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Comic Fiesta Community Needs Your Help!

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Posted 28 March 2012 - 02:55 AM

Comic Fiesta Community Needs Your Help

Marketplace Moderator(s)

  • Moderate the entire marketplace.
  • Monitor suspicious activities.
  • Move inactive threads into the archive.
  • Flag spammers.
  • Must be an active Comic Fiesta Community member.
  • Common sense
The most active spot in the community requires a dedicated moderator.

Event & Contest Moderator(s)

  • Moderate the Event & Contest Forum.
  • Moderate the Community Calendar.
  • Move expired event or contest .
  • Flag spammers.
  • Must be an active Comic Fiesta Community member.
  • Common sense.
Ensure that the Event & Contest forums is neat. We love neat stuffs! The neater they are, the better the viewing experience will be.

Community Moderator(s)

  • Moderate the entire forum.
  • Aid other community member.
  • Support the WebDev team.
  • Flag spammers.
  • Troll members.
  • Must be a VERY active Comic Fiesta Community member.
  • Community member for more than 1 year
  • Good english
  • Very good common sense.
It's a moderator's job to ensure that everything in the forum goes smoothly without a riot. While we love flame wars, the moderators are there to ensure that everything is under control.

Chief Community Moderator

  • One moderator to rule them all
  • Support the WebDev team.
  • Must be a VERY active Comic Fiesta Community member.
  • Registered for more than 4 years (registered in 2008 or earlier)
  • Good english
  • Very good common sense.
  • Near limitless amount of patience (major requirement dealing with internet trolls)
  • "Nice"
This optional post is given to those who wants to lead an army of moderators for the betterment of this forum. Must have epic passion to push this forum to it's former glory like how it was back in 2003-2006. New active members are encouraged to try.

Pastel Assistant Conductor(s)

  • Help Pastel Conductors in the Pastel forum.
  • Monitor assigned sections of the Pastel forum.
  • Take various NPC roles in Pastel.
  • Educate other players.
  • Flag spammers.
  • Experienced with Pen & Paper Role Playing Games, anything similar. (MMORPG not counted).
  • Very good english.
  • Creative.
  • Very dedicated.
  • Very very dedicated.
  • I can't stress enough that you REALLY NEED to be VERY VERY dedicated.
  • Dramatic in real life ~
Pastel is Comic Fiesta Community Forum's Role Playing Game. As Pastel Assistant Conductors, you will aid the other Conductors with the game. They'll be lotsa thread and the Conductors won't be able to monitor it all. Hence, they need your help crafting awesome stories for other players.

WebDev Technical Admin(s)

  • Suffer with us
  • Must have basic skills in HTML + CSS basics, plus one of the following: PHP/MySQL or Linux/Apache.
  • Get to play around with uber powerful cloud server
  • Gain experience handling a live server
  • Get bugged by upper management. Daily.
Web Development Team (shorten to WebDev) could use your help. We are undoubtedly the coolest division within SAYS Youth Society. Coolest division name too.

Only to non-attached and available female chinese with long hair who's shorter than Edo equipped with spectacles. Accommodation provided. Opened for females only.


To apply, please send in a neatly written resume and PM it to me. ^_^
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