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#1 Raincloud


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Posted 26 December 2008 - 11:59 PM

come come..started this thread so all you prop makers out there can come and share pictures and experience in prop making for cosplay.I'll start

Name: Raincloud / Rain
Cosplaying/Propmaking since : 2005
Speciality : Swords and Staffs
Tools of trade: Oh the usual :- Blood, sweat , Tears and Fairydust .=)
Short description/summary of your props: So far most of the props i made are only made for posing purposes and not for actual rough performance uses. Most of the props are made for close friends and i almost never take in commissions for props .(i would, but until i graduate from the hell called the one academy i dont think i will have time for that). But if there is a prop you need to be done, feel free to ask me about it. depending on my mood and my schedule, i might actually take up a commission or two. ^___^.
Samples: http://sereinstudio.tumblr.com/

Prop making history (and pictures if you have any.)

Completed props
Mai kawasumi sword from Kanon
Hinamori Momo's katana from Bleach

Shia Staff from Pitaten
CCS star staff from cardcaptor sakura (version 1)
Sakura Staff from Tsubasa (DVD cover 1 illustration )
Wing broach , necklace and ear piece - Sakura from Tsubasa (DVD cover 1 illustration)
Maya's Tauge/mandrake monster plushie from Magna Carta - for Kazeki

Kurogane's sword from Tsubasa (DVD cover 1 illustration) - for Shoji
Timcanpi ver 1from D gray man
Kanda's Golum from D gray man
C.C's Cheese-kun plushie from Code Geass for Inuran

Berserk Tyki Mask from d gray man -for Shoji[
Tyki black tease butterflies from d gray man - for Shoji and Rirowa (?)
Yuna's Nirvana Staff from Final Fantasy - Collab with Jackee
Excorcist's Badge from D gray man
Timcanpi ver 2 (big) from D gray man - For Lacry
Syaoran's sword from Cardcaptor sakura
Eriol / Clow's Sun staff from cardcaptor Sakura-commissioned For Satan
Sealing wand ver 2 - commissioned for Satan/ Mochi
Sakura's sealing wand pendent -for Satan/mochi
Alice'€™s Book €œvalkyrie” (Odin Sphere)- base by me, painting by Jackee ,touch up by koori.

Enma Ai's straw doll from Jigoku Shoujo[
Xing Ke's Sword from Code Geass (painting done by Jac'kee)
CC Sakura Star Staff Version 2 and wings
Kuma from Persona 4 - (with the help of kazeki, jarold and the rest of the P4 team.)
sword(Clamp mutuality artwork version) from code geass - Gift for Kanasaii and Lenneth .
Rachel's red devil monster from BlazBlue - For Akane

Black Bunny Sheryl Rose Staff (and Sheath)
Syaoran's Flame katana from TRC
Saya's Sword from Blood
Calintz's sword From Magnacarta
I'll be nicer if you'll be smarter. ^________^

#2 MisaoHoh


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Posted 27 December 2008 - 12:25 AM

Can I just put up a link and not typing anything...?coz I'd lost track already, lol+ I'm not really a propmaker...just having fun making some props O.oanyway, the link as below http://misaohoh.goog...om/mydiyrecords** might update this post in future IF I remember anything

Make-up Service Payment - CASH - Pay immediately: No excuse 'my purse is with my friend' 'I don't have enough cash' 'I go toilet first, later come back' etc etc

Yay~~ No more Mod or comm title under my profile~~I'm freeeeee~~~ XD XD XDDD


#3 cikgu


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Posted 27 December 2008 - 01:37 PM

I don't really make any specific props except those that involve my cosplay costumes. Alas...I don't really have a Testimony of the props that I've made except from the photos of my cosplays during the events. :D

#4 Izumi Ishtar

Izumi Ishtar

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Posted 27 December 2008 - 03:30 PM

I don't do much propmaking.... but it's a start anyway...

Name: Izumi Ishtar/Izzu

Cosplaying/Propmaking since: Cosplaying since 2005, but starting to dabble in propmaking before that for randomness...

Speciality: So far all props are random, what speciality?

Tools of trade: Uhu glue, papier mache, paper clay, paper, polymer clay, plastic, Styrofoam, random toys, all other types of glue, wires, jumping clay, random assorted stuffs

Short description/summary of your props: Mostly the weapon props that I made are customized from already existing stuffs like those two guns I repainted and the bouken turned sword that I never used yet. Aside from that, they're all small things that I made out of random. Was thinking of making commision but that is only among friends la atm or people that I know or have met. But whoever's interested in asking me to make props for them feel free to ask.

Most proud of work: My Haro. Sure... it's not as Hi-tech as those bought in shops... but it looked real~ and also the Millenium Puzzle being my first ever prop. And Toyako...

Recently it's my Bird Greeed arm

Most fragile: Fuget sword. And HARO-chan

Most Abused: My First and last Scythe.

Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: The Scythe again.

Propmaking history (pics later if I had time to post them)

- I actually made these because I was bored. I wonder when would I cosplay using this

Yugi's Millenium Puzzle


Roy's Flame Alchemist glove
Scythe for my Yagami Raito/Light cosplay
Death Note (this was before they started selling all those Death Notes)


Roy's eyepatch
Deidara's and Itachi's Akatsuki rings (never used)


Alice Necklace for Tonouichi Akira (broken... sumwhere.. )
Fuget sword for Calintz
Den Pass for Nogami Ryoutarou


Pink Haro for Lacus
Fake Pizza for Bianchi
Lacus's hairclip
Lambo's horns
Toyako for Gintoki
Soul's headband for skypegasus's Soul
Magatama for future project


V.V.'s head piece for sky
Pink Black Bird camera for Kadoya Tsukasa
Rider glove for Tsukasa


Ryuki buckle for Kido Shinji
Green Slippers for Narumi Akiko


Pink Blackbird Camera MK II
Bird Greed arm (right hand) for Ankh

Incomplete/abandoned projects:
- Malik's Millennium Rod - wonder when I wanna paint the gold coating...

Future project:
- Decadriver (Buckle and card case)
- Scorpio Zodiarts Switch
- Torchwood's Blue Tooth communicator
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#5 cikgu


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Posted 27 December 2008 - 08:05 PM

Well I managed to compile what I have done since starting cosplay in 2002.Name: Cikgu/DonadrianoCosplaying since : 2002Propmaking since : 2004 (started with my first Armor Cosplay) but unofficially 2003Speciality : Armor especially European Plate Armor and Occasionally Hand WeaponsTools of trade: Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Hammer, Power Drills, Hot Glue Gun, Heavyduty Contact Glue, Spray Paints and mostly the things you can get from the Hardware ShopsPreferred Materials : Wood, Aluminium/Zinc Sheets, PVC and Rubber SheetsShort description/summary of your props: I usually make my armor using materials the resemble the real thing so that it feels like the real thing(heavy like the real thing too). As for the other hand weapons, I usually use wood since it is the most durable material I've ever come across. Most of my props are really a work of trial and error since I've no prior education on art or prop making...most would be derived from my knowledge as an Engineering Lecturer.Most proud of work: The tentacles of my Doc Ock Costume(CF 2008) and the Armor of Doc Doom (CF 2005) since both of these are the first time I've ever did use the following materials. The former(PVC PIPES and Mounting Boards) and the latter(Aluminium Sheets)Most durable piece of work: The Short Sword(Gladius) for my Stock Gladiator Character(CF2007) since its made entirely of wood so it would stand a ton of punishment before breaking. Most fragile: My first two handed Crusader Sword for GACC06...polystyrene with a tv antenna as a core. Most Abused: The Machine Sword of the Kikuchiyo(CF2006) which I broke at that event due to the Battle Chess thing.Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: The RO Angel head band which when worn the wires that used to hold the wings together hurts the side of the head...OUCH!!!Prop making history (and pictures if you have any.8D)Completed props2003Castlevania's Vampire Killer Whip(Rope, Skipping Rope Handle, Masking Tape)[spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]2004RO Crusader Armor (Mesh Wires, Paper and Rubber Sheets)RO Crusader Tower Shield (Curved plastic and Mounting Boards)RO Crusader Pole Axe (Discarded Broom Stick, PVC Pipe and Mounting Board)[spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]2005RO Crusader Sword[SORRY NO PIX ON THIS ONE]Doctor Doom Armor(Aluminium Sheets, Screws, Cloth Straps and Elastic bands)[spoiler=PIX1]Posted Image[/spoiler][spoiler=PIX2]Posted Image[/spoiler]2006European Crusader Two Handed Sword(Polystyrene and TV Antenna) [NO PICTURE BUT I REMEMBER I SHOT IT BEFORE >_<]Samurai 7's Kikuchiyo RED Armor(Aluminium Sheets, Screws, Cloth Straps, Red Paint and Elastic bands)Samurai 7's Kikuchiyo Helmet (Aluminium Sheets, Screws, Cloth Straps, Red Paint and Welding Mask)Samurai 7's Kikuchiyo Machine Sword(Wood Core, Polystyrene and Nails)[spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]2007European Crusader Battle AX(Mounting Board and Real AX handle) [spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]Stock Gladiator Short Sword/Gladius(Wood and Nails)Stock Gladiator Round Shield(Metal Round Plate, PVC and Cloth Straps)Stock Gladiator Ornate Helmet(Aluminium Sheets, Rubber Sheets and Eagle ornament)[spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]2008Raoh the Conqueror Horned Helmet(Robber Sheets, Aluminium Sheets, PVC, Clay Putty, Steel Wires and Screws) [spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]Doc Ock's Tentacles(PVC Pipes, Screws, Nuts, Bolts, L Brackets, Mounting Boards and Aluminium plates)Doc Ock's Coat(Black motobike raincoat and PVC with Wood, Cloth Straps, Screws and Nuts to mount the tentacles)[spoiler=PIX]Posted Image[/spoiler]Well that's about it from me...maybe I'll do more for 2009 :mrgreen:

#6 hitokiri_sien


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Posted 06 January 2009 - 11:01 AM

LOL...ok, being to free in the office made me do this..haha..Name: hitokiri_sien/hitoCosplaying/Propmaking since : Cosplaying since 2004, but started prop making in 2007Speciality : weapons that could be made out of pipes? LOLTools of trade: Hot Glue, spray paint, mounting boards, junks....LOLShort description/summary of your props: Well, most of my props are made using junks, and i really mean it (lol..there was once i collected the junk from my office for prop purposes). But i try my best to make it as realistic as possible. Hey, prop making is fun! XD I usually use pvc pipes for my props, because it is one of the most durable and easiest to get material (not to mention cheap..YES..i'm a CHEAPO!)Most proud of work: I believe Hei's dagger surpassed Rabi's oozuchi Kozuchi now....though it's not as huge as the hammer, the daggar was a pain in the ass to make. A lot of cutting and to make things worse, i forgot to bring back the cutting board from my office...(and i had to make one using tonnes of newspaper at home..:))Most fragile: Rabi Hammer. The cross on the top of the hammer breaks like crackers! and i was so damn worried that it'll be nudge in because i was using polysterene for the round effect!Most Abused: Hibari's Tonfas. LOL...when i first debuted young hibari (varia arc version), the group was practically having tonfa-spinning practice with this prop. But it is still in tact! (told you PVC pipes are <3)Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: hmm, i would say, zero's gun. Though it wasnt hard to have the guns modified (lol...it was originally a reborn gun from tsubasafan..i just spray painted on it!) the designs on the gun was FREAKING HARD TO DRAW ( and i wasn't gifted with an artists' hand mind you). I had to erase it soooooooooooo many times before actually drawing it with a marker pen.Prop making history2007Kaiba Seto's Necklace (the thing he kept Mokuba's picture with) from Yu Gi Oh!Rabi's Oozuchi Kozuchi from D Gray Man2008Hibari Kyouya's Tonfas from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Hibari Kyouya's TYL box from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!Shiki's wrist belt from Togainu no ChiShiki's belt buckle from Togainu no ChiZero Kiryuu's Bloody Rose from Vampire KnightSuperbi Squallo's arm sword from Katekyo Hitman Reborn!2010BK201/Hei's Mask from Darker Than BlackBK201/ Hei's dagger from Darker Than BlackIncomplete/ Abandoned projects Yazoo's velvet nightmare from Final Fantasy Advent Children - since 2007Future ProjectsKururugi Suzaku's Lancelot key (the pendrive-looking thing) from Code GeassYue's UBER HUGE wings from CCSKuroro Lucifer's earrings and book weapon from Hunter X HunterCastor / Fest's Scythe from 07 GhostSanzo's Matenkyo & the golden plate thingy on his chest (|||oTL) from Saiyuki Reload

#7 DeidaraGS


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Posted 06 January 2009 - 02:12 PM

Name: DeidaraGSCosplaying since : 2005Propmaking since : 2005 Speciality : Mixed specialty of armor,swords,weapons,guns,accessoriesTools of trade: Hot glue,fibreglass,wire,uhu glue,spray paints,acrylics,vinyl spackling,resin,sanders,hacksaws,weldersPreferred Materials : Wood,cardboard,mounting board,foam board,pvc pipes,aluminum,box boardShort description/summary of your props: Most of my props were made from trial and error,but slowly refined into the final work.Most of what I learned about making stuff is from old shows like Art Attack on TV. I try to make my props as strong and durable as possible so I can use them again and again in the future for other cosplays XDMost proud of work: My Pyro flamethrower. Lots of research and planning went into this. It's due for final completion and an upgrade in time for GACC 2009. Just holding it in my hands already makes me happy :) Lots of hardwork went into this XDMost durable piece of work: Kisame's Samehada sword. It's been through the airport check in, at least 10 conventions and its still not damaged. Though sadly,I'm gonna recycle it soon as I'm going to be building Samehada V3 with even more durability! :DMost fragile: Pyramid Head helmet hastily constructed out of thin plywood and nailed together the night before a con. Never,never doing that again. Totally freaking regret it.Most Abused: Kisame's Samehada sword(again) It's been used as a surfboard,used to smack people on the butt,used as a table,sat on,kicked,thrown,stepped on. XDMost WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: My Men In Black blaster rifle. Refined and modified from a Super Soaker XD It makes PEW PEW noises now. :DProp making history2005Kisame's Samehada V12006Kisame's Samehada V2Pyramid Head helmet V1Pyramid Head cleaver V1Tobi mask V1Ishida Uryuu bow and arrowLexaeus Tomahawk V12007Pyramid Head helmet V2Pyramid Head cleaver V2Xaldin lances V1Tobi mask V2Aaroniro Aruruerie helmet V1Ichigo Hollow Mask V1Ichigo's Zangetsu V12008Xaldin lances V2MIB Blaster rifle V1MIB Blaster pistol V1MIB Noisy Cricket V1MIB Neuralyzer V1Pyramid Head helmet V3Pyramid Head Cleaver V3,4,5Shinigami-sama V1,V2Gas mask V1Aaroniro Aruruerie Helmet V2Kaien's Nejibana V1Pyro flamethrower V1Demoman Grenade Launcher V1Pyro Axe V1Johann Krauss Steam gloves V1Menos Grande mask V1,2Arachnophobia Mask V1,2Daft Punk Helmets (Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel)Daft Punk GlovesCode Geass Zero helmetHarry Potter Death Eater mask2009Daft Punk Helmets V1.5 (Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel)Garland armor V1Garland Great SwordPyro BackpackPyramid Head Cleaver v6Pyramid Head v4Zero Helmet V1Ultimecia HornsOnion Knight StaffGabranth Sword and StaffMecha KaitoPandora Hearts ScythePyro Axe V2Kanako Onbashira Gatling GunKanako Onbashira BazookaKanako Shimenwa HoopNemesis Bazooka2010Daft Punk - Guy Manuel Helmet V3 + V4Daft Punk - Thomas Bangalter Helmet V2Daft Punk - Tron Legacy CostumesDigimon Tamers - Beelzemon Blast Mode cannonTouhou - Remillia Scarlet GungnirTouhou - Flandre Scarlet LaevaeteinBlack Rock Shooter - Black BladeFacebook Profile Page*to be updated*Incomplete/ Abandoned projectsLots of prototypes of props for his existing costumes that failed/wasnt satisfied withFuture ProjectsGeshumaru armorHalo Mjolnir Mark IV armorOmnimon armor
Posted ImageCheck out my cosplay pics at my Devart!http://deidarags.deviantart.com/

#8 miyavi honey

miyavi honey

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Posted 09 January 2009 - 12:13 AM

Name: miyavi honey
Cosplaying/Propmaking since: April 2006
Speciality: random
Tools of trade: PVC glue, papier mache, aladin clay, paper, mounting board, random swords, art glue, cardboard, paper tape
Short description/summary of your props:
based from an existing item like, swords etc
Most proud of work:
Vegeta's saiyan armor MKII
Most fragile:
Grimmjow's sword, you cant fight with this sword
Most Abused:
Ryuuk's mask, it was poked, pulled, and all other stuff people did that cannot be mentioned here XDD
Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date:
Pein's fake piercings, seriously people freaked out looking at my bro's face and ask weather its real or not XDD
Propmaking history

Ryuuk's mask, wings, belt, rings, bangle and pointy finger gloves

Hirako Shinji's hollow mask
Kurosaki Ichigo's hollow mask
Sogyo no Kotowari- Ukitake Juushiro's shikai sword

Luppi's sword
Luppi's hollow mask
Grimmjow's hollow mask
Grimmjow's sword
Remake Ryuuk's mask, wings, belt, rings, bangle and pointy finger gloves
Gunzi's claws
Gunzi's belt and tags
Pein's fake piercings
Amane Misa's necklace
Yagami Taichi's goggles

Death the Kid's Skull necktie
Remake Grimmjow's hollow mask
Jan Valentine fake piercings
Vegeta's scouter
Vegeta's saiyan armor
7 dragon balls
cloud's buster sword
cloud's belt & shoulder armor
Squall's leonhart blue gunblade

Matsuda Takako's goggle
Mello's necklace

Mei's horns, tail and ears
Arthur's red dice


#9 Rayray0211


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Posted 11 January 2009 - 04:28 AM

Name: Rayray0211Cosplaying since: CF05Propmaking since: 2006Speciality: randomTools of trade: PVC glue, UHU glue, paper clay, paper, mounting board, cardboard,etc.etc...depend on wat props i gonna do....Short description/summary of your props: staff/trident/spear based weapon...etc~Most proud of work: Joker's Trident (Flame of Recca manga series)Most fragile: Joker's armour (Flame of Recca manga series)...it broke after half day and the event juz start to hype up......*dies*Most Abused: Nanashi's spear (MAR manga series)....T_T....forcely stuck it in the car...poked...n the head of the spear being pulled off.....omigosh......T_TMost WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: Joker's trident (Flame of Recca manga series)...its huge...n the "wrinkles" on it is really hard to do...= ='''...finally give up n use paint to do the effect instead really do it with paper clay...Propmaking history*will post up the photo soon....*2006Nanashi's Spear (MAR manga series)[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]2007Sado Yasutora's devil arm (Bleach)[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]Joker's huge Trident (Flame of Recca manga series)Joker's armour (Flame of Recca manga series)[spoiler=]Posted ImagePosted Image[/spoiler]2008Kogarasumaru's emblem (Air Gear manga series)<--the sample all have given to group member...will get a photo when hv the chance~Takeuchi Nike's hoodle and armguard (Air Gear manga series)[spoiler=]Posted ImagePosted Image[/spoiler]Kakimoto Chikusa's yoyo (KHR)<---will take the photo when my camera is back~Team Himitsu's books~together done 9 books with Potter~ (Vampire Knight)[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]Incomplete/abandoned projects:Kurei's mask (Flame of Recca manga series)Nanashi's arm ring (MAR manga series)Future project:Nanaya's weapon (Monochrome Factor)Death Scythe (Soul Eater)Dr.Stein head's trigger (Soul Eater)Train Heartnet's Hades (BlackCat)
Finding my Tokito-neko...have anybody see him wandered around??Team Himitsu~~XD~BANZAI~~~~Posted ImagePosted Image>cosplay<>deviantArt<>blogspot<

#10 Azrael Sizer

Azrael Sizer

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Posted 02 April 2009 - 05:37 PM

Name: SizerAzrael / SizerCosplaying/Propmaking since: Cosplaying since 2002, but started co-prop making with friends in 2002.Speciality: Well...No idea I'm constantly trying to make my props better and durable, still learning from others, would love to share more info.. =DTools of trade: Uhu glue, currogated cardboard, paper clay, paper, polymer clay, styrofoam, craft foam, glue gun, pipes, rotan, cardboard, paper tape, art glue,pva glue, acrylic, aerosol spray, any foam of base like thing depending on the prop, wires, wood... more to come still trying various materialsShort description/summary of your props: Well most stuff I had to make from scratch because you can't find some of the particular accessories.Most proud of work: It would be my wings for EuphemiaMost fragile: Cornelia's wing clip-on still finding a way to strengthen itMost Abused: etho...dunno yet. =3Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: I will never forget this... Kamui's big ass Shinken~!! XD and Yue's floppy wingsPropmaking history (It will probably come with picture much later @@)2002Yue's Wings, Bow and Arrow, Co worked on Kamui's Shinken2003/2007Honestly, I can't remember the year well so I added them together up to 2007Damien's cross pendantDamien's arm guardNataku's moon earring based on one of the artwork coversDeviruchi pitch forkRabi's hammerTweedle dee and Tweedle dum's accessories and axesBadges for Mukuro's TeamByakko's head bandDevil Head band from ROIon Fortuna's belt and bling co worked with SkypegCain Knightlord (failed attempt will remake it someday) armour and accessories co worked with JinYuffie's shurikenRoxas' zipperRoxas' organization accessoriesShirogane's belt(I can't remember what other props I've done...There might be more but..Oh well xD)2008Euphemia's angel wings[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]Neku's boot coversCornelia's sword fromm the artworkCornelia's clip-on wings[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]Ranka's frog handphone and crown pendent 2009Kagamine Rin and Len's Headphones[spoiler=]Posted Image[/spoiler]Incomplete/abandoned projects:-Sword, Gun and arm for Nero (in the making)Sword and accessories for Zidane (25%)Armour, accessories, and guns for Haseo (30%)Big black wings for Ultimecia co-work with Mask (20%)Armour, bracers, swords and helmet for Masamune (in the making)Future projects:No bloody idea... but it will add this later
Posted Image

#11 Riko


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Posted 09 October 2009 - 12:15 AM

Hi~I didnt really make many props so far but here's my profile anyway :)
Name: Riko

Cosplaying/Propmaking since: 2007

Speciality: I dun really specialise in certain field cuz my prop-making depends on which character I m cosplaying...however, i realised i alwez ended up making props requiring patience and those wif fine, delicate detaling wif sewing @__@......(my patience comes from enduring tonnes of crap at work..LOL)

Tools of trade: Needles, threads, beads, cloth, acrylic batu permata, Uhu glue, paper clay, paper, plastic, wires, aluminium sheets, gunting besi, kikir besi, playar, screws, nails, wooden poles, saw, elephant glue, resin, acrylic paint, rubber stoppers, apit G, metal rings, chains, brute strength (courtesy of my bros *wink), feathers, lace/renda, interfacing, paint brushes, spray paint, cardboard and watever else i could find/recycle/reuse/cannibalise

Short description/summary of your props: Very hard to say..cuz it depends on which prop i m doing...Usually for those big huge props, my bro will do da blueprint (right down to its angles and each dimension @__@) and we will both work on it...for those delicate props, i will have da blueprint in my mind and improvise as i go along...for me it's more of trial and error and i adjust it according to situation....nowadays, i tend to sketch out the general outline of my prop wif its details etc into my moleskine notebook 1st...and i will go wif the flow from there on...i dun haf a fixed method of making any props...i juz went along wif which part/section i felt like doing first >.<

Most proud of work: Kamatari's Ogama..hohohohohoh.....da entire prop can be dismantled and reattached anytime wif juz a screwdriver and screws! (if not, how do i transport it from Penang to KL??!? ) tat's one engineering feat i kowtow to my bro...he's da man!! I daresay it looks almost 90% as depicted in da manga right down to its proportions..yes, my bro actually took a ruler and measured da scythe's dimension in relation to Kamatari in da manga and adjusted it according to MY height...WOW...tat i SALUTE him!!

Most fragile: Zhen Ji's headgear...one small tiny knock can bring it to its knees..LOL..along wif it all its beads..and da beads keep dropping!!! ARGH!!

Most Abused: My X/1999's Arashi katana....it's hilt is made of brittle paper clay..wen i put it in the plane's overhead luggage compartment, someone plonked his laptop right on top of my katana's hilt @____@ I had wanted to cekik the laptop's owner....The hilt was chipped here and there by the time the event was over and done wif @___@ This prop was oso subjected to numerous security checks at the airport >.<

Most WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: So far, i dun have any such props yet..haha

Propmaking history :*I am having some trouble uploading pix onto photobucket..so my apologies for the lack of pictures...u can view the pix at my CURE account >.<*
2006: nil
2007:- Kamatari's Ogama/Scythe (Credits to my bro for his help ^__^)
2008:- spray painted my Haro- made Lacus hairclip- made Zhen Ji's headgear, flute, pendant, anklets & repainted her shoes- made Persona 3's Main Character's Claymore sword (credit to my bro for his help ^__^)- made Persona 3's Main Character's green and yellow badge- painted Tsuna's shoes orange
2009:- made Tsuna's X-gloves (My hardest prop to make to date @__@)- made Tsuna's Dying Will Flame- made Kishuu Arashi's sword- made Murrue's badges- made Kishuu Arashi's ribbons and hair accessories- made Nikoru's ZAFT rank badges
Incomplete/Abandoned Projects: Still in updating stage >.<
Future Projects: Still in updating stage >.<
CURECurrent mangas:JR, Saiyuki, Finder,Crimson Spell, Silver Diamond, KHR, LCD, VK, Kuroshitsuji

#12 ElderG


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Posted 24 December 2009 - 10:14 AM

cause i finally got enough props to post here lolName: ElderGCosplaying/Propmaking since: 2006Speciality: Anything big. Guns and swords preferably. And also workable aka lights, moving parts etc.Tools of trade: UHU GLUE. box board, mounting board, acrylic, craft form, form board, styroform (normal and blue), SUPAR GLUE, wood, pipes, conduits, nuts and bolts, resins, wires, CONTACT GLUE, magnets, all forms of electronics, soon to use gas canisters.Short description/summary of your props: I'll be frank; i make big props cause i want ppl to notice them. Of course it'll have to compliment the cosplayer, but the bigger the moar ppl take notice, no? So far have only made props for friends and such, and commissions are rare and in-between (cause i tend to overspend in making them, i nvr get any returns lolol). Also, i do take a while to construct them as i'm an OCD over details and proportions.Most proud of work: Macross 7 Mylene's Pink Bass Guitar; spend half a month researching bass guitars before starting work on it. Has all moving parts, a bridge to string strings (havent gotten real bass strings yet, will get there), and proportioned frets like a real guitar. Btw, it was signed by Fukuyama during AFA 09 :o Most durable piece of work: The Pink Bass Guitar; has been transported to singapore twice and has only minor dmg. and the whole thing is mostly made of styroform! Most fragile: Sherly Nome's Gold Microphone wt. Whip; whip part broke right after it was delivered, no thanks to abusers. need to fix that...Most Abused: SEELE 01 SOUND ONLY Box; EVERYONE WANTED TO GET INTO IT. and some decided to poke it with every sharp object they had T.TMost WTF IS THIS OBJECT to date: Five Star Stories Headgear. Only has one picture to reference. ONE GIANT HEADACHE.Prop making history (and pictures if you have any.8D)Completed props2007SEELE 01 SOUND ONLY Box - GACC07, CF072008Maka Alban's Scythe - Cosfest08, Animax event at 1USherly Nome's Gold Microphone wt. Whip - AFA082009Mylene's Pink Bass Guitar - Cosfest09, AFA09B*RS Rock Cannon - CF09Five Star Story Headgear - CF09Future WorksNanoha's Raging Heart Full Operation CapableDOGS Bishop Staff SwordTACHIKOMA
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Posted 04 January 2013 - 02:08 PM

:3 I am more of a costume and accessory-prop maker. Been cosplaying and making my own stuff for close to 4 yrs now. Attached the album link to some of the work: https://www.facebook...36621804&type=3

Posted ImageHikaru Angelic LayerPosted ImageQuistis Trepe FFVIIIPosted Image

Ashura RG Veda

Posted ImageAsran Trinity BloodPosted ImageLian Shi DW7

Photo Credit to Anthony Lee (Blur) and Joseph Low (Kira).
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Posted 06 September 2015 - 10:24 PM

hi, raincloud! I heard you are the propmaker, I wonder can you make celty helmet?I have last time, but it's broken by my Lil nieces T.T
how much you can make it the price? because I stay in Kuala Lumpur I want it before comic fiesta, can you do that? FK8VZAFI5P7JBDL.LARGE.jpg

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