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Posted 27 March 2012 - 11:47 PM

Zup y'all.

Welcome to the new Comic Fiesta Community. This thread serves as a quick database for all local or regional music bands. Be it AniManga, Jrock, JPop, or even Acapella, list yourself here (ok, at least ACG related). The Comic Fiesta Committees will also use this list to contact bands for any of our events. Anyone is free to use this list for their events too!

Here's the format:

<insert logo here if available>

Band Name: <Band's Full Name>
Genre: <Band's main genre>
Year Established:
Status: <active, hiatus, or dead>
Website: <if available>
Forum Thread Link: <if you have your own thread in this forum>

Introduction: <brief description of your band>

Brief History: <how your band started?>

Band members:
<introduce band members and their short description here>


Remember, the more you put up, the better it is. So yeah, spread around the word about this thread and let's compile as many bands out there as we can! ^_^

Oh, no commenting allowed in this thread :)
You've wasted 3 seconds of your life by reading this line

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 01:16 AM

Posted Image

Band Name:
Mystical Mirage / 神秘幻影

Genre: <Rock>
Year Established: 2008
Status: <active>


Facebook - https://www.facebook...ticalmirageband
Reverbnation - http://www.reverbnat...ticalmirageband
Myspace - www.myspace.com/mysticalmirage


Mystical Mirage is a 5 piece experimental/progressive rock band in Malaysia and in vein of Linkin Park, Muse and The Gazette. They are Influence by Linkin Park, Greenday, Blink 182, Metallica, Muse, The Gazette, L'arc En Ciel, Dir En Grey, Mayday and etc

Brief History:

It all started when KeN has an interest to form a rock band in Lim Kok Wing University which he met up with Jimmy Pui and Aaron Woo who share the common interest in forming band so J'arc was formed which kept them performing since 2008 in college and other event covering various artist from Chinese, Malays, English and Japanese. The band eventually came to a hard time especially finding a drummer so mostly they get secessionist to help them out.

In 2009, the band was force to take a break due to their members tight schedule but that didn't stop KeN from loosing the interest to perform thus In 2010, the band then started to go further on in trying to hit the mainstream market, but Aaron Woo left the band and they've found new members so the band then renamed to Mystical Mirage / 神秘幻影 in order to hit the English and Chinese market. Joe, Jye and Xavi join in as KeN, Jonathan and Jimmy finish up their first single 'Regret' in their Discography and currently, Mystical Mirage is in the midst of preparing their own album. KeN with the help of Jonathan is working on Lyrics, Composition and Arrangement while Jimmy is working on the guitar track.

Band members:

Posted Image

From Left to Right : Jye, Joe, James, KeN and Jimmy


SOM Ice Breaker - VR1 Tropicana City, KL on the 17th October 2009 together with Mage Era and Flicked Mind

Sky Event Party Music - Eurostar Sunway Pyramid, KL on 17th December 2010 together with DJ Geri

DOME 2011 - Kem Isi Rimba, KL on the 2nd January 2011

Flip Flop Beach 2011 - Damai Puri, Kuching on April 15 and 16 2011 together with Della Ding Dang (叮当)

Jrock No Tamashii 2 - Bentley Auditorium , KL on the 16th October 2011 together with 1. Rade, AniOn Project, Desu, One Inch Closer, Gensekii, Sky, Flying Pan, Strawhats Crew, Flicked Mind, Mage Era, Strawberry Jam, Temjin and Drako'Zen

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:17 AM

Band Name: desu! / です!

Genre: Akiba Punk (A fusion of Punk Pop, NintendoCore, NerdCore, SynthPunk and Akiba Pop)

Year Established: 2009

Status: Active



Forum Thread Link: http://community.com...ad/#entry273107


Attached File  998632_10152189541903327_1486346397_n.jpg   68.16KB   0 downloads


"desu!" is generally a pop punk nerd band. They proclaimed their genre as AKIBA PUNK (influenced by genres like Pop Punk, NintendoCore, NerdCore, SynthPunk and Akiba Pop). They started off in the scene playing anime theme songs at ACG conventions. They also make their own songs, as they debuted their first single - "GACHA-LOVE!" early 2011. They have also released their first EP album in 2012, entitled 'This is Akiba Punk'. Their goal is to perform in the streets of AKIHABARA (Tokyo, Japan)

Their trademark? Performing LIVE while cosplaying! (or basically weird / themed outfits)


Brief History:

Read it here:

Band members:


daruma (afiqdharma) RHYTHM / LEAD GTR. & VOX
'unknown' BASS & VOX
kuroneko DRUMS & DESIGN




past performances:

- GACC      '09, MMU Malacca
- GACC      '10, MMU Malacca (OPENING)
- C2AGE    '10, Tropicana City Mall, Damansara
- KONMAS '10, UNISEL, Shah Alam
- GAMP     '10, IMU, Bukit Jalil
- C2AGE    '11, Tropicana City Mall, Damansara
- ANIMANGAKI '11, Sunway College, Bandar Sunway
- JROCK TAMASHII 2 '11, Bentley Music Auditorium, Mutiara Damansara
- COMIC FIESTA '11, KLCC Convention Center (OPENING)
- RAGE '12, Pay Teck Primary School, by EMINA, MMU Malacca
- C2AGE    '12, Tropicana City Mall, Damansara
- desu! HOUSE PARTY '12, SENYAP the HUB, ss15 Subang Jaya.
- ANIMANGAKI '12, Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre
- TAYLOR ASABAN FESTIVAL '12 x J-ROCK no TAMASHII 3, Taylor Lakeside Campus.
- J-NIGHT '13, The Venue, Pavillion, KL
- C2AGE '13, HELP College
- ANIMANGAKI '13, Sunway Pyramid
- J-ROCK no TAMASHII 4, Club99, KL

- COMIC FIESTA '13, KLCC Convention Center (OPENING)


busking / acoustic sessions:

- COMIC FIESTA '09, Sunway Pyramid
- COMIC FIESTA '10, Times Square
- GAMP '11, IMU, Bukit Jalil
- J-ROCK GATHERING '12, Pavillion, KL

event hosted:
- desu! HOUSE PARTY '12, SENYAP the HUB, ss15 Subang Jaya.


our PV


check out our newest single:


* updated 15/1/2014

Attached Files

meet my band:



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Posted 16 April 2012 - 12:40 AM


band name : elisethyme / エリゼタイム
genre : fuwacore [ simply put, alt. rock + industrial + post-rock + post-hardcore + electronica ]
year established : 2006 as levantine [ known as melonsoda in 2008 / 09 ], went on hiatus since 2010, later reformed as elisethyme on 2012
status : active -updated february 2014-

[ Soundcloud | Twitter ]

elisethyme 「エリゼタイム」 is a malaysian visual and doujin music circle - and one of the earliest in the malaysian doujin music scene // established in 2006 under the name levantine, the project has gone through multiple line-up changes and two period of hiatuses until its reformation in 2012 under the current name 'elisethyme'.

we love yuri. and we love moe. and we love the sengoku period.


brief history
it was KOTOKO's song 're-sublimity' [ as well as the anime tied to it, Kannazuki no Miko ] that inspired the formation of this project.


yukikaze p [ aka rayneholde ] : music / design / illustration

history / achievement / experience :
- we've released a couple of original tracks throughout 2013, most of which are available for free download at our soundcloud page

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 01:22 PM

Band Name: Hardcore City Rave Party
Genre: Japanese Hardcore
Year Established: 2011
Status: active, in-progressing & extending
Forum Thread Link: https://www.facebook...192251304187622

Hardcore City Rave Party, the Japanese Hardcore music tracks producer, remixer and DJs' Co-operation in Malaysia,
most of the tracks has been spin and remixed from musics of Japanese anime, comic and games..
The slot of the performance has been fixed on Closing ceremony except special session..
the DJs only perform by using media controller with virtual instrumental technotic musics..

Purpose of HCRP: Spin Hardcore Songs/Musics on Every ACG Event in Malaysia and rise-up J-core Musics to all ACG world!

Brief History: The idea of Let ACG event end by J-core music and let the event have a beautiful and ravely ending..

Band members (DJs):
RaGe'n NaTaKa https://www.facebook...taka.official01
DJ Muzaffar https://www.facebook...muzaffarbinmusa
DJ Shin

2011/12/18: Comic Fiesta 2011 Closing Ceremony Party
Performed by: RaGe'n NaTaKa
2012/04/01: Radical Anime Game Expo 2012 Closing Ceremony Performance
Performed by: RaGe'n NaTaKa (feat. DJ Muzaffar & DJ Shin)

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Posted 16 April 2012 - 05:38 PM

Genre : J-Rock, Alt. Rock
Year Established : 2011
Status : Active! (UPDATED - OCT 2013!)

Website :
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ADFRocks




Alien Dork Fuse (ADF) is an up and coming J-Rock band. They are influenced by genres like J-Rock, Alt.Rock, Hard rock, Progressive Rock, and Garage Rock. Simply put, they play songs that have powerful vocals, crunchy guitars, blazing solos, driven bass, and hard hitting drums. Their band influence consists of bands like The Back Horn, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Fukuyama Yoshiki, The Pillows, One OK Rock, Judy & Mary, and many, many more.

ADF also has a soft spot for retro songs and classic hits from the past; japanese or english, and we play them when we can!

Brief History :

The band was formed in late 2011 when AbuDora, the drummer met up with Gyps, and Rul Evilmatter to form a J-Rock band. Along the way, Totoro Neko, Eccen, Hakeem, and Gems is recruited into the band and together they completed the line up.

ADF then worked on their chemistry and practiced together every week until they got their first chance of performing at RAGE 2012 in Melaka. They receive positive feedback from the crowd there and this drives them to perform more and better in the future.

ADF hopes to perform in more ACG and music events. They are also in progress in making their first song that combines the music styles of each individual band member.

ALIEN DORK FUSE Members list :


Rul on Vocals 
Gems on Vocals
Eccen on Lead Guitars
Hakeem on Rhythm Guitars
Totoro Neko on Bass
Noir on Keyboards
Gyps on Keyboards
Moses on Drums



RAGE 2012 - Pay Teck Primary School. (Organized by EMINA, MMU Malacca)
C2AGE 2012 - Tropicana City Mall (Organized by HELP University, Tropicana City Mall)
desu! House Party - Senyap Cafe, Subang Jaya
COMIC FIESTA 2012 - KLCC Convention Center
C2AGE 2013 - HELP College
Animangaki 2013 - Sunway Pyramid


Deviantart :

#7 Dominic Toretto

Dominic Toretto

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Posted 19 September 2014 - 02:13 AM



Band Name: Myclamyra Project
Genre: J-Rock/Anime Alternative Rock fusion
Year Established: 2013
Status: Active



Forum Thread Link: <none for now>


We are a project band that were formed by a group of musicians from various band with diferrent music background in Klang Valley who also happened to have the same common interest in J-rock/anime. At the same time, we also wish to introduce the fusion of j-rock and alternative rock genre to the local music scene. We played mostly songs from j-rock bands like Asian Kungfu Generation, One OK Rock to anime related bands such as Supercell, Touhou including songs from anime opening. Since most of us comes from diferrent band with diferrent music background and genre, we really like to combine and injecting our idea from each of the member's original band music influence to the songs that we play in this project band. Though this band were recently formed early this year, all of the members in the band already has experience performing in live gigs and event with their main band such as Insider Space, Animangaki 2011 till Animangaki 2013, Gamp, C2AGE14,2Crank Spotlight Events (acoustic and full band), The Bee 's Open Mic Night Event, MyParc and Matic's Battle of the Band, Rum Jungle's open mic band session and so on. Last but not least, we love to make a collaboration with various band and had collab-ed with Sanoziro, Crestfall, and DGLP for various events and sessions during our path towards the success.


Brief History:


It started in 2013, when Dominic from BrOsis band gathered few of the Bad Apples current line up after the Bad Apples band on hiatus due to the absence of their band leader, Mr Myclamyra. At that time, Bad Apples consist of Suzann, the current vocalist, while Gemini, the guitarist, and Chiaki, the senior member of Bad Apples who still play the drum.

The four of them decided to form a project band that will play not only J-rock and anime related songs, but also combining mainstream alternative rock to experiment the song for fun and getting diferrent taste. The band's name was decided as Myclamyra Project by the bandmates since the name was chosen as a tribute to Mr Myclamyra, the former member and the founder of Bad Apples who is also a friends of Dominic and a respected band leader to Suzann and the others.

After decided the band name, they then determined the position for each bandmates. Dominic were asked to play as the 2nd guitarist to assist Gemini, the first guitarist. Suzann and Chiaki's position is maintained as in their original position in Bad Apples band. While the lack of other position such as bassist and keyboardist will be filled with sessionist which has close connection with Myclamyra Project's members such as Joee, a keyboardist/ violinist from Crestfall and Noir, a freelancer keyboardist, including Er Whey, an ex bassist from Royal Milk Tea (and now a sessionist bassist for The Flying Pan band).

In February 2014, Alive, Myclamyra Project very own original song were finally performed on stage at the first time at 2Crank Acoustic Spotlight event.


In April 2014, Myclamyra Project had its first collaboration performance with Sanoziro for Japanese Cultural Night 2014 at MMU Cyberjaya where Dominic and Gemini were invited to perform together with Sanoziro to make the event more happening.


Somewhere in May 2014, Myclamyra Project also manage to have its 2nd collaboration with The Crestfall in Animangaki 2014 event where Dustin and Joee from Crestfall perform together with us on the stage to rock the event.


In May 2014, when the band manage to get the slot to perform in J-Rock Tamashii 2014, Chiaki left the band and the drummer position is filled with the sessionist solo drummer named Acap, an ex drummer from Sanoziro band and now going solo with the name of The 14th Perception.The band also invited Jack, an ex-Kuro-Cat band's bassist to play as the sessionist.

In August 2014, Myclamyra Project manage to participate in Jrock Tamashii2014 band competition and competed along with famous band such as Cross Soul, Lucrona, Sanoziro and In-fection, while performing together in the same stage with Flying Pan and J-rock band from Japan, DazedGarden.


Recently in September 2014, Myclamyra Project manage to participate their first Battle of the Band co-organized by Hotsound Studio and Blackbox Publica along with great bands such as Kuncistatik and D'Out Cry.


In October 2014, Myclamyra Project got invited to perform in JSCC Cosplay Event at Jaya Shopping Center and joining the wagon with us is Sanoziro and 2014 J-rock Tamashii's 2nd runner up, Lucrona.

While in the process of recording our own song Alive, we are also off too set to our next goal which is to perform at CF as well as other big gig in Malaysia!!

Band members:


-Prime Members-


i) Suzann (singer. Main band = Bad Apples https://www.facebook...ages/Bad-Apples)


Suzann is a vocal teacher and teaches at music school at Cheras. Influence : Supercell and Touhou


ii) Gemini (First guitarist. Main band = Bad Apples https://www.facebook...ges/Bad-Apples/)


Previously a powerhouse bedroom guitarist and has done a lot of video covers and tutorial for anime songs before his involvement in band.He's also a fully active cosplayer.


iii) Dominic (2nd Guitarist. Main band = BrOsis https://www.facebook.com/brosiskl , DGLP = https://www.facebook.com/dglpians)


Dominic is the 2nd guitarist for Myclamyra Project, and also a guitarist for BrOsis and a bassist for DGLP.


-Sessionist Members- (via affiliates and close connection with other local J-Rock bands)


i) Joee (keyboardist/violinist. Main band = The Crestfall https://www.facebook.com/CrestFallens)


As stated above, she plays keyboardist and sometimes she plays violin depends on the song that we played. She also help Suzann as a backup vocal.


ii) Acap (drummer, Main band = The 14th Perception https://www.facebook...tNewAgeMusician)


Is a solo drummer and works under his own movement called The 14th Perception. An ex member of Osiria Rose and Sanoziro and now goes solo. Influence : various genre of japanese songs from idol band i.e AK48 songs til One OK Rock songs.


iii) Apeqz (drummer, Main band = Kuncistatik https://www.facebook...earekuncistatik)


Apeqz had played in Dominic's other band, BrOsis before left the band to working on his own private drum class and formed his new band, Kuncistatik. Now helps Myclamyra Project whenever needed if Acap is not available.


iv) Dustin (bassist. Main band = The Crestfall https://www.facebook.com/CrestFallens)


Dustin is a bassist from The Crestfall and once perform with Myclamyra Project under the collaboration with Crestfall in Animangaki 2014.


v) Jack (bassist. Main band = none)


Before performing together with Myclamyra Project as a sessionist bassist, he was on hiatus for 2 years after leaving his previous bands.


vi) Eugene (harmonica. Main band = Bad Apples https://www.facebook...ages/Bad-Apples)


He is a well talented harmonica player and has been nicknamed as "the harmonica guy" during J-Rock Tamashii 2014 performance. He did a Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari harmonica jam session video cover with his original band, Bad Apples. Link to Mr Eugene Kimi no shiranai monogatari cover with harmonica = http://www.youtube.c...RWjzNbW7DuWg9vg)




1) February 2014


Performing at 2Cranks Spotlight Acoustic Event at Station1, Sunway.



Link to performance videos:-

http://youtu.be/7F2H...RWjzNbW7DuWg9vg = Utada HiKaRu - First Love acoustic cover

http://youtu.be/kXJX...RWjzNbW7DuWg9vg = K-ON - No Thank You acoustic cover

http://youtu.be/Unss...RWjzNbW7DuWg9vg = Myclamyra Project original - Alive acoustic cover (English ver.)


2) April 2014


Collaboration performance with Sanoziro band at Japanese Cultural Festival at MMU Cyberjaya. (Link to Sanoziro = https://www.facebook.com/Sanoziro )


Link to videos :


http://youtu.be/M9lnymdWPFQ = One OK Rock - Whenever You Are cover

http://youtu.be/rxeR3RS-SoY = One OK Rock - The Beginning cover

http://youtu.be/tiWAo3-ERUA = Asian Kung Fu Generation - Rewrite cover


3) May 2014


Collaboration performance with The Crestfall at Animangaki 2014 at HELP College.




4) July 2014


Performing at 2Crank Open Mic Acoustic Session at Wood and Steel Cafe, Kota Damansara




Link to video

http://youtu.be/3axBHuqiaZc = Alive(Original MP acoustic English ver.)/Human (Christina Perry cover)/Little Buster (Little Buster op cover)



5) August 2014


Performing and competing with other local J-Rock bands in J-Rock Tamashii 2014 at Taylor Lakeside University.





Link to videos:

http://youtu.be/1RCXYC5xiq4 = LiSA - Shine Days cover

http://youtu.be/o7b8tasoI5M = Myclamyra Project - Alive (original song Japanese ver.)


6) September 2014


Myclamyra Project participated in Battle of the Band organized by Hotsound Studio with the help of our sessionist members.




Link to video:

http://www.youtube.c...h?v=dJUdbc11ueM = Alive (original song) by Myclamyra Project in english version.



7) October 2014


Performing at JSCC Event 2014 at Jaya Shopping Center



Link to vids :

http://www.youtube.c...Bu29YR9bllbAlJa = Alive (original), Shine Days (LiSA cover) and 21 Guns (Green Day cover)


Current Project

-Hit the recording studio in mid of October 14.


ps : Do like our FB page at https://www.facebook...yclamyraProject. You can listen to our recent single (BOTB version) via our fb page or reverbnation page :) >.<

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