late. This stuff should be announced before CF even started. Day 2 in fact. Coupons were all given away by Day 1, 24 hours before the announcement was given. General announcements like "There will be a photography session on Day 1" or "There will be a signing session on Day 2" is still too vague (Many didn't even know about it until they saw the CF schedule). There should be guidelines included about these important sessions.

And such important announcements shouldn't be made just once. Anyone who's studied or experienced advertising knows that. I'm not an advertising student, but even I know that. People join this event page at different periods before CF and usually, the general public have better things to do than scroll through the page reading old messages. Keep everything fresh and hyped up, not just the 100 days countdown uploads. Bump the announcements and make sure anything vital people should know about is included. That gives everyone a fighting chance, not just the lucky few who stumbled upon the opportunity. That's fairness for everyone (except the PR team, because it's a tedious job. But the fact is: people need to be spoon-fed. It's a courtesy on the organizers' behalf).

Also, I'm not too sure about this, but why are the fans queuing up for the signing session only given a coupon for ONE guest of their choosing? There were two guests sitting side-by-side at the same table. People could have easily gotten them to sign their respective prints, taken a quick selfie together, shook hands, bade them farewell, then off they go. If they intend to network, they should have business cards prepared already. But other than that, most of the people I saw at CF are quite nice, as long as you're reasonable with them.

This does spark an idea for some marketing for the merchandise, but I'm no expert in that area. Also, I never did get to properly thank one of the ushers for helping me with pictures. If you're reading this, just know that I'm grateful~


All in all, I think this year's CF was okay. Got all my merchandise signed by the artists themselves, too.

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#41 ix3Rukia


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Posted 02 January 2015 - 12:41 AM

I especially like how you guys said to me PREMIUM AND DOUJIN  BOOTH CANT SELL COMMERCIAL ITEMS , I asked for commercial booth , you say okay , then when I want to pay you say oh full , but little did I know you gave someone else the commercial booth. Nevermind.


During cf passing by the doujin booths , I saw a few doujin booths that were allowed to sell the SAME item that I was going to selling , and best part you guys said no commercial items to me rudely when I asked months ago for the booth.

So much for NO COMMERCIAL ITEMS. Come i give u 2 claps.

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#42 Ryutsuki


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Posted 02 January 2015 - 02:49 PM

Things I like about CF:
Ticketing Counter - Bravo for your queuing system! Can you maintained for next year?

Artist Booths:
Thanks for the no photo for cosplayer rule, we're able to walk freely and comfy.

Things I not comfort about:
DSLR & Huge photoshoot gadgets - Please, photographers... I know you aimed for awesome cosplayers but please don't shoved us rudely. To the CF committee, I saw your both backdrop near the changing room and a lot of photographers gathered at there,with their gadgets taking photoshoot BUT...because of their ridiculous gadgets caused massive traffic and please ,photographers again..do not took photo when the cosplayer was not ready.Thank you.

Can the CF arranged one booth/place for the photographer with huge gadget to improve the traffic and please do not put near the changing room and place a Q stand with the sign “NO PHOTOGRAPHER ALLOWED“ with two committee monitor the movement.

Cosplayers - Please do declined politely if you not felt up to take photo with hyper fans of the chara, instead that sourly look you given. I understand some fans was hyper but that also one of the case need to stand/bear when cosplaying.Please do get the security if you detected someone has bad motive on you. We do watch out for each other back in case.

Overall, it awesome for CF2014!Await for 2015.
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#43 xanseviera


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Posted 02 January 2015 - 03:37 PM

COMIC FIESTA 2014 review

Hi, I'm Xanseviera from PICNIC, one of the basic booth owner. Overall I must say I enjoyed the experience when I was at CF, but there always be pro and cons...

-Good gracious the space behind the sellers for basic booth is spacious! It's really helping with the traffic and the path to the bathroom is much closer so it's really convenient during desperate times.
-The quality of the products both in premier and basic booths has been significantly improved. Probably because of the new system. The price is considerate (I understand some of the prints can be quite pricey because of our limitation on printing in large quantity) but still, every money spent are worth with the quality offered.
-I'm so glad this year the stage were totally separated from the selling hall. It made us the booth owner can breathe better and the customers can browse easier in much comfortable situation. No need to shout anymore.
-Goddammit people from Square enix were there but no chance to see them!
-Daring, awesome cosplayers has more increasing this year too.
-The staffs and the volunteers are super nice, thank you for your hard work everyone <3

-I felt bad to the premium booth owner close to LOL stage. All jam-packed and hot with seas of people. I'm having a hard time to browse their items since I was constantly being pushed.
-Bottleneck path. Can't help it.
-Bootleg stuffs at exhibitor area. I know Malaysia is not a main hub for original stuffs, but this is ANIMANGA event that introduced Japanese culture. At least show something authentic will be much appreciated.
-Barren space at ticket counter.. If only they can utilize the hall after the hustle bustle in the morning. Maybe live feed from hall to the large screen projector will be nice.
-I'm as a booth owner also felt left out because there's so many interesting things happened at the hall but we got no chance to see it, should be consider on live telecast from the hall straight to the booth area.
-Basic booth area was positioned after the exit door. Some potential customers might be missed out on what beyond the exit.

-create a meet-up place for the attendees. Some of them came in a large group and separated with the others. In the end, some of them using our booth position as a place to reunite, since PICNIC using quite stand out table cloth. Maybe somebody can ask sponsor to design the meet-up place.
- Best for LOL stage to be move to their own special hall room. This area can be filled with the artworks from 100 countdown, the finalists, word from sponsors, maps, lost and found counter.. Etc.
- live telecast from the event to every hall. No need sounds also can. I just don't wanna miss all the action!
- More signage, maybe put a huge banner like the one you guys put for exit sign.
- More activities regarding comics. Maybe art auction, Commissions table, Comic artists guests, best booth, best product etc.
- More galaxy feels!! XD

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#44 Utsukimi Jerry

Utsukimi Jerry

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Posted 02 January 2015 - 05:54 PM

I'm just your average con-goers but this year has been a disappointing year for me. I've pretty much have created a 20 minute video expressing my thoughts regarding CF2014. I'm really sorry but I had to do it. This is the only time where CF has completely failed to make me feel "This is the best con Ever"



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#45 P3aNutZ


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Posted 02 January 2015 - 07:32 PM

I'm just your average con-goers but this year has been a disappointing year for me. I've pretty much have created a 20 minute video expressing my thoughts regarding CF2014. I'm really sorry but I had to do it. This is the only time where CF has completely failed to make me feel "This is the best con Ever"




Your points are 
1) Hall 6 wasted space

2) LoL garena spacing 

3) art booth positions 

4) general "sardin can" situation ("congested fiesta") 

5) Stage 

6) Changing / waiting area


I, myself has been attending comic fiesta since 2012 and have also went to c2age 2013 and animax 2013 and cosmart 2014

Reply ~~ 

1) I totally agree with this point, but hall 6 has only been used since 2013 and while i agree it is a big wasted space that is only used for ticketing and entry. It might be harder than we think to put some events and stuff at hall 6 without disrupting the place for people to get ticket. In my feedback post, i mentioned that instead of trying to shift stuff around at hall 6, they can simply have some of the signing session and etc etc at hall 6. I think we should cut them some slack as they have only used this place for the second time. Hopefully they will organize some things at hall 6 to bring some people away from hall 1 ~ 5  


2) I, totally agree with this, LoL tournament has been in that area for 2 years now and this years "LoL" area just got BIGGER ! and the position should be placed anywhere but right outside the entrance as to avoid "human traffic jam". Hopefully CF organizer can work things out with garena (This is a point that i think everyone mentioned about and hopefully will be dealt with in the following CF)


3) While I just spent most of my time at the basic art booth area as i think that's where my money is going into the right place, I think this is more of a problem of the person itself. Some people just prefer to hangout at the premium compared to the basic, nothing that anyone do can change that. However, I do agree that the premium and basic art booth should be side by side as they are pretty much relevant to each other as opposed to having commercial booths slapped in the middle of the premium and basic art booth. 


4) This is how things stand now i guess .... since this event is still considered young, it is hard to predict the amount of people that will come ~ thus, making them hard to decide just how big of a place to use (The growth of attendees could be higher than predicted). Until the amount of people coming each year stabilizes, the organizer can then start predicting how big of an area to use. (So ... i think you should give them a break here) 


5) The stage is a good addition as it had good sound and environment .... however, this is their first time using the stage. Maybe, you should cut them some slack, their heart is in the right place ~ it is just executed not as perfectly as everyone wished it to be. I do admit though, those problems could have been easily avoided if they placed things a bit better, but I am willing to give them a chance as this is their first time utilizing the stage area. Hopefully it will be a bit more well managed in the coming CF.  


6) The issue of the photographer and what - not is worse due to the fact of the rain ... if it wasn't raining, i think the situation would have been better. I, myself would suggest that hall 6 be used for a new "waiting area" or something ... but the lighting there isn't as good as the changing room area ~ So, I guess this is something the organizer has to take note of in the future. 


P.S.  I honestly enjoyed this years comic fiesta a little bit better than last years .... 

Hopefully, you can see why I'm defending them as I think they did a very good job and things aren't as bad as you make it out to be...... 


Kudos to the organizer, and hopefully we can hear from you guys soon regarding our feedback =D  

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Posted 03 January 2015 - 02:27 AM

First and foremost, kudos to all that made this event a successful one this year. I can see a definite growth, and I wish and hope to see more next (this) year.

Here are some of my comments:

The Bad

  1. Placement of the LoL booth is very, very bad. In my opinion, that LoL booth should be at where the community booth is. The LoL booth also made the traffic flow at the premium booth so packed, that I reckon many of the visitors couldn't browse through.
  2. Which brings me to the next point - community/doujin booth, in my opinion is actually the main attraction for CF. I think that area should be the more prominent area. I think that if the community area is changed with the LoL area, traffic flow problems could be a solved.
  3. Re-entry is such a hassle, especially to those who don't have access to tags. Mini events have limited spaces, so not all can benefit from it. Again, I think this could be solved by not having the LoL booth at the front, or having a special lane at the ticketing area to cut the distances needed.
  4. The walkways are smaller(?) than before, perhaps due to having more booths or something. It is a good sign, but in the floor planning, I think there is a need to allocate space to booths that will expect crowds or queue. Perhaps for the next one, each booth needs to submit their space planning for approval, and the queue needs to be within their allocated space?
  5. Signing/Photography area at KoffeyTiam is a definite upgrade system wise, but again, location is not good. I cannot see the reasoning behind it to be honest as the area is crowded and easy to miss.
  6. Access to Ballroom 1 is hard - especially when there is a cafe blocking the way.
  7. While the mini tournaments are handled most brilliantly this year, I still feel that the placement of the area could be placed at somewhere else. A few reason why - it is hard to handle the tournament, have a lot of distraction and not conducive to have communication. Perhaps it is due to budget and such, but if there is enough budget, tournament area can be done somewhere else, and the Ballroom can be fully utilised later on, and have better set-up.

The Good

  1. Queue for first entry and ticketing is very nice. Much better than the previous year.
  2. MC is getting better but there's quite a lot of the lame joke/remarks still. But they worked hard, that I must congratulate them. Hope they have ample time to rest as well, sore throat is a bitch.
  3. The overall event at the stage is nice, the main highlight was Square Enix and it was amazing.
  4. Booth diversity is getting better.
  5. The VIP's and guest are very interesting.

Hope for future (a.k.a. Wishlist)

  • To have a dedicated area for talks only (like seminars etc.)
  • To have area to rest (like a lounge) in between halls.
  • To have more programs at the stage, and having a life feed around the hall.
  • Having more mini tournaments/events.
  • Use up all hall in KLCC (one can wish).
  • Proper photography area inside the hall.
  • Special space for cosplayers outside the hall (if permitted).

At any rate these are some of the main points that I could think of, hope that it could help in making the event better. Some of the previous replies have mentioned some other important points too. (eg: bootleg, some volunteer attitude/knowledge, information distribution (signing coupon etc), booths category and so on)


I understand that some of the decisions are made due to having limited resources and such. But I hope that it will be taken care of, eventually.

I hope to see CF to become bigger, better and stronger next time. All the best.


EDIT: Have you guys experienced Archidex? I think they used KLCC very well, have good flow and ticketing system. You should check it out if you have not.

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 06:17 PM

Okay I will try to make it short since many pros and cos were mentioned


1. In overall, it's 7/10. Been going to CF since 2011, missed last year due to some reason but you guys do did a good job and improvement is seen!

Art booth for this year has improvement! finally I get to see many other things except from badge and prints!(Oww my poor wallet)


2.Stage plan for LoL is 


I can say it's the main reason causing bad traffic from hall 5 to premium booth. Why don't have a exchange with basic booth?



So, my suggestion is, create an EXPRESS LANE using belt dividers from Hall 5 straight to Hall 1. People must walk fast on the express lane, do not allow them to stop and/or taking photographs whatsoever. I think this is feasible because the normal walkway will still be there, just narrower. Signage must be clear to indicate this.

Yes please! Please do this!


3. Early bird tickets

Erm...the queue between early bird/re-entry and ticket buying was messed up during day 1 (about 11am) The queue is my god disastrous!

For day 1, I get to go in without going through all the loooooooooooong way to ticketing counter and up to hall 5, Day 2 I did. Not sure how's the system work.

Booklet.....I didn't get the booklet! No booklet for early bird now?OAO

And oh, I was interested in becoming a volunteer but I can't find any information about it....Hope you guys can put a notice on facebook or twitter!

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 06:38 PM

This is the 1st time I went to Comic Fiesta 2014. 


Day 1

As a real otaku (or maybe half otaku) I woke up at 5am, got taxi at 5.30am, reached LRT kelana jaya at 6am and arrived 30-45mins later since I got used to waking up early.(well some people camped infront of KLCC since 1am, that shocked me) Thankfully the queue weren't that long so I waited until 9am we were briefed to enter the hall and the hall opened at 9.30am sharp. We were given a free CF goodie bag (reward as real early bird lol). Like chinese idiom says: early bird got worm eat. I straight rushed to Culture Japan booth while the queue is still short. Grabbed loot and start touring the hall, find some important doujin booth found on FB group, plan here there etc. After plan done I went for photoshooting. Got Hachioji-P CD and official sign. Somehow didn't get Aza Miyuko sign because officially broke :( Had fun with Ying Tze, Angie0_0, xsaye (CF mascot Mi cosplayer), Danny Choo, Lenneth and more!! (one day so many senpai noticed me I cant stand dy)


Day 2

As usual, while queuing up I saw some morning fog arts at the window glass. 4.5/5 rating lol. Got some doujin for my friends and focus on photoshoot whole day until 5pm, prepared for Hachioji-P's Ascension aka closing ceremony. Thankfully I grabbed the early queue before it was flooded with long lines (summore under the rain) had alot of fun with the emcees (Shaun aka bald guy especially, I loved him so much!!) (not gay) until Hachioji-P came out. We were given free glowsticks but everyone was pushing each other for it. Thats how CF2014 ended with satisfaction :)



Friendly emcees and volunteers

Invited special guests such as Hachioji-P and Aza Miyuko

Volunteers ensure the people is moving in order to prevent pickpockets

Speaker informs attendees to beware of pickpockets

One pickpocket caught red handed

Free goodie bags

Near to LRT transportation easier

Free goodies up for grab during ballroom event

Some spaces in Hall 5 phew I can get out of the crowds with aircond

international cosplayers such as from Taiwan and Singapore!

met alot of cosplayers and photographers, first time mix with crowds

Day 2 queue (earlybirds got into hall 5)

more more more



Pickpockets (as usual)

Some bad attitude volunteers (deal with it)

LOL stage congesting the hall walkway

ballroom full 

sardine can scene halpp

special guest signing queue congesting the way

many bootleg figures (I saw a shimakaze nendoroid bootleg forgot which booth dy, same as some cheap bootleg in taobao)

Culture Japan queue (thankfully my place doesn't use TnG)

Cosplay area too crowded

One way in, one way out. Going back need another long queue again

Fans throwing glowsticks to Hachioji-P (crazy oso dont need like that lol)

Expensive food (well I heard someone ate the container rice and vomit later, thankfully I prepared bread)

VBG and other forgot what booth name... 1 booth surrounded by 4 walls I shopped till almost die due to sardine can scene (wallet broke + sardine COMBO wtf)

Day 1 queue (earlybirds had to wait outside such 2km long queue)

facebook last minute update, i actually managed all plans until 1am so i only had 3 hours of sleep for 2 days

more more



move LOL stage to the end of the hall

have live broadcast at ballroom since not all people can go up to ballroom

prevent bootleg stuff (taiwan product licensed by original manufacturer no problem)

give free glowsticks infront of ballroom entrance or lend daiso big type glowstick (normally we see in japan live concerts) return after leaving hall ofcs

itasha competition?? (hopefully someone sponsor)

move cosplayers to hall 5 (or 6??) since alot of vacant space

have lost and found booth (dunno got or not maybe not noticed)

LOL stage should be exchanged with normal doujin booth

have live updates using twitter or LINE


So far i enjoyed CF2014 very much and this is the 1st major ACG event I went since i turned to otaku scene half year ago!! And btw thanks for reading my long comments.

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Posted 04 January 2015 - 08:05 PM

Another year of CF and here's my feedback (Premium booth Doujin artist POV)


First of all, congratulations to the Comic Fiesta crew and the ACG community for having even more people this year. Our community has gotten bigger and that is a good thing (and kinda a bad thing since it's just so crowded...) I've been along for the ride since 2009 without fail and it's a beautiful thing to see this event grow throughout the years. proud of you and good job!!


I'll start with the bad news first cos that's always fun




1) LoL tournament 

 my biggest gripe is the big LoL event SMACKED in the middle of the event. Seriously at one time we couldn't even get through because people crowding there, and people NEED to get through there to exit? It's also right beside the premium booth so people who rented the booth there will hear all the noise from the event and I think they even did the smoke thing and the whole place smelled like fire.. last time (i think it was 2012?) the event was beside the ticketing hall and it was a bit better so I don't have anything against the tournament itself, just the placement.


2) Food

I don't have any complaints about the food quality I mean I was tired and hungry and I gobble up whatever I can pfft. But there's this long queue while waiting for our food and understandably, the food was fast gone.  


3) Booths (elaborated)

-If you could make the traffic at premium booth bigger that would be nice (though I doubt I'll rent one in coming years) 

-I have this personal rant, as a doujin artist

Comic Fiesta is getting bigger and bigger... the basic booth count needs to be higher. When my doujin group was registering for the basic booth and couldn't get any, we had to get the premium booth. we have a lot of people in our group so we're kinda got kicked by our own booth because it's just too small and we had to collaborate with ANOTHER doujin booth because of the booth renting. There were 3-4 of us who wanted to do commissions but we can't. We've prepared so much and in the end we couldn't even stay there. There was a slight space for one commissioner on the second day, after we unload some stuff. 


We love CF and hopefully you will hear us and expend even more of the basic booth area.




1) Basic Booth

THANK YOUUU!!!!! thanks you soo much for putting the basic booth riiight at the end of the hall!! good idea and please don't change it!! it gets understandably crowded but not too bad. The area are large and all the merchandise are so much better this year. There's no more of those people who rented the booth just for display. This I'm glad that you guys implement the new booth registration system. (though to my Doujin group demise we couldn't get the greatly spaced basic booth this year ToT maybenextyearthen) there were spaces around the booth to use either traffic or people used it to get some rest around the walls (and I did.) 


2) Stage area

the fact that the stage area is on another floor is a BLESSING. Mind you I'm still talking as a doujin artist so I'm sorry if I offended anyone but I like more silence and it's already too much noise as it is. It's also a good to those who went to the event just to see the performance and the like and don't need to pass through the booth area. GOOD JOB! (but I hope you guys fix the crowd control for that)


3) Cafe

despite the food, I'm SO GLAD that there's a lot of space to actually sit and rest. When I went into the cafe, I could see people collapsed in exhaustion. It looks like an aftermath/buffer of a war zone (which it's kinda is) There are times when people couldn't get a place to sit but most of the time there are space for people. I don't know if 2013 has a cafe this big (cos I didn't went in) but this space is important and if you could expend it a bit more that'd be great. I used to have to go down to get food and it's horribly crowded and almost no place to sit, also non-cf visitors resented us so it's a really good idea to put a cafe there. It's our haven.


4) Halls

more halls are great.


5) #CF2014artbooth

great idea to put up this!!! it's a good idea for people to see what we sell on the event! it's a new thing and that might be why you guys post about it late so maybe you guys can advertise this more in the future events and earlier too. thanks!



I don't do much because I don't do well with crowds so forgive me for the little feedback I give. so yeah there's that




1) More food: maybe the people who managed the food can be more prepared for the amount of humans coming to the event. If the CF crew didn't manage the food maybe you could like.. warn them? that would be great for both parties

2) More area at the cafe: this is kinda optional but like I said, this area is kinda important. Most of us are introverts and we tire easily (at least for me and from my observation)

3) Place basic booth and premium booth beside each other: to me, the hall arrangement for this year is [LOUD AND BLOCKING TOURNAMENT] >> [premium booths] >> [LOUD ADVERTISING AND BOOTLEG BOOTHS] >> [basic booths]. Since basic and premium booths are similar and the people who comes to CF for the doujin merchandise, they booth should be next to each other. Also doujin groups/artists who want to sell merchandise in peace and quiet (and for us who do commissions) should be left alone (sorry)

4) A booth area just for commissions?: It's a silly idea me and a bunch of artists thought of but wouldn't it be great if there was an area for just commissioners? it won't block our friends who are selling the merchandise and easier for people to come commission us. (myfriendmademepostthis)

5) More area for the basic booth: like I said before, the basic booth area should be expended more. I recall a lot of doujin group didn't get in this year. I understand the need to properly see through all the merchandise, the activeness and the quality of a doujin group but we can't gain any exp without going into any dungeons. Every year we get better and make better stuff so everyone should be given that chance. 

6) Booklet soft copy: I also agree that this is a good idea. I didn't know you could get a booklet copy outside the hall so I got it on the last day (lol) one time I had to borrow a passerby's copy when I was lost. 


I think that's it from me. again, thanks guys for another great comic fiesta event. I'm looking forward to seeing this community grow even more in the coming years!!

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Posted 05 January 2015 - 10:14 AM

Hi ^~^
Well, this year was my first comic fiesta ever :3 *yay*

Everything was great!! Gud gud job~~~

But I have one thing that I would reaaally reaaally want for the incoming comic fiesta * w *

Which is a cosplay competition :D
I know there is one already but I would love something like the ones on heroes of cosplay.
Its more exciting and more challenging I guess ^~^ and with this type of competition, cosplayers won't put their effort to waste
(By waste I mean like they can show to people their cosplay and will do something more in the future)

**I hope you know what I mean @~@**
I hope it's not only me that was hoping something like this :)
~Tokyo Teddy Bear~

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Posted 05 January 2015 - 03:28 PM

Hey yo. Cf has gone huge! This is my first time attending CF at KLCC so I was very surprised at the line. Anyways, I have sone very specific feedback regarding the flow of the line. In the morning, I lined up to buy my ticket and the line was inching forward. Suddenly, the line moved forward faster and before I kbew it the line was gone. I had to travel a long way and enter the ticketing area (the place with the white fences) to finally join up with the line. The problem with this is that this allows people to run to the front cut the line, because there technically is no line between the original lining up location and the ticketing hall. The two people who were lined up behind me in the ticketing hall were not the same people who were behind me when I lined up in the morning. I hope that the commitee has the resources to solve this issue as it is unfair for the people who lined up.

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Posted 06 January 2015 - 12:51 PM

my turn to do a review. I've ranted the pros and cons on my fb so it's time to summarize it.

Since I've been to CF for 9 tiimes, my personal opinion can be rather biased but hear me out please.



1. The LoL area. I think it needs to be in a special room because it's hogging the traffic

2. Not happy with the fact that Premium and Basic Art Booths are separated. And it's a huge separation summore. Please do take note that the artists from both areas are friends/allies/affiliates and it was hell for us to go to and fro just to say our obligatory hello to our peers on the other side.

3. Exhibitor booth taking over half the halls, I know sponsors are important but it sure feels like doujin booths dianaktirikan

4. I understand why the stage event is separated to the ballroom, but I'm a  bit sad that I can't even get a glimpse of it even once. Yeah I'm busy with doujin booth stuff but I prefer the stage area to be like in CF13

5. Entrance and exit is mendokusai. I entered using doujin booth pass but it still took a long way to enter.

6. This is my very first disappointment because my group didn't get a booth sobs but it's ok



1. although I wasn't able to check out everything, I feel like this CF is almost perfect

2. I like how wide the doujin booth area is. The space between rows and the aisles are big enough.

3. There was one time I entered the halls without using pass, I used the tickets. Thankfully that time the entrance wasn't so congested. So I don't have any complaints about the management

4. The underground ticketing area was also perfect for cosplay photoshoots (I didn't cosplay nor was I a photographer but i've seen nice photos)

5. It's good that there's a line to enter the ballroom, it's kinda like AFASG



I'm gonna do a suggestion for various types of people involved in CF so here goes


to CF committee

-as mentioned earlier, bring back the stage layout as in CF13

-premium and basic art booths need to be side by side

-increase more slot for doujin booths please

-gaming events should be separated; if not in separate rooms then at the ends of the halls is fine.

-needs more entrance and exit cos not everyone goes there for the exhibitor or gaming booth, but of course CF staff need to control the crowd/queue

-I dunno if it's a good idea to follow AFA's example where you have to pay extra to enter the stage area because some people are complaining "I pay RM20 for CF but i am not allowed to enter the ballroom!", while making the tickets cheaper? But I'm ok with the ticket price as I understand the need to rent that many halls.

-invite seiyuus please! XD

-Like Izumi said, live telecast of what's going on at the stage in every halls. Been asking for this every year.


to doujinkas

-more comics less badges please? :v Doesn't matter if it's original or fanbook, but I'm calling out to evolve the doujin industry by adding more doujins into the scene. I personally prefer keeping comic books than art books or badges (since I tend to lose them) or prints (because in the end idk where I stash them, I can't paste them on my wall). Comic Books because I can always reread them anytime, even after many years. Let's aspire to be like the Comiket doujinkas!


to cosplayers

-iinm we're not allowed to take photos in the halls. If someone ask for your photo politely decline them OR at least bring them to an empty space so that you won't disturb the traffic.


to attendees

-please be reminded that CF is already over 10 years, and every year it's growing, so it can't be helped when the crowd is getting bigger. Some things are out of the committee's control so please do try to cooperate and understand why things may not go your way all the time.

-PLEASE FOLLOW THE RULES. Some attendees are mad at the volunteers/staff for being angry at them when they didn't realize that they're the ones who broke the rule themselves (this is also a reminder to myself)

-PLEASE STUDY THE EVENT SCHEDULE AND EVENT LAYOUT before attending the event. It's important to plan your activities wisely or else you'll complain about not knowing where the stage is or didn't get the chance to watch certain stage events.

-If you think CF is too crowded, try going to smaller events first (C2AGE, MGACE etc)

-If you think CF doesn't give you what you want please appreciate the fun times you have with you friends

-if you think CF is already boring you, try out new things next time. Trust me, when you're cosplaying, participating in a sub-event, join game competition or have doujin booth, you'll have a completely different experience.


That's all from me I guess.

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Posted 07 January 2015 - 07:31 PM

For some reason, this year's CF had worse on-site management than last year. I don't understand.


-Please vet your volunteers more thoroughly. I suspect some of them were sociopaths or didn't take their medication on both days. Some of them were rude and obnoxious. Respect should be mutual ; guests should be civil and reasonable, volunteers should be professional and polite. I didn't see much of the latter.



-Okay, so you were chasing off a lot of people with cameras to prevent them from taking photos in order to "improve the traffic". But what about those ~*professional photographers*~ who planted their mini studios, what with umbrellas, softboxes, lightstands etc, and took up considerable space? They were the ones really messing up the traffic flow. Did they pay for all that space or were the volunteers intimidated/awestruck by their gear to shoo them away? I'm sorry I only had one DSLR with me and not an obnoxious amount of equipment, but please be fair.


-The rationale behind the stage location. Granted, the ballroom is indeed very comfortable to be in, but during the hachioji-p concert it was barely half full while the crew below were delaying half of the unfortunate fans to the concert. Not to mention that horrendous congestion during the Square Enix segment. What gives?


-That huge roundabout trip from outside into the halls. Early in the morning the route was simple and I simply couldn't understand the reroute because "more people were arriving". Did it really help? Plus the walk way (within hall 5) from the entrance to ticketing area represented substantial loss of space. Please reconsider this method of traffic control.


-I understand that CF can't really afford to be choosy, but I do believe some space could be freed up if you'd do away with those shops selling pirated goods. Plus it would be a boost to CF's reputation. Personally, I wouldn't mind if you increased the ticket price to make up for such a move, but hey, since most Malaysians are so tightfisted........

Still, had to talk about that.



-EDIT: Chalk up one more concern about the LoL area. It was unnecessarily huge, and its location last year at the end of the hall was perfect. This was yet another change that baffled me.



Things I not comfort about:
DSLR & Huge photoshoot gadgets - Please, photographers... I know you aimed for awesome cosplayers but please don't shoved us rudely. To the CF committee, I saw your both backdrop near the changing room and a lot of photographers gathered at there,with their gadgets taking photoshoot BUT...because of their ridiculous gadgets caused massive traffic and please ,photographers again..do not took photo when the cosplayer was not ready.Thank you.

Can the CF arranged one booth/place for the photographer with huge gadget to improve the traffic and please do not put near the changing room and place a Q stand with the sign “NO PHOTOGRAPHER ALLOWED“ with two committee monitor the movement.


Quoted for emphasis. Probably worded it better than I did on this particular issue.

http://www.facebook....=1&l=2d5601a6d7 My Comic Fiesta 2012 album! :D
http://www.facebook....=1&l=aa6622b4f9 My Comic Fiesta 2011 album! :D
http://www.facebook....=1&l=599c8e5fda My AFAMY 2012 album! :D

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Posted 08 January 2015 - 04:03 AM

I have been to CF for many many years. As the years goes by, the ACG community in Malaysia grows immensely fast. But CF too has improved every single time. I pretty much enjoyed this year's event as there were alot of doujin booths an thats one of the major reason i've been attending CF. But, things are far from perfect this year unfortunately. Here comes the feedbacks w

Booth allocations.

I find it that LoL torney at the middle of the hall contributes the most in making the traffic congestion a dreadful thing to endure during this year's CF. Apart from that, the premium booths are too closely put together, making it hard when there are queues for each booths. Repeated drawbacks can be seen at the corporate booths as well.

Might sound abit rude but, you guys should've expect the number of crowds coming this year by how fast and how many early bird tickets were sold, and should've mapped the booths a little bit better. There were simply too many booths in the halls making the traffic a bit hard to be controlled with the number of attendees inside the hall. I was also displeased by the number of exits provided. There was only 1, and that was at the end of the hall. This makes it hard for attendees to go back to the booths in previous halls because they have to fight against the crowd flow because the other option is that you need to make one big round outside by using the exit at the end of the hall. pretty inconvenient if there were any emergencies were to occur. 


It was a good idea that the stage were separated from the main hall to increase the traffic or noise? control. But it's was just simply not big enough for the attendees. as there were a number of people couldnt get in the stage area due to lack of space. I was also worried that holding a concert(with a DJ as the main performer) on the 3rd floor might be something really bold. As most could predict, people would be jumping around and with the loud speakers booming, it might damaged the structure of the building. This was something really concerning as halfway through the concert, I felt a really really really reallyyyyyy loud "DONG". I simply thought it was only me who felt it under my feet. But it seems like most of my friends that were with me during the concert felt it as well. I suggest you guys check with the KLCC management to hold a brief checking on the structure just to be safe. you guys should reconsider the idea of holding the concert like previous years which are at the ground floor from now on.

and then theres the glow/light-stick throwing incident. From now on, I suggest that there should be warning to not throw anything on the stage at any given time. Although this should be a common sense. But Malaysian always find a way to amaze me.

I pretty much enjoyed the concert, as it was very enjoyable. But theres a large group of people don't know how to enjoy a concert. Most of them took out their gadgets as soon as the performer went on stage and start recording the session. I know it was not prohibited by the management. But until now I get why CF didnt enforce a "no-recording" rule during the concert. I find it to be really disrespectful toward the performers who were on stage when the crowd are recording instead of giving their all to enjoy his/her/their performances. Not only that, all these gadgets hold up by the attendees will only make others who actually want to enjoy the concert abit uncomfortable as the lights from the phones/camera/videocam will not only be distracting but also blocking the view for others. 

and lastly

This might be a bit too much. but I would really like to see the CF committee to learn up and study on who are the performers coming down to CF every year. The reason why I'm suggesting this is because most CF attendees are fresh ACG fans. They are not fully exposed to how concerts are done. From what I can see, 80% of them didn't know how to interact(calls, cheer, lightstick manipulation, etc) with the performers during/at the start concert. But if the committee knows how it's done, they could spread out with the crowd during the concert area and lead them on how to enjoy and make the concert better. This idea might sound silly/absurd. But, if Malaysia were ever to hope and have more performers coming to our ACG events, this is one of the most important factor as this is what the performers want see when they are performing. This also will give them the respect they deserved for even coming down to Malaysia in the first place.

with that I end my post because theres nothing else I saw went wrong during CF2014. Hope to see the many improvement I see whenever I attend CF again next year ^_^

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Posted 14 January 2015 - 12:07 AM

Hi CF committee......only one suggestion.


Can you please consider giving some space for us photographers to take our pictures?


Besides the LOL stage that was near the entrance, I'm pretty sure part of the reason for the congestion is due to the photographers near the entrance (and also the general public who wants to take pictures of the cosplayers around those area). The huge amount of area that you gave to everyone in 2013 was very very generous (probably why this year you end up shrinking it a lot to give more space to other areas like LOL and premium booths?). It would be best of course if you could give us the sides (the walls) to set up our camp area there and then let the people walk around in the middle.


Also, try to give some justice to your 100 days countdown pictures. As much as it may be photogs fault to use the stands as the background feature, we have no other place to use. Bet with you no one even bothered to look at the pictures because they can't in the very first place, kinda feels sad to all the artist who managed to make it up there but without anyone able to appreciate it (and no, just because everyone can see it on facebook doesn't mean people can still see it, it's two different things).


Thanks !

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Posted 29 January 2015 - 11:34 PM

Sorry for the late feedback as my computer when kaput after coming back from the 2014 Comic Fiesta Malaysia.


This is my second year coming down to CF and I have to agree that the later half of the day queue management was quite bad and the only exit at Hall 6.


Massive jam due to people sitting down and watching the LOL video tournament.




The crowd waiting to go to level 3.




Empty space on the other side.



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