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CosMart 2015 Booth Rules and Regulations

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1. All fields are mandatory in the registration form:


Booth Registration Form


1 table + 2 chairs = RM150 (Rental) + RM 100 (Deposit)

2 tables + 4 chairs  = RM300 (Rental) + RM100 (Deposit)



Booth space (2m x 2m) + 2 table + 2 chairs = RM500 (Rental) + RM 100 (Deposit)



Basic Booth

1. Table size: 1.5 meter x 0.6 meter (1 table with 2 chairs, non removable)

2. Each table comes with 2 chairs (due to logistical constraints no extra chair will be provided)

3. Tablecloth will be provided however it is advisable to bring own if you want a nicer table cloth

4. Extra chair(s) or furniture is not allowed in the basic booth area

5. Laptops are allowed but bring at your own risk. Power plug points will not be provided.

6. Only for 2nd hand cosplay items/ Original/ Handmade merchandise (Please provide photos for listed selling items)

7. No bulk selling (If found selling bulk order of wigs/costumes etc, deposit will be forfeited)

**If you are selling bulk cosplay items, please register for Commercial Booth instead.



Commercial Booth

1. Booth Space: 2meter x 2meter

2. Each booth comes with 2 tables (1.5 meter x 0.6 meter) and 2 chairs which are removeable (due to logistical constraints no extra chair will be provided)

3. Tablecloth will be provided however it is advisable to bring own if you want a nicer table cloth

4. Extra chair(s) or furniture are allowed in the commercial booth area

5. Shelfs/furnitures/displays are required to be not more than 1.5m height

6. Laptops are allowed but bring at your own risk. Power plug points will not be provided.

7. Bulk commercial items are allowed


Exhibitor Booth & Sponsor Booth
If you are interested to be our event Exhibitor or Sponsor, please email us directly, hew@comicfiesta.org (Mr.Hew)


General Information:

1. Basic Booth priority will be given to cosplayers.

2. Due to limited available space, each group is only allowed to purchase a maximum of 2 booths.

3. Processing time for booth registrations will take at least 7 working days. A Booking Confirmation will be sent out to you to inform you of your booth status (Confirmed or Waiting List)

4. Confirmed booking must be fully paid within 5 working days time.

a. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of booking.

5. A confirmation reply via email will be sent once payment is received. Please allow 1 week of processing time before expecting the email.

6. Maximum 2 tags will be provided to the booth owner.


Setup time:

Day 1: 8 am - 10 am*

Day 2: 8 am - 10 am*


**Booth owners need to register their booth tags before setting up the convention hall.


Extra information:

1.Booth Owners’ Merchandises:

a. All items on sale must be Cosplay related items, such as wigs, costume, props etc.

b. Strictly NO hentai, yaoi or yuri materials.

c. No real gun/dagger/weapon to be sold.

d. Booth are needed to be always tidy and neat.


2. Booth Storage

a. Booth owners are allowed to leave and store their merchandises overnight in their booth area in the convention hall.

b. It is advisable NOT to leave any valuables overnight in the convention hall. Cosmart is not responsible for any loss or damage of art booth owners’ belongings.


3. Move in

a. Commercial trolleys are NOT ALLOWED through the hall foyer as it will damage the flooring. Kindly arrange to hand carry your merchandise or use small trolleys that are designed for personal use.


4.Refundable Deposit:

1. Due to errant booth owners, a RM100 refundable deposit will be enforced.

2. The deposit will be forfeited should the booths commit any of the following violations:


a. Absence

i. Booth owners are required to attend for the days their booths are rented for.


b. Arriving late without informing committee

i. Please SMS the person in charge if you will arrive later than 10am (number will be given along with booth location email)


c. Taking Early Leave

i. Booth owners are responsible to ensure that their booths are manned through the two days of the event.

ii. The only exceptions to this are booths who have completely sold off their products whereby a member of the art booth organizing committee (at the registration booth) must be notified before leaving.


d. Damage to Facilities Provided

i. Rented booths and its surrounding areas are the responsibility of the booth owners. Any damage sustained, whether permanent or otherwise, that may result in the devaluation of the facilities provided will constitute as a violation to this rule.

ii. A checklist will be provided during registration of art booth to help booth owners ensure that everything is there before and after the event.

iii. Booth area will be checked during the return of the RM100 deposit


e. Loss of Facilities Provided

i. Any facilities provided (e.g. tables, chairs, table cloth) will be the responsibility of the booth owners themselves.


f. Forgetting to collect the deposit

1. Booth owner forgetting to collect the deposit on Cosmart – Day 2 before 6 pm will forfeit their RM 100 deposit

2. The forfeit of the RM 100 does not constitute for any penalty that result from compensation for the loss/damages, which will be the added responsibility of the booth owners themselves.

3. The refundable deposit can be claimed from the registration booth from Sunday, 4 pm onwards.


*CosMart reserve the right to change the R&R without prior notice.





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