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General Common Sense Thread

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 07:11 PM

Was thinking of recompiling certain notes from the old thread that has been deleted. And seeing as nowadays even more people were turning into cosplay culture, I might as well post this up.

So anyone else who wanna add stuff here can also chip in the posting. I won't be so strict on how you would want to format your posts, as long as you make it neat. I also try to do that. If there was anything you think should be posted here that should have been a common sense, you may post it.

Try not to spam the thread with other random unrelated replies/questions etc. If there was anything you'd like to point out, add in or whatever to my posts (or anyone else's) PMs away~

(Truthfully, even I was no sure how reorganize some of the notes but I'll try my best.)

General Safety concerns
- since most ACG events here were either organized at a public locations or shopping malls situated in main cities, one can't help not think about one's safety. So there are things people should always take note.

1. Presence of potential sexual offenders, predators, robbers, aggressors, drunk people etc
- This should not just be cosplay specific, but one should always watch for their own safety. Check if the venue was around places that may seem shady. If possible, come to event with friends or in groups.
- If you don't have people to accompany you home after events, try not to stay too long after everything's over. Have a set of curfew limits as to how long the limit go for you to stay out.

- Do not go/use/walk pass secluded areas ALONE. No matter if it may be a short-cut or whatever. Your safety is the priority.
- Most rapist, robbers do not attempt to assault people that had in their hand things that might be used against them, (like umbrellas, wooden swords etc). So if you cannot help going home alone, these things could help. Not as to actually be used to fight people or try try pick a fight with delinquents, but to prevent people who would want to pick YOU as potential targets.
- General safety precautions should also be included here.

[EDIT March 2012] Really and honestly, I do hope people be more aware and took care of their own safety. And not just wait until serious things like that shared post about a crossplayer being raped that's been all over FB recently, before anyone taking it seriously.


[EDIT October 2013] Yea, I AM stressing this again. I don't want to see anyone only started to really try watch out for their own safety once people starts getting randomly picked by psychos and get murdered. This applies whether or not that you're going out to events or just regular shopping to the mall.

2. If the event hall/areas are too crowded, avoid those areas.
- You cannot predict if there are people who would want to take advantage of you by molesting, picking your pockets, hurt you etc.

3. To avoid accidents, try to use safe materials in making your costumes/props. And be mindful of your props whenever you do stunts with them.

General event location etiquette
- might be redundant with latter topics/points.

1. If an ACG events are held at a public place like a shopping mall or public halls or open areas, try to not behave in any ways that may be offensive to the general population. Any 18SX/SG/PA/PL stuff please do it elsewhere in some enclosed space or something.

2. If an event was held at schools, universities, colleges aka any education facilities, please do not over-extend your 'exploration' towards the areas that are not part of the event held. Don't disturb the students or any teaching staff you may encounter. Do not toy with any equipments/facilities you may have found. Have some decency to behave well.

3. Do not vandalize the facilities or things in the place/building where an ACG event is held.

This was a reference to CF2011 incident. Every year CF attracted a lot of con-goers from all over. It's clear that we would be preparing ourselves to receive a lot of visitors to our event. But please take note we do not and cannot accurately predict just how many people would come to CF. Just because some mishaps happened, doesn't mean that the management did not predict such a massive turnout. As such:

- If the queue to enter was VERY long, please wait patiently. You will be tended to soon enough. (Or just come in when the crown is lesser) If the crowd is still very big and you have managed to enter the event hall, remember to think about those still waiting their turns to see the event and try to not loiter around doing nothing. Give chance to other con-goers to experience the event. If you want to photoshoot, please find a less crowded area to do so.

- If there was a system on crowd management done by the event organizers, please give your co-operations accordingly. Queuing in line do not kill you. If you think you deserve to get into the event hall and not be forced in a long queue, remember; so does the rest of the people inside the halls.

- If you're still waiting in that long queue to enter the event halls and you're out in the open sky and it's about to rain/sun too hot, please do not panic and attempt to violently enter the event building or create a riot. Doing so would not help anyone. Just in case, bring an umbrella so that you would not get wet/have shade. If you don't have any, please calmly find somewhere where you could get under while maintaining the queue.

- Unless you are provoked, please do not pick fights with the helpers, security guards, any law enforcers. They are just doing their jobs to keep everyone safe.

(For further elaborations please refer to the photoshoot location etiquette post)

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 09:31 PM

Event Etiquette

1. No excessive public displays of affections
- remember that most events are set at public places and all sorts of visitor come to the event. If you wanted to have personal photoshoots with those kinds of displays, do so out of public view or at least not out in the open.
- don't also do it at random places just for fun either. As if desperate to attract attention in the wrong sorts of ways.

2. No speaking loudly using foul words. Or scream. Or do any crazy stunts.
- It was not a good behaviour anyway. And regardless if you're a fujoshi, otaku or just random excited youngsters, please don't just randomly scream if there was something that you liked happening during the event. Not everyone tolerate loud noises like that or foul behaviours.

Be at your best behaviours. Not everyone attending any ACG event would be familiar with each other to not mind any rudeness/crazy behaviours

3. No leaving your things/luggages/stuffs lying messily around the event
- While some events do provide storage rooms, those are limited. If there was no room to store your things during an event, you should actually keep hold of your things with you all the time. You might try to reduce the amount of things to bring to the event. This might also prevent stuff from being lost.


4. Keep your valuables by your side at all times.

[edit 2014] Especially when it's an ACG event OUTSIDE JAPAN, please do not intentionally leave your things lying around unguarded. Your valuables can NOT be guaranteed to be safe lying around out in the open without being targetted by any potential thiefs or random curious people who had nothing to do but nicked stuff and claim as their own. LIKEWISE, do not be angry at good samaritans that actually be bothered to take your stuff to ANY lost and found counters because they care for other people's valuable belongings.

5. As ACG events tend to attract many visitors, human traffic jams are to be expected. As such, whenever you feel that the halls are getting packed, try to move around a bit to lessen the jam. Don't push people around rudely and mind your own props to avoid accidents.

6. When looking around artist/sellers booth, do not to take pictures of their merchandises. Do not also block the path along the booth area as well to reduce traffic jams.

7. Certain events had their own specific entrance and exit points. Be aware of where they are so you can easily figure your way around the events. DO NOT COMPLAIN THAT THEY ARE INCONVENIENT. SOME EVENTS HAVE THEIR SPECIFIC REASONS ON WHY THEY IMPOSE SUCH STRICT ENTRY/EXIT POINTS. DO TRY CONSODER THAT. ORGANIZERS DO NOT ONLY HANDLES YOU.

A special note.

8. DO NOT BLOCK OR LOITER AROUND THE TICKETING/INFORMATION/REGISTRATION/ETC COUNTERS OF THE EVENT COMMS. This should apply to every single related ACG event that applies. Before anyone complains of not being able to find these counters, stop and think what have you done to make the situation happening. The event staff/crew can of course do all they can to manage the situation but they are not superheroes that can charge towards every single human out there.


[EDIT 2017]

9. CF/ACG event attendees that are bringing card games or board games, NO playing said games in the middle of busy areas and crowded areas. ESPECIALLY in the middle of the long ass ticketing queues. Find appropriate places to play your card games. Even if so bored got nothing to do while waiting for doors to happen, restrict to handheld gaming devices which can be immediately stored in the pocket the moment you can move from waiting spot.
- Extra: no treating the public transportation (MRT/LRT/KTM/Monorel/etc) area as resting areas. Likewise, no loitering in any specific event area unless it was designated to be a free area where people can do so.
10. If you have certain health conditions that require having specific medications at hand, please have them by your side at all times. Do not leave them at some other place for some reason. Pay note on the locations of any available medical posts stationed at the event.

Food and other things

1. Certain events do not allow food being brought in. Some events do and have food selling stalls, booths inside the event halls. In either case, behave according to situation.
- remember not to litter the halls with food wrappers, plastic bags or anything else. If you cannot find any rubbish bins, hold on to your trash until you find one to throw them in. IF YOU THINK IT'S ICKY TO HAVE TO CLEAN UP ON OTHER PEOPLE'S MESS, SAME GOES TO YOU. YOU THINK PEOPLE LOVE TO CLEAN UP MESSES YOU MAKE?


1.a. No adding trash to an already full garbage bins. Likewise, no loitering in the outside areas of a restaurant/eatery if the place is FULL. Find appropriate places to eat. 


Seriously, this point bears repeating MANY times.


If you want to throw you rubbish neatly yet the bins you found is FULL, please la find other trash bins to throw your trash la. Don't la you STILL DUMP trash on those bins till it become Mount Everest of trash! Pastu you malu bila keluar article kat MKini pasal Malaysian being dirty ass blokes. Butoh la!


2. Some event location may have places where you can sit and eat. Or in case of events done in public places, fast food places and restaurants. Please mind your behaviours.


2.a. But a lot of closed ACG events DO have a NO food/drinks rules in place. In that case. No bringing food/drinks into event hall. No eating or drinking in event halls unless there was a designated place provided to do so. 



3. In case no place to eat/don't want to go far for food, you may bring your own food. And find some corners to eat (outside event halls if food not allowed in) and not make mass picnics at random corners while you're at it.


4. No taking out food/beverages and eat outside of the designated areas that you can eat.
5. No eating/drinking while walking.


My extra note regarding Ticketing matters.
- Bear in mind my words are not official CF statement. This was mostly my own personal thoughts on some of the things that I've seen. To those that read the note tell me if you guys think that it should be included in this thread. Feel free to inform me and I'll repost the note here.

Things to remember when ordering your entrance tickets/engaging with the cashiers at the event/ticketing counter - Or you can scroll down if you don't want to click this link.

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Posted 29 November 2011 - 10:52 PM

Cosplay etiquette

1. If your costumes the type that might be a bit too revealing, you might want to wear something underneath to prevent accidental exposures. I'm sure many would have experiences of such things in the past and not wanting a repeat of that.

2. No trying to flip anyone's skirt, regardless if they were actual girl cosplayers or crossplayers.
- Aside from RUDE and perverted, these kinds of behaviours are inappropriate. While gags like these are common in animes and manga, it was not suitable in real life. Especially if you are NOT in any way acquainted with said cosplayers or crossplayers.

3. One part of cosplay is about roleplaying. But try to remember your limits whenever you're attending any events. No groping, PDAs, molesting or anything that might seem inappropriate to be done in public. Even if those actions are actually canonical behaviours for your characters.

4. No trying to take other cosplayer's props for no reason or trying to play with their props without their consent.
- You may not know how much effort, money were spent on the props or how fragile those props are. And you might accidentally break it. While one can always try to fix any broken props, it was still rude to do that no matter how unintentional that can be. If you are curious about the props, ask the owner politely if you can look at it.

* This is also the same for any other parts of a cosplayer's costumes. Don't poke around unnecessarily just because you are curious.

5. If you have weapon props or large props, be careful on how you handle those things in order to reduce possibilities of accidents happening.

Toilet use/Changing rooms

1. Don't hoard the toilets. If there are changing rooms provided, use those if all you want is to change into your costume and/or put on wigs and make-ups.

2. Don't cut your wigs last minute inside the toilets/changing rooms. You should have done that at home. Don't leave your other mess(tissues, stray hairs, cotton buds) inside the sinks, toilet holes as well.

3. Do not enter toilets/changing rooms of opposite genders. Regardless if you're crossplaying.


[EDIT 2017]



4. Use a toilet cubicle or provided changing room cubicles to change out/into costumes. 


^ Never thought there'd be a day I'm adding this. Like serious?


5. ​No using the changing room/toilet areas as a personal resting spot or even a personal photoshoot areas.


Cosplayers are representatives of the cosplay community. (taken from Not Bad Cosplay tumblr)

Recently I’ve read some articles and watched some tv shows where the cosplay community is shed in unfair light. Picking the worst of the community, we are seen as jobless, immature, overly sexed teenagers who only care about themselves. I fully believe this is only a small portion of the community.

I want to put out a reminder that, when you cosplay in public, you are representing all of us. Here’s some pointers on how to show us as what we truly are: Just a bunch of nerds who like to have fun.

  • Don’t recreate sex scenes. This includes makeout sessions. It’s not socially acceptable for normal people to make out in public, so it shouldn’t be okay for you to do so.
  • Be respectful of others. I’ve heard of cosplayers refusing to move from parks when people want to take wedding photos. Just move and come back later. Also, if you’re in a mall or other building, don’t scream and yell. Many malls and other places no longer allow costumers because they have been so disrespectful in the past.
  • When asked what anime is, don’t say “Pokemon”. Generally it’s best to say something along the lines of, “It’s animated shows and movies meant for both a young and older audience that is made in Japan.”
  • Don’t snap at people or make jokes about “normal” people. This goes along with being respectful. People are going to be curious, going to take pictures, etc. Let them ask questions and learn more about how great this community is.
  • ASK before you go in somewhere in cosplay. It’s easy to call up a mall, amusement park, etc and ask if your group can come in cosplay. Another good place to call before hand is restaurants. Give them a general idea of how many people will be coming, so they can properly prepare for your group.
  • Don’t cosplay in outfits that are scary. I’m bringing up the Batman shootings on this one; many people thought he was just in costume. Bringing fake guns, looking like you’re going to rob a place, etc; This could get you in A LOT of trouble.

Hopefully this will help guide you on how to act in public in a cosplay. Sometimes we get excited in costume, and feel so free to be loud and dorky and whatever that we forget that it’s not really acceptable in society; and thus you give the cosplay community the name of “freaks”, “sociopaths” etc.

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Posted 30 November 2011 - 02:10 PM

Some of the post may be redundant, bear with me.

Photography Etiquette
- Applies to every single creature that are able to snap photos with a camera. Including all normal visitors with a camera.

1. If you want to ask a cosplayer so that you could take their picture, just ask. They won't bite. Wait 'til they're ready with their poses and take their pictures. If you want, (for digital cameras) you may show the pictures taken to the cosplayers to see if the pictures are satisfactory. Say thank you for courtesy.

2. If the cosplayers aren't ready (was resting/applying makeups/etc) if possible please don't take candid pictures of them. If you're not doing anything using those candid, it's fine. But I used to see people posting the candids and insulting/mocking the person in their blogs. That's rude.
- If said cosplayers accidentally fall on the floor or any other accidents, don't take pictures of those too. What reason are those for? And please, if a cosplayer asked for the picture you've taken to be removed (with valid reasons) please do so.

* This also applies if you happened to see any cosplayers/crossplayer having accidentally fall or suffer injuries during event. Because I used to experienced this, why on earth you wanna take people's pictures when they were in pain?

3. Don't harass the cosplayers either if they're not ready/not want to have their pictures taken.

4. If said cosplayers were taking care of their own doujin booths, ask them out elsewhere to take their pictures instead of taking their pictures at their booths. Unless they allowed it.

5. Don't stalk people/take sneak pictures of cosplayers at toilets while they're changing/preparing/etc. What are you? Perverts?

6. Even as a gag or jokes, don't take upskirt shots of cosplayers/crossplayers. Would you like it if people do that to you?7. If you want to set a photoshoot booth during events, be mindful as to not block the pathways.

7. Even if you're excited to come to event and see all these cosplayers in events to the extent of inviting your whole neighbourhood to the event, please do not repeatedly asked to take picture of them many times (rounds) to the point of harassment. Ask for a picture once, and be on your way.

8. If the area is crowded/full of people and it happens that you see a cosplayer already posing for pictures, please do so swiftly and don't take up too much time. Do not cause a human traffic jam/block the route/path in between booths/hallways just because you wanna take pictures of cosplayers!

[Anything else I missed, feel free to PM me and I'll add some more.]
[Updated as per CF2012]

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Posted 16 December 2011 - 02:49 AM

Once again, I bump thee.. UPPETH! D8 Have a nice and safe CF everyone. :D

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Posted 20 December 2011 - 08:47 PM

Nice safety tips. I believe u spent some time writing this out xD

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 02:23 AM

Fixed the thread.

If there was anything else you think that needed to be included in the thread that can be termed as common sense (Anything related to cosplays and event going), feel free to PM me about it and I'll try to compile anything and everything abut the topic.


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Posted 27 March 2012 - 03:33 AM

Your efforts are greatly appreciated Izumi! I wish there's more of you all over the forum ^_^;
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Posted 27 March 2012 - 09:00 AM

I will forward this post went any cosplay event related is on :angel:
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Posted 27 March 2012 - 05:30 PM

edo> Oh you~~~<3 If there's more of me in the forums it'll be chaos. Hahaha


Something I be meaning to do for a while, since this should also be considered common sense.
Taken from Yuan's fb note long time ago. I'll try to simplify the main points. And remove most of the rants.

Cosplay related buying/selling 101 or Buyer/Seller etiquette

1. Buying 2nd hand Stuffs.


- Considering that you should be aware that the item is second-hand, do not expect the item to be in perfect condition as the item would have had been used/worn by the previous owner prior to selling.

- After receiving the items bought, do not complain that the item was not what you expected. Aka stains, size etc. Most second-hand item sellers would inform first of any imperfections on their second-hand stuffs as well as the specs (size/measurements for costumes) before selling. Before making your payments, you should have checked with the seller about the item (esp if it was costumes, shoes etc) to make sure that it fitted you. No use complaining about it after purchase is made.

- if you want the second-hand item so badly, PM/directly contact the seller at once to book/confirm the purchase and make the payment as soon as possible. No making half-assed comments about wanting to buy it but not making any effort about it. Sellers usually sell anything because they wanted the items off their hands as soon as possible, thus they would do it on first come first serve basis. If you happened to miss the chance of acquiring the item, well... bad luck. Don't blame anyone for it.


- Please take HD pictures of the items you're going to sell. Since you're selling an old/used item, be sure to take good pictures of every angle so the buyers can see clearly on what they're about to purchase. After the item's been booked/bought, keep the pictures first for record. List them as 'Booked/Bought'. Don't delete it until six months after. So that if the buyers decided to complain of refund for flaws on the items that they should have known before making the purchase, you have proof to back yourself up. You have a right to refuse giving refunds after selling the items.

- Be reasonable in pricing your second hand items. You are selling an old, used item and not brand new. Even if you were really in need of money, that was no reason to hike up the price unreasonably. Decide on the pricing based on the original costs of making/buying the costume/wig/prop. Even if you won anything using the costumes, that was no excuse to hike the price ridiculously high. Buyers were better off buying or making the items brand new.
> if you were unsure of how to price your items, put it up for bid. Set a time limit for it, and the highest bidder on the item at the end of the time limit should get the item with the price they bid for.

2. TaoBao ordering/Online purchasing


- You are ordering from an online store and it is brand new stuffs. Be prepared for the shipping fees/exchange rate/paypal fees. Do not be so quick to jump if the price you need to pay was higher that what you thought because you did not notice the currency or forget to include the shipping costs as well as other fees in calculating the payment you needed to prepare.

- If the item you purchased went missing/broken/wrong during/after delivery, please do not subject your anger towards the seller or middle people. They have no power after the item was sent by post, unless they personally sent the items to you themselves. If you are still not pleased, go to the company/custom/postmen/etc that handled the delivery.
> if the seller was really at fault, he/she [mostly] will try their best to find the item back for you/replace it. Do not complain when the seller tried their best to help you. Do not make ridiculous demands such as getting free items and such. If you were really dissatisfied, you could always find a different seller.

- Unless the seller provide custom tailoring/prop making, do not demand the seller to make/sell the things that were not what they were selling. The sellers would be selling their items ready-made from their manufacturers and selling them as-is. If you want the items custom-made, you should have gone to the people who provide that kind of service.


- Make sure you have full contact with the seller and keep yourself up-to-date with them at all times. Some sellers can be M.I.A. when he/she is needed the most; that is WHEN the information you have will be needed. So that you be able to reassure the buyers regarding their purchase instead of leaving them hanging, not knowing what happen to their purchase. Your buyer/customer trusted you with their money so that they could purchase the things they want from the seller and for getting the item back in good shape. If you do not do a good job of doing that, there is no use of you being a middle-person and not good for your reputation as one.


- Keep yourself available and contactable at all times. Especially if you are managing a lot of orders. Be there when your middle-person/contact person and buyer/customers needed you to find out the progress of their purchase. Especially near an event's timeline. It'll makes things easier for both buyers & middle people. This is important especially if you just started in providing this service. It would help forge trust from your potential customers towards the service you provide.


Note: Yuan, if there's any corrections in this post feel free to point it out to me and I'll fix it.

* That aside, I think this should also apply to any other similar business exchanges related.

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Posted 27 March 2012 - 07:45 PM

Repost: Courtesy of Michy/Michelle Tan. Extra notes courtesy of Lynweh Chung as well as some of my own thoughts.

Cosplay Shoot Etiquette

Want to plan a cosplay shoot, but somehow things just don't turn out right? Maybe the photos were not how you visualised them, or that the photographer seemed to be extra grumpy, or the cosplayers just don't know what's going on? Read on for how to get the best out of your cosplay shoot:

The 4 Ps:

1. Plan

Having a plan is essential and should take up the most time overall in your shoot. Speak to the photographers closely, because they will be the ones producing the photos that will be the end result; make sure they are aware of the concept and background of the series you're shooting. Some photographers will want to do their own research prior to the shoot (reading the manga/watching the anime/looking up reference photos) - so make sure they get enough time to do so. Always provide at least a few reference photos of suggested poses or atmosphere.
- set allocated time as well for the preparation before the shoot (makeups, costume/prop check, poses to do, lighting/equipment check, etc) so that lesser time was wasted doing nothing and more time to actually do the shoot. Before coming for the shoot, check also if you have everything (props, costume, camera, lighting equipment, etc) you need in good condition.

2. Please and thank you

Photographers often do cosplay shoots for free, so please acknowledge this by requesting their services politely and thanking them afterwards. Make sure they are aware of your needs, and also make sure you are aware of theirs, especially their schedules. Many photographers are also professionals in fields other than cosplay, which means they may have paid clients, university lectures or day jobs that will most certainly take priority over your shoots. Be understanding. Build a good relationship. Photographers are doing you a favour by taking time out of a busy schedule for you.
- do not be rude and behave unreasonably. Likewise on the photographers' side, it should be the same for cosplayers who allocated time to pose for you. This relationship should be equal on both sides. Unless you're paying some models for your shoots, treat your fellow friend cosplayers the way you'd like them to treat you.

3. Punctuality

When you plan a shoot, please, please show up on or before the agreed time. Yes, a lot of things can go wrong during a shoot's preparation - so it is up to the cosplayer's responsibility to allocate at least two hours beforehand to get everything sorted out. Letting a photographer wait for hours is not acceptable, unless these are unforeseen circumstances. Waking up late, or being delayed by makeup and faulty costumes are not included.
- if the place you're doing the shot was somewhere far from your place and you have many things to do/bring, try to estimate the time needed for travel so that you can set time for when to get ready etc.

To cosplayers: Remember, in normal professional shoots, many photographers charge by the hour.

- There are many factors that can happen unexpectedly (traffic jams, accidents etc). In such situation, it was better to have the contacts of the people involved so that you can each inform the other for any delays/cancellation. And considering that you should have been planning for the shoot for some time, you should be serious about keeping things proceeding on time.

4. Patience

For Cosplayers:

Once again, photographers are often people with day jobs or clients that will most certainly take priority over the results of your shoot. Be patient. Work out a time frame with the photographer at the end of the shoot on how fast you expect photos to be delivered, but also be flexible as real life is often unexpected. Refrain from constantly messaging the photographer to ask for shots. Remember, a happy photographer is more likely to deliver carefully edited shots than a rushed one. If self-editing is preferred, a shorter time frame is acceptable; but basic editing is still (more often than not) needed for every shot to: a) resize them so you won't be getting a 5GB file in the mail; do minor tweaks to colour, lighting and crop. Trust me, these make a lot of difference.

For Photographers:

Some of the cosplayers might be new on the concept of cosplay photo shoot. Some of them might not know how to pose themselves in a kind of pose they/you might have wanted. In such cases, you might want to try to teach/help direct them to get the effect you want. And do not expect them all to act like professional models and do not take advantage of them by making them pose in an inappropriate way.

Disclaimer: The writer (Michy) has been a cosplayer for 5 years and a photographer for 3 years with experience in the UK, Malaysian and Singaporean scenes. The above advice was written from personal experience and input from those around her. Any other perspectives are welcome Thanks for reading!

*Izzu's note*
I added some extra notes so that this could apply to both cosplayers and photographers, whether you're first-timers or veterans. If there is anything you'd like adding, feel free to PM me and I'll add the extra notes

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Posted 29 May 2012 - 02:35 PM

Been a while since I posted in this thread. So yeah... So yeah, posting about some random topic. I think I did touch on this stuff in the Cosplay FAQ, but I kinda mix the topic around with others so it might not be too glaringly obvious that people can't even think for themselves. And some others as well.... though with the formatting mashups last time, some posts might still be hard to read. And with some recent stuff I ended up having to give a say, well... it seemed there's a reason to post something yeah?

So, while post may be redundant... I felt like some people still needs a heads up.

To newbies and the likes who wanted to start cosplays and such,

As mentioned in the FAQ thread, a lot of people often stressed that cosplay is not a CHEAP hobby. But it doesn't necessary have to be so if you're smart. I'll point up this stuff if it wasn't so obvious in the FAQ thread.

Consider your own (current) skills as well as financial status before choosing a project
- To people who just started on this hobby/cosplay culture... please for the sake of your own sanity, START with a small and simple project before going up to some other harder projects. While I know that some of you may have tons of money to throw away, please don't be too rash to tackle on expert level cosplay on first try. Even the veteran local cosplayers you see still active nowadays had their starts doing simple cosplay projects at the beginning. Use your common sense. If you can't afford yet to do hard cosplay projects without jeopardizing your own financial well-being, then don't attempt it at first try.

- Don't be too scared to cosplay anything for fear that you'd 'cosfuck' yourselves. Even the older cosplayers had their cosfuck days (according to some opinions here and there) but you don't see that get them down. You pick up your experience as you go. As long as you still fulfil the Costume (overall appearance) + Roleplay (in character-ness), who cares about the other opinions. The important thing is that you put an effort in it.

Unless you really intended to cosplay/cross badly to the point you intentionally try to insult said fandom by cos-ing badly, then that's rude.

Props, wigs, coloured/animation lenses
* Now this is an interesting issue. I find it more chronic nowadays compared to in the past for some reason. I don't get this one. If you cannot afford these... due to price and stuff, why can't you DIY? I mean like:

Props: I know like some series (anime, manga, games, tokusatsu, American comics etc) they do have some official merchandises that you can use for cosplay. Not all are cheap and affordable though. So, instead of getting the official merchandises, why not making it from scraps using art materials or reuse/recycle old used stuffs and turn them into props? Need work and time for that, yes... but half the time you do get better props from making it yourself compared to buying it. Or commission friends to do it. Or something else. Half the time it's CHEAPER than buying the expensive merchandises. Try learn up some skills. It'll help you in the long run.

Wigs: Well nowadays... you do get wigs cheaper (do they now?) compared to the hey days of early Malaysian cosplay culture. But if you cannot afford them (cos you have financial obligation for life's needs, studies, work etc) you can always try some other methods like using hair dyes (there are permanent and temporary ones), gels and mouse. Or you can always style your hair like in the series without colouring them. (lotsa Live action versions of animes etc often have their characters having multicoloured hair go normal on TV series) So that's a choice. To me, it's better to find an alternative to wigs if can't afford rather than buy it then later complain cos you pokai and stuff.

Animation/special/coloured lenses: Oh these. Personally, if you're only going to events to cosplay and not do any hardcore close-up photoshooting...there's no dire need to wear these lenses unless you had some money to spend on the side. ESPECIALLY if you need some other special lenses with astig, special customization etc. It's not worth it. Because unless you do real close-ups or use special lighting etc, half the time the eye colour don't get captured on camera. So aside from fun, it's not that important. You can always photoshop afterwards anyways. That aside, if you worry that wearing these lenses might hurt your eyes (like those that made your eyes WIDER or larger than normal), then don't wear it. Which is important? Your eyes or your hobby? Use common sense.

*Accuracy in cosplay ARE important but since this is just a hobby you should know your limits. I know how some do claim that 'Cosplay is serious BIZNEZ' and some lauded the 'Cosplay is for FUN' claims... but I find all that drama so redundant. Half the things I pointed out are so simple, but people nowadays still like to complicate stuff. No reason actually. It's like you shouldn't suddenly try to starve yourselves just because you wanna make yourselves lean for cosplay or over exercise to tone your body for cosplay. Please consult your doctors or exercise instructors before doing things like that. That also applies to things like above mentioned. Don't just spend blindly on cosplays without considering your other needs aka studies, food, etc.

I can understand how some cosplay groups wanted accuracies in their cosplay projects, but do so to an extend.


I know Cosplay had those 'Roleplay' part. And yes, usually if you're cosplaying a character you're supposed to know a lot (or at least general knowledge of them) about the character and the series they came from. But unless the cosplayers are geeks or hard-core fans of the genre, don't expect them to know every single trivia of the franchise ESPECIALLY if the series was a part of a massive canon universe. Like one cosplay from Gundam 00 but don't expect them know all the trivias about all of UC/AC universe et al. Same as other fandom.

So don't harass cosplayers like they're walking encyclopaedias. Unless the cosplayers themselves don't mind it. Not really nice anyway.

Extra 2:

I know some were still in universities, schools... etc, but when attending any acg events please if you happened to be having classes, tests, exams on days that clashes with the events; please set your priorities straight. Don't skip classes, tests, exams, studies... just because you wanna attend events. You can attend them if you can... but please put your priorities on the right track.

Disclaimers: Most of the things I type in here are merely my thoughts and suggestion. Any questions or if you things there are any amendments needed, feel free to give me a private message. Any other people also may post on this thread on what should have been common sense as well.

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Posted 30 May 2012 - 09:39 AM

WoW~ a very useful guide, thanks alot! ^^

Learned more about cosplay culture already~


My Facebook (Kin Chia) : http://www.facebook....hp?id=650941247 (feel free to add me~ Thanks xD)
Blog : http://kuantancoswalk.wordpress.com (will use this blog to post updates on cosplay and hobby stuff from Kuantan, Pahang :D )

Facebook Page : https://www.facebook...80623486?ref=hl (Kuantan Coswalk FB Page :) )

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Posted 04 June 2012 - 04:39 PM

Touching this subject due to recent dramas and plenty of others things. Though, personally... it saddens me that I HAVE TO TYPE this out plain and loudly because some people did not have any sense. So pardon any red fonts and capslock because I am lazy to have to point this out all the time. And the tone of my posts does reflect my mood.


* I supposed veterans and newbies alike who loved the hobby and community would be protective of the local ACG culture. Thus, the recent rise of trends where every single schools, college, universities, private organization would attempt to make their own ACG-related (mostly is just about cosplay) event to attract people. Some of these events, might not be what they seemed. And knowing all, certainly none of us would want to be cheated of their money and be used by some people. For example, the last issue over AFKL and alike. (Not to be confused with AFA.MY)

- Regarding such things, when confronting the organizers about the validity of their events... please for all things sane mind your manners!! AKA no vulgarities, no 'you die', 'f*** you' and the likes, no trolling, no crashing their FB pages with nonsense, no typing like kindergarden children and et cetera et cetera. What are you guys? KIDS? Even if your protests are for good reason and with valid reasoning, it do not help your case if you sound like a bunch of angry zoo animals. Please behave like a civil and normal human being. Have some dignity.

- This include any other 'side' activities some newbies may want to do during any official ACG events that may not be deemed appropriate: Yes, you should scold said culprits about the inappropriate-ness of said 'illegal' activities... but do not do so like mindless angry protestors. NONE OF YOU ARE THE AVENGERS OF THE COSPLAY COMMUNITY! Even in the comics you don't see that. While 'RAEG'ing and TROLL-ing might be the in-thing, it was unethical. Because really, do you want the image of the local MALAYSIAN cosplay community be seen as so vulgar?

- Check the date of the said 'illegal/controversial' activities before you guys started bombing anyone. Not like you should, because really... I personally don't fancy violence aside from in fandom--when related. If the issue was like WEEKS ago but only recently found out and is still active, don't suddenly rage on it to the point you overblown the issue skyhigh. Do not practice this culture of ganging up/gangbanging any certain individual or organizations like some angry mob.

- On that same note, do not make threats or acting like some keyboard warrior over the people related. If the organizers or people involved did wrong or something, do your best to correct them and make them understand what they did wrong and help them improve/fix the situation. Because really, you CAN be reported to the police or sued if the organizers/individuals feel intimidated or harassed by the threats you throw at them.

Minor side notes

- In some events, the organizers do impose certain rules and regulations to ensure the safety of the events and visitors. Please follow the rules as it is there for good reasons. If they say no food is allowed in event venue due to cleanliness concerns, just eat elsewhere. If they said certain type of props cannot bring in for safety issues, don't fight with the event comm. And all other related things. Because rules are there for a reason.

- On that note, aside any activities are planned by the event comm, please don't organize your own side 'activities' on your own ESPECIALLY if it may inconvenience others. Examples are playing tags during event in a crowded venue, have water balloon fights, paint ball games, sword fighting that is not for competitions or photoshoot posing, having so-called 'fandom/cosplayer wars' and anything else related. You wanna do that, do it at your own place and elsewhere.

To mods: If some of the things in this post needed shortening or anything else, can always tell me and I'll fix it. Anyone else think that I have to add anything else, if you know my FB... PM me there or on this forum.

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Posted 14 September 2012 - 01:38 PM

This was a direct (kinda) copy from my semi-rant about ticketing post Animangaki 2012. While I don't expect everyone actually reads and do what was written here, at least I tried.

If you've read this before you can just scroll past. This was also an indirect bump for the thread.

This should apply on every ACG con that requires you to pay entrance fees.

Things to remember when ordering your entrance tickets/engaging with the cashiers at the event/ticketing counter.

- If you are ordering a ticket for yourself only, it would be a nice gesture for you to provide the cashiers an exact amount of money. Please if possible, do not give them large notes that will require them to take some time to return the changes to you. Not like they do not know how to count money, but if every single visitors do that to them they'll be finding it hard to get the changes needed. Plus: Since it involved money we cannot be careless with handling the changes so big notes = a lot of changes = gonna take a long time to verify all amount.

Note: Cashiers are not that free to leave their counters just so they can ask people to change an RM100/RM50 note to its RM10, RM5, RM1 equivalents all the time. And they would still have to cater the next customer and watch over the ticket money and be efficient. It would greatly help to speed things up if cashier don't need to fumble over changes. Do not complain for the long waiting times when that happens.

Tip: It would be advisable if you exchanged your big notes into small ones the night before the event (at least) to avoid any complications. It would not only make buying your tickets easy, those doujin booth owners whose merchandises you wanna buy (the reason you bring such big notes anyway) would be happy as well (because they ALSO won't need to fumble over changes).

- If you are ordering in bulk, please get your orders correct before coming to the counter. It would also be helpful if you also calculated the total amount beforehand so that cashier would just need to just count money and give you your tickets. Do not just suddenly change your mind about the amount and type of tickets you're buying just as money have been exchanged. Unless the event comm had been given their own sets of cash registers, all cashiers needed to manually count all the money they were handling.

- On the same note, please do not confuse the cashiers. If the event had offers like reduced price for tickets; like prices for one-day tickets and two-days tickets etc, please do not come make your orders like "May I buy XXX amount of tickets for Day 1 and YYY amount of tickets for Day 2" and expect the cashiers could do all that math in a second. If cashiers are allowed to make their own decisions with regards to sale of tickets, they could just assume that you would want to pay for the all of the tickets AT FULL PRICE, without the price reductions/discounts.

Note: if that ever happened, do not later make complaints that the events are cheating you of your money. The cashiers do not need to have to do all of your addition, substraction and multiplication math problems for you, just because you are lazy to count. They can, of course, do that... but not in a split second. But not without mistakes and errors if you expect them to do it FAST.

- Also on the same note, if the event open up separate counters to cater to different types of tickets (preorders, one-day, two-days, international visitors) that are available, do not come to the wrong counter ask to buy the type of tickets that they do not sell (Especially for CF). Go to the right counter please. If that happens, and IF you are requested to go back to the queue; do not begrudge the event crew. It would be rude to other visitors if you just cut in line in their queue (the other visitors) to the ticketing booth they want to go just because of your own mistake.

- Please check that you have been given exact amount of change and tickets before leaving the counter. Cashier cannot just run towards you and leave their counters unguarded, just to return your balance/tickets. If problems occurred, do not come HOURS later claiming some mistakes happened and expect that the cashiers/helpers/volunteers handling said counters to remember you and immediately ask for refunds. (It might be because of your own negligence that you're short of tickets (dropped it, misplaced etc) or money)

Remember that the cashiers/helpers tend to many customers/visitors. Even if they have very good memories and were not forgetful people, it was ridiculous to expect them to remember every single exchange they were handling. And they don't have security cams, just sayin'.

Before any of such claims can be approved, the cashiers/volunteers have to consult their team leaders before doing anything. They cannot do anything without first consulting the higher authorities.

- After making your purchase, please do not rush off without checking if you had all of your belongings with you. Any lost of money, wallet, important documents, props, luggage, etc is not the responsibility of the people at the counter. Sure, if there were things like that it'd be sent to Lost and Found, but if people don't come to claim that'd also would be problematic.

- On that account, please always be alert when you are handling your money!
[CF2012] I had a visitor giving me RM200 notes just to buy an RM20 worth of ticket! If I hadn't been aware of it, I would have put the money into the cash box without realizing! Even if you are so blur during the event, this is not an acceptable excuse! You are lucky to not instead been attended by a dishonest person. What would happen if your money had been stolen?

- Language barriers. If possible, please converse in either English or Malay. If you're not fluent in English, speak in Malay. And... speak CLEARLY. 'Two-days/Two-day' should be pronounced as 'TWO. DAYS./TWO.DAY.' not TWODAYS or Toodays or twoday or today. Or better, 'DUA HARI' or 'SATU HARI' to evade this miscommunication problems altogether. And kindly do not use the phrase 'Today's ticket' if you want to purchase the day's ticket (one day only). Especially with the event being loud and noisy, it's easy to misheard things spoken.

Preferably if possible, do not use either Chinese (Cantonese, Hokkien, Mandarin etc) or Indian (Tamil, Telegu, Malayalam etc) language to converse with the cashier even if there's an Indian/Chinese helper helping the cashier manage the booth.

- QUEUE. If you come in groups, you still have to queue properly in front of the counter. Do not block another counter as well if they were side by side with the one you're on, making in look as if the counter is not open for the next customer. Or better, send a representative of your group to buy all of your tickets at one go.

- Don't loiter/block the area in front of the ticketing counters. And people used to complain that they cannot find the counters/ticketing queue. On that note as well, unless you're part of the media taking event pics; no photography in front of the ticketing counters.

CF Specific Situation.

- Usually during CF, a ticketing counter would be manned by TWO person. One is the cashier, another is the assistant. PLEASE MAKE YOUR BUSINESS WITH THE CASHIER INSTEAD OF THE ATTENDANT! Considering money was involved, it's safer for the money to only be handled by the cashier. Having two person manning a counter did not mean that the counter can attend to two different groups at the same time!

- Unless you see the ticketing counters being equipped with CASH REGISTERS, please do not ask if you can pay using VISA or MASTERCARD.

- The price of an entrance ticket varied each year depending on the venue held. Do not just assumed that the price remained the same as in past event.

- Preorders, retail and early bird tickets have reduced price to encourage early purchase/booking. Walk-in tickets DO NOT have any discounts. Please do not try to haggle the ticket prices with the cashiers. If you were aware of CF, you should be alert on the fact that the ticket prices was non-negotiable!

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Posted 16 September 2012 - 05:39 PM

I was bored, and I thought of wanting to post something to this not really lively thread. And current gossip gave me thoughts about this. And somewhat this gave me chance to repost some old stuff I had in the old thread

I suppose with more people get into cosplay and stuff, they'd wanna do photoshoots and videoshoot and stuff. This is not a rule... but more of a courtesy thing. Because I know some would be asking stuffs like 'You know any place that have nice scenery for cosplay shoot?' and all.

Photography Location Ettiquette

Public places

You know like in Malaysia you have lotsa public parks for recreation or those small parks in the housing area and stuff. Those are open for the public all the time and you're free to go make your cosplay or videoshoots there no problem. No permission are needed to be asked.

Same goes for random abandoned places or car parks or some other places that fits this criteria as long as you don't obstruct other people who would want to go about the area.

Things to note: *

- Even if these are public areas mind your behaviors. Do not be a nuisance to others that wanted to leisurely walk around these public parks during their free time. Else you might have some trouble with the local council.

- No littering or leaving your messes around.

- If the public park/place was near a housing area, do not make loud noises to disturb the residents there.

Random shops, businesses or buildings

On random outings you may find some places or shops that have nice interior or decoration that you think might be nice to do a photoshoot. For example that nice looking eatery called 'The Garden' in MV or that Tenshi no cafe at e-curve or a random laksa shop that maybe decorated beautifully like some old Chinese traditional house. Or even those pretty buildings at Putra Jaya and such? Before you make any plans to do any sort of shoots there, please ask the owners of the place if they don't mind letting you do cosplay photoshoots at their place. If they allow, go for it. If they don't allow, don't ignore it and do it anyway.

Things to note: (same as above) *

- Especially for shops and eateries, please do not disturb their businesses and/or the other customers at the place.

- For places or buildings where private corporations were located or even if it's government buildings, well... figure out yourself about that.

- Extra note: This applies to private or public institutions (Colleges, universities, schools etc.)
> Since lately there's a lot of anime clubs organizing local/small ACG events at their own college/uni/schools it should be noted that aside from during the time an ACG event was held, you DON'T just freely enter the place to make/do your shoots as if you owned the place. These places usually have security guards to fend off intruders or unrelated people from freely entering and disrupts the place/students, certainly you can't just walk in and do whatever you want.

> As such, please ask for permissions before planning any shoots.

> This was a reaction post from the recent fiasco relating to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

Tourist spot/shopping complexes

You'd think that these are free ranges as well... but no. Depends on some places, they would have definitely place some rules about photography. Some of the tourist popular shopping complexes had also been used in past ACG events, but I think aside when there was any ACG events being held at these tourist spot... you might want to ask for permission from them just in case if you wanna do a shoot.

KLCC (Suria and Convention Centre)
- admit it... I'm definitely gonna put this up.

- Suria had always had this 'No Photography and videography' rules enforced for as long as I remembered. It don't just apply for cosplayers, it's to ALL. There are certain places (around the park) that they do allow people take pictures at as well as in the mall (ground level), but that's as far as it goes. Definitely no cosplaying.

- Exceptions: I was judging this from last year's (2011) CF where they actually allow cosplayers to freely walk around the park and the mall areas without problems. In which case, during such events that were held at KLCC, you don't have to worry about not being allowed to take pics... in costumes (at the park obviously. The Mall rule still applies.). Just don't do anything that might make them want to revoke that unspoken permission.

- In other words, unless there was an official ACG event being held in KLCC this place was the last place you should consider if you wanna do any type of cosplay photography. Or even walk around garbed in full costume (and props)

- Even if there are people stopping you at the mall area and ask for photos, please politely refuse them.

Other tourist spots (Eg: Technology Park, Stadiums, KL Tower etc. Wherever you could think of)

- Definitely you need to ask for permissions

Things to note: (same as the above two) *

- Pay mind that tourist spot = place that gonna be attracting a lot of tourist. Usually places like this the management would want to keep some kind of image and reputation intact. And that might mean that you cannot do anything that you want that might require some permissions.

- Religious places (mosques, churches, temples, shrines, Batu Cave XD etc)
> If you don't ask permission shame on you.


For anyone wanna be doing BL shoots; please don't do it out in the open, even during events.

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Posted 13 December 2012 - 10:22 AM

Bumping. Because I know I'll get tired of repeating the same thing.

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 05:49 PM

Taken from Not Bad Cosplay tumblr

Safety Tips for Female Cosplayers

I feel that I really need to go over some safety tips for cosplayers, not just for online, but for at cons, as well. It’s important we all try to remain as safe as possible, and it’s sad that we constantly have to watch our backs like this, but this is reality.
  • Secure any loose ties, ESPECIALLY ON BIKINI TOPS. I’ve heard of Yoko’s getting their tops untied by jerks. Be sure to either safety pin that knot, or find another way to securely keep it on. You may also want to tape those tops to your skin with double sided tape, fashion tape, etc.
  • Wear spankies under short skirts! Spankies are what cheerleaders wear under their skirts. This will prevent guys from getting a free show when you’re going up an escalator, dancing, etc.
  • Unless it is required, DO NOT use your full name on your badgeThis more easily allows creepers to find your personal facebook and any other information about you. If you can keep your personal life and cosplay life seperate, with the exception of people you trust, that is always a good route to go.
  • Don’t EVER tell someone you don’t know your room number.Common sense. There have been reports of guys trying to break into hotel rooms after finding out a room number, or stalking them back to their rooms.
  • On that subject, don’t travel through unpopulated places alone. Like I said, guys have been stalking girls back to their hotel rooms, cars, etc.
  • Drink responsibly! Most adult congoers like to drink. But there’s being drunk and then there’s being shit faced. Being shit faced ain’t cute, and makes you prime target for something bad to happen. Also, ladies, my mother always told me if I left my drink for ANY amount of time without having it in my hand, NOT TO DRINK IT. I’ve heard accounts of roofies/acid/whatever other drug being put into drinks at cons. Water bottles are a good way to go. You can carry them without worrying about spilling them. And if you’re underage. Don’t drink. Just don’t do it. It’s not cute.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have your cell phone charged and on you. In case of emergencies, you always want to ability to either call a friend or the authorities.
  • If you are UNDER 18, DON’T do cosplays your grandmother wouldn’t want to see you in. This isn’t even me being jealous. This is you being too young to realize the risk you’re putting yourself in. If you look like you’re an adult, people will assume you are an adult, and I hate seeing young teenager girls coming out after a con saying, “OMG I COSPLAYED FROM BIBLE BLACK AND ALL THESE GUYS KEPT MAKING DIRTY COMMENTS.” Common. Sense. Yoko? She may be 15 in the anime, but that doesn’t keep guys from thinking she’s a sexual fantasy. Panty and Stocking? Cool anime, but it’s for adults and has very serious sexual implications.
  • Always hold your ground. If someone insults you by touching, making remarks, or doing something that you are uncomfortable with, tell them to stop. A lot of people don’t realize that this isn’t the internet where they can freely talk about titties.
  • If something seems off, don’t do it! Guy with a fancy camera asks for a private shoot in his hotel room? I don’t care HOW NICE he seems, this is SKETCHY AS HELL. If I am going anywhere away from the con with someone I don’t trust, I will always ask for a friend to come with me. Safety in numbers, ladies.
  • Security is there for a reason! If you don’t report someone who sexually harasses you, you’re putting other people at risk for the same thing. Give a description, try to get a badge name, whatever. Cons have a no nonsense policy for this kind of stuff.
  • Have a guy that can be your “boyfriend”. If you’re shy or timid, have a close male friend act as your boyfriend if you get uncomfortable. Have them hold your hand or put their arm around your waist when a guy comes on too hard. They generally back off.The “I’m a lesbian” thing DOESN’T WORK. All that puts in their head is “mmmm threesome.” Even if you are a lesbian, most men don’t “believe it” or think they they just haven’t experienced a good man. This is common knowledge in the LGTB community, and as a bisexual, myself, I’ve experienced it.
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Men, don’t be douchebags. No you cannot comment on how plush a girls titties are. You cannot say “Hnnng DAT ASS!” You cannot touch women however you want. This results in you looking like an asshole, and many times, getting ejected from a con.
  • (Added by Frostfaggot.tumblr.com) May I please bring to everyone’s attention a reminder that WOW HEY GIRLS HANGING ALL OVER A CUTE CON GUY AND STALKING HIM AROUND THE CON is not okay whatsoever and trying to ‘seduce’ him or get in his pants when he doesn’t want the attention is also not okay! Because guess what! Girls are just as bad as guys at conventions so just a friendly reminder and psa!!

I'm copy pasting this from original post but I'll edit some of the caps abuse and wording later. But for now here you go.

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Posted 30 March 2013 - 10:54 PM

Also from Not Bad Cosplay tumblr

How to NOT be a Creeper

I did a “tips for female cosplayers” a few months ago. So now I’m doing a “How to not be a creeper”. This applies to males and females. Because females can be just as creepy.
  • Don’t freak out - A few years ago, I left my boyfriend for 10 minutes. When I came back, a young girl was on her hands and knees, pleading in front of him. Then she pulled him aside and asked if I was his girlfriend, and when he said yeah, she said, “She’s so lucky…”
    THIS IS CREEPY. You haven’t known the person for more than ten minutes. Don’t act like this. It makes everyone feel uncomfortable.
  • Don’t TOUCH or HOVER-HAND in pictures - Never touch anyone without permission. If you want a picture, say, “Can I put my arm around you/hug you?” Nothing is weirder than finding pictures after a con only to see someone awkwardly hovering their hand around you.
  • Don’t stalk people - Don’t follow them around. Don’t snipe ass shots. Don’t stare at them from across the room. This is creepy. Take your picture with permission, or talk to them. Staring is creepy.
  • Don’t ask for too much personal information - Asking for a name? That’s fine. Asking for a phone number shortly after meeting someone? That’s kind of creepy. Unless someone offers it to you, you shouldn’t ask them. This also includes other personal information such as personal facebook pages, full names, social security numbers….. It should be pretty obvious what is and isn’t acceptable.
  • If a person’s significant other grabs the hand, wraps their arm around, or becomes affectionate with the person, this means you are crossing the line - It’s a simple hint to say, “You need to back off” which I’ve seen ignored multiple times. It’s a nice way of saying, “I feel like you’re making a move on me, and I’m already taken.” Please take a hint. If someone is acting uncomfortable, then just leave them alone. I even have FRIENDS who I will reach out and cuddle with or something if I see they’re uncomfortable.
  • No means no - If someone says you need to back off, back off. If someone is making excuses not to hang out with you, then they don’t want to hang out with you. Pro-tip: If I want to hang out with someone, I will make the effort. If I don’t, I will come up with any excuse I can, because I’m passive aggressive.
  • Don’t insult someone if they aren’t interested in you - If someone doesn’t want to hang out with you, don’t pitch a fit. If someone doesn’t want to hook up with you, don’t call them a stuck up prude. I’ve seen these things happen a lot. Just because you want something, doesn’t mean the other person does. And they don’t deserve you being a big whiny baby over it just because they said no.
  • DON’T GLOMP - This was big when I started going to cons. Apparently, it’s coming back. DON’T GLOMP PEOPLE. You not only risk hurting yourself and the target, you risk hurting other people in the area as well. It’s silly and stupid and there’s no point to it.
  • Someone cosplaying your favourite character? Don’t tell them how much you’ve fapped to the character - This should be obvious. But apparently isn’t. Just because someone is dressed as a character, doesn’t mean they are the character. Just because you’ve rubbed one off over the character doesn’t mean the cosplayer wants to hear that.
  • Want to compliment someone? Don’t focus on their “goods” -“You have the perfect boobs for this character” is never a compliment. Nor is, “Do you have a 6 pack just like this character?” If you want to compliment someone, focus on their craftsmanship. If you think someone is attractive, say, “Wow, you really bring this character to life.
  • Don’t ask someone to sleep with you - Several years ago, I got a guy banned from a local convention. Why? He asked me multiple times to have a threesome with him. It’s NEVER okay just to ask someone to have sex with you, or to tell them that you want to have sex with them.

You should NEVER be making someone uncomfortable. We all go to cons to have a good time, not to feel like a piece of meat.

REMEMBER if anyone makes you feel uncomfortable or threatened, go to con security with their information and a description. If someone was with you when the incident happened, bring them as well to back you up. There is NO SHAME in reporting someone who has made you feel uncomfortable. Because you may be saving someone in the future.

I feel this is happening a lot too in the local cons, so sharing this as well

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Posted 18 May 2013 - 08:41 PM

Taken from Not Bad Cosplay tumblr again. XD


I find this relevant as people used to  rant about hotels. Reasons why I often repost stuff here is because I doubt many of you have tumblr.


A Guide to Making Sure a Hotel Likes a Convention


Hotels hate us. They really do. Why do they continue having us? It brings them money. But you can see the weariness grow on their face over the course of the weekend at a convention. I think hotels deserve respect; they deal with our butts and every stupid request we have. So here’s a few tips on how to be a GOOD visitor at a hotel, put together with help from the lovely and brilliant Feytaline.

  • Wearing body paint? BRING SOME CLEANING SUPPLIES - That crap gets everywhere, and all over the shower. It’s not fair to make a maid who makes minimum wage clean up your paint mess. Bring some clorox and gloves and get busy — maybe you’ll respect the maids a little more.
  • TIP TIP TIP. Tip your bellboy. Tip your maid. Tip your room service people. Even if it’s just a dollar or two, it’s something.
  • Bring extra trashbags to clean up. I know in my room, we always run out of room in those tiny trash bags, and sunday I’m grabbing any little plastic bag I can to throw all the trash away. I’m going to start bringing my own bags
  • Just because there’s a maid, doesn’t mean you don’t have to clean. Maids don’t get paid a whole lot. And if you’re in a hotel room, you SHOULD be an adult. It takes me about 15 minutes to clean up EVERYONE’S mess on Sunday. And I just tie up the garbage in bags and leave it neatly near the bathroom. I also pile dirty towels and such together.
  • Don’t stuff your room. DONT STUFF YOUR ROOM. Guess what? This is against FIRE CODE. This is also ripping off the hotel, and it gives the convention a terrible reputation. Hotels actually go to convention forums and pages seeing who is room stuffing. I know multiple convention chairs who can confirm this. Don’t put more than 6 people in your room. That’s just crazy. And god forbid something happen, such as a fire or tornado (I’ve been at a con when a tornado hit and know of one other that has), if there were more people than there should be, it would risk people not having a place to go in an emergency.


A hotel room isn’t your bed room. I know we all get really excited about being away, and for some of us, this is our vacation. But in order to keep our conventions at hotels and centers than can hold such a huge number of us welcoming back, we have to act like adults. Imagine your FAVOURITE convention suddenly not having a hotel that will hold it/have you in so that you can join the events held near.


* And I do believe this also applies to other non-hotel venues that can be used to hold conventions.

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Posted 28 June 2013 - 05:07 PM

We should pay you for this XD 

/belanje makan/

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Posted 01 July 2013 - 10:16 PM

Naito: Hahahahaha~ Kang serious I go kutip 'hutang' XD


Copied from seerofsarcasm's tumblr post that was reblogged by NBC.


Things no one tells you about getting into cosplay. (Cos yeah... common sense)



  1. There will always be someone that you feel is better than you. Always. Learn to accept that.
  2. What takes you two days now will, with practice, take you two hours later. Keep at it.
  3. There will be people who tell you that you’re too fat, or thin, or black, or white to cosplay a character. For every one of them, there are 10 who love your cosplay. Don’t listen to the hate.
  4. Keep the first cosplay you ever make. Or at least photos. It will remind you of how far you’ve come later.
  5. Always map out how much fabric you need and buy a yard more.
  6. When you see a $0.99 pattern sale, buy as many as you can. You never know when they’ll come in handy. (It’s also fun to see the crazy high price under “you saved” when you buy 30 $20 patterns for 99 cents each).
  7. When you go to a convention in the first costume you ever make yourself, there will be a 100% chance of a more experienced cosplayer in the same cosplay. And you will want to throw yours away. Don’t do it.
  8. Muslin is your friend. It’s $1 a yard and it’ll help you figure out if the pattern your using will fit before you cut into your $10 a yard fabric.
  9. There is nothing wrong with starting simple and starting small. Know your skill level when you start. Stay relatively inside it and you will be less frustrated and more proud of your work.
  10. A little later, pick cosplays that have aspects you know how to do and aspects you don’t know how to do. Look up tutorials and try new things.
  11. Don’t be afraid to ask for help, but make sure you try to help yourself first. Keep bookmarks of online tutorial and guide resources.
  12. Don’t be afraid to start over from scratch. If you don’t like what the end product looks like don’t let the hours you spent on it force you to keep it. Rip seams. Re-do hems. Go out and buy more fabric. All the work will be worth it for a cosplay you’re proud of.
  13. Have cosplayers you look up to, but do not try to become them. Become you.
  14. Invest in good materials. Starting with cheap products like $5 scissors means you will have to replace them much more frequently as your experience tells you that they aren’t good enough and you need better. Get better from the start.
  15. Don’t be afraid to cosplay alone.
  16. Get a sewing machine with at least 5 different types of stitches on it. You may not know how to use them now but as you learn you will want them available to you.
  17. There will always be someone who gets more attention than you for the same cosplay. Don’t let that make you bitter. Likewise, don’t let it make you power hungry.
  18. Don’t let notes on tumblr of favorites on deviantart dictate the quality of your cosplay.
  19. Set goals and work to achieve them, like “5 new cosplays this year” or “win something in a costume contest.”
  20. Finally, there will come a day when you become great at cosplay. You will make all your own cosplays and even win some contests. You work hard on all your costumes and you put great effort and skill into making them detailed and perfect. And you will look at someone in a poorly made costume and a ratty wig and something deep, deep inside you, in a place you didn’t know existed, will twinge with elitism. You will not know where it comes from and you will not know how or when it got there. But fight it back. Remember where you started. Because one day that cosplayer may become great too. And they’ll have looked up to you like you looked up to others. Be a role model. Be the cosplayer you would have liked to know when you were starting out. Give back..

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Posted 02 July 2013 - 04:57 PM

Keep yourself available and contactable at all times.

I believe this also applies to BUYERS.

It gets really frustrating that you cater to the BUYERS every need, and then in the end when you're reconfirming your COD time/place with the BUYER, they go MIA.

I know the SELLERS don't lose out much here, but the time/effort/petrol/plans changed due to arranging the COD with the BUYER is also equally valuable.

Thanks~ :)

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Posted 26 July 2013 - 04:03 AM

Nicked from cosplaytutorial tumblr


Safety at the Convention: Handling Harassment



If you are dressed up, people outside of the convention may make comments about your appearance. These people might not know what is going on, and that can lead them to say some weird, mean, or inappropriate comments. 

A lot of situations can be resolved by explaining what is going on! “There is a convention going on, lots of people have some crazy costumes on for the event." A lot of people make comments because this is something new to them, and they aren’t sure how to respond! 

People AT the convention may also make abusive comments. Here are some steps for handling harassment at a convention. 

Access the situation. Is there an immediate danger to you, is this person drunk, is it a large group? Are you in the convention area, or outside of it? Was the comment or request meant to offend, or is it possible that it was misinterpreted?

Taking a moment to process what happened will help you determine the best course of action.  


Respond if you feel it’s safe to do so. It’s entirely your right to deny someone a photo, to tell them that the request was inappropriate, tell them that their comment or request was inappropriate. You can also ask someone to leave you alone. 

Most of the common harassment situations can be worked out just by talking. 


Remove yourself from the situation. If you don’t feel safe responding to the person, or don’t want to, you don’t have to. Sometimes walking away is the best option. 


Report to a Staff Member  If you are in the con area and someone is harassing you, or otherwise threatening or abusing you, you can report it to one of the convention’s staff members. 

My suggestion is to attempt to handle it yourself first (remove yourself from the situation, request the person to stop) and if the person persists, then report the situation to Con Ops. 


Phone the Police if it is an extreme situation. If the situation is severe enough that you would like to press charges, or that you feel there is a legitimate danger to you or other congoers (such as a weapon or bomb threat) then alert Con Ops and phone the police. Letting Con Ops know that you called the police is important, so that they are informed and can help as needed.

Use your common sense before making a phone call to the police! If the situation is something that Con Ops can handle, then discuss it with them. 

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Posted 27 July 2013 - 12:35 AM

Nicked from cosplaytutorial tumblr. 


Cosplay Safety: Binding and Constricting Costumes




Doing a FtM crossplay? You’re probably going to be binding your breasts so you can pull off that manly look! There are always dangers when you bind, or wear a restricting costume, so be aware and make good desicions to avoid serious complications!

I can’t stop anyone from using a method of binding, so I am going to cover some of the common methods along with the concerns, and how to lessen the dangers. 

Read More: Tape Binding, Ace Bandages, Compression Vests, Further Reading, Pay Attention to Your Body, Plan a Way Out. 


Tape Binding


This method usually involves a strong tape, such as duct tape, that is used to bind the breasts down. This is most commonly used for open-shirt binding, taping the breasts towards the sides of the body so they are not visible at a shirt opening. 

The Dangers
- Removing tape from the skin can damage the skin, especially if removed quickly. It can also pull out hairs - ouch!
- Irritation / Rash can develop from the adhesive 
- Welts/sores can develop from buildup of sweat. 
- For full binding, it can compress too much and cause extreme damage such as bruised or broken ribs or a lung collapse. 
-it is hard to remove quickly in case of emergency

How to Lessen Damage:
- Use skin safe tapes
- Test for allergies before the convention
- Don’t tape directly on the skin (tape over a sports bra or other material)
- Pack a pair of scissors so the tension on the tape can be lessened if there are issues with breathing

Other Options:
For closed-shirt binding, use a compression vest! 

Open shirt binding is a little more difficult, since anything you wear will be visible. The main concern with this method is not compression of the lungs/ribs (since tape isn’t wrapped entirely around your body) but damage to the skin from the tape. Try wearing a skin colored bodysuit underneath, and then binding, to avoid damage to the skin. 

ACE Bandages 


Ace bandages are usually used for full binding, where they are wrapped around the chest. 

The Dangers
Ace bandages are made to apply pressure to sprains, they reduce blood flow and prevent swelling. When you use them to bind, they will contract as you breathe and can cause extreme damage such as bruised or broken ribs or a lung collapse. 

- it is hard to remove quickly in case of emergency (especially if there are many layers)

- Restricts breathing, causing dizziness or difficulty catching your breath 

- Welts/sores can develop from buildup of sweat

How to Lessen Damage:
- Try ace bandage binding before the con and wear it around the house  to get a feel for it. Know what is too tight for you, so you can bind safely at the con
- Bring scissors so you can remove the binding quickly in case of emergency, and always have a friend around to help you.  
- Limit physical activity while wearing the bandages, don’t exert yourself too much
- Pay attention to your body. Remove the binding if there is any pain, or difficulty breathing. 

Other Options:
use a compression vest! 

Compression Vest
This is a vest that compresses the full chest, unlike ace bandages it’s made to be worn over the chest and the compression force is spread out so it’s not just on one area.

The Dangers
There are still dangers to wearing a compression vest, because you are still compressing the chest! Wearing a binder that is too small is particularly dangerous, so make sure you get one that is the proper size for you. 

How to Lessen Damage:
- Limit physical activity while wearing the binder, don’t exert yourself too much
- Pay attention to your body. Remove the binding if there is any pain, or difficulty breathing. 

Further Reading
Breast Binding Safety: http://goaskalice.co...-binding-safety

Why shouldn’t I use ace bandages? http://www.cosplay.c...ad.php?t=281034

Chest binding 101: http://transguys.com...s/chest-binding

Top 8 Chest Binding Dangers: http://theartoftrans...ftm-transition/

Pay Attention to Your Body
This is for any sort of costume, but especially important for costumes that involve binding or other forms of constriction. Pay attention to your body! If you feel pain or discomfort and it’s not a temporary thing, remove it! 

Contacts hurting you? Take them out, have a break. Shoes hurting you? Take them off, switch to a comfortable pair. Binding to tight? Remove it. Difficulty breathing? Remove layers, and loosen anything that could be constricting your breathing.

Your body will tell you when something is wrong, so listen to it. No costume is worth your well being. 

Have a Way Out
Don’t put yourself in a bad situation. For any sort of heavy, binding, or restricting costume have a way out. If possible, make it so you can get out on your own. If you need a friend’s help make sure they know!

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Posted 23 October 2013 - 11:31 PM

In light with recent tragedy, I'm going to link up some more posts about handling harassments and all the related issues whenever possible. I know there's already post #1 and post #24... but please. DO TAKE TIME TO READ.


Convention Harassment Policy Follow-Up - by John Scalzy

Graphic compilation based on the con harassment policy - by christopherjonesart

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Posted 17 November 2013 - 08:43 PM

Hi.... it's been a while. By now people should know that whenever I add something new in this thread it's either cos I find useful tips by accident, or some incidents happening that would end up having to be mentioned here just so people would pay more attention to it.


So yeah...


But firstly, I'd like to digress. My words aren't official CF statement but I just happened to be a concerned senior advising fellow ACG fans/event goers thus the reason Im making this tread to keep reminding people of things that may seem trivial but actually important.


So, yes... I am referring to that Kill la Kill cosplayer incident in SG. Not going to blame either party or say who's more wrong than the other or what not, but this should be a lesson to all to pay in mind in future as well.


Sexy/half nude Cosplay


Do remember that we're in an asian country and I believe all asian people would have a similar thinking regarding modesty. We're not nudist country and we should pay mind that NOT everyone whom we might meet while in cosplay would be comfortable with seeing sexy/half-nude cosplays or anything you might see coming out from a strip club or red light districts. And do remember that usually ACG events in our country are attended by people of various ages... and that includes kids and parents etc. No matter how you may think that this thinking is conservative or not... pay in mind that not everyone thinks like you.


While I don't think any ACG events or CF has anything against sexy cosplays or half nude cosplays but do pay in mind about this issue. It's not just because of the safety issues (mentioned a lot in my last few posts) but it's also about decency. And also you might not be able to predict in case accidents happened and you get too see some 'accidental exposures'.


I believe MANY of you had witnessed/experienced things like this, so don't lie saying this isn't an issue. That said, it doesn't mean that you CAN'T do sexy/half nude cosplays. To counter this you may use/wear:

  • skin coloured/nude tights
  • body suits/zentai suits (skin coloured or whatever related)
  • leotards (like what people use in plays/ballets)
  • use skin coloured stretch fabric or lycra/spandex to cover the sexy parts of the costume

 Also... different places might have different rules being placed about the dresscodes so during the events, pay in mind to:

  • stay around the area designated for cosplayers during the events.
  • not wander too far from event venue
  • have something to cover yourself with while cosplaying (like jackets, capes, coats, etc)

Do be prepared to have people confronting you who might not agree to the way you dressed/cosplay. This apply whether or not you cosplay provocatively or not. While said people might over-react (like with the incident with the aunty and the KLK cosplayer) please handle the issue in a calm manner. And do not demonize said people as well. Or shame them as well, that's stupid mob behaviour and made you (and how other ppl see this community) look stupid.


... unh, I'll end this here for now since I have nothing else to add. If anyone wanna add to this do Private Message (PM) me about this. Ciao


* I know the earlier part of this post are wordy so if you have suggestions how to make it concise to tell me as well cos I'm braid dead atm

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Posted 27 October 2014 - 03:00 PM


I feel like ages since I posted in the forums.


And because this is relevant... and whoever still active around the forum might as well take this as a reminder as well. Cos this issue happened so often to the point people like me do get tired of reminding idiots. Because SG... or MY, this thing/attitude can often be seen done by YOU. Who claims to be part of the great Cosplay Community!


8112460e8b.png 2dd6429cde.png 


And yes, I do notice local cosplayers having THIS SAME ENTITLEMENT ATTITUDE in many events in this country. And because this issue was the very reason this thread (and the original one) was made.

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Posted 08 November 2014 - 04:06 AM

but somehow, with my event attending experience, the crowd and cosplayers seem to ignore some rules. 


the toilets always gets trashed....i have to literally walk like away from event halls or locations to toilets located at the hotel , mall or far from event halls ...which i just gave up and wore adult nappy..=w=;;;;;; but i still survive


and girls who are at that period of the month....please...do not leave your marks all over


there are more...but....i hope you guys grow some common sense =w=;;; no harm having fun, but do respect the location and public places and don't give us a bad name.

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Posted 23 November 2014 - 11:31 PM

Dear Cosplayers


If you faint/pass out/have trouble breathing but refuse to take off your wig.


Go ahead and choke.


Because common sense. 

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