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Posted 16 December 2010 - 02:56 PM

SET UP TIMEBooth owners are welcome to prepare their booths beforehand on Friday, 17TH DEC 7.00PM to 9.00PM. The Hall closes on 9.00PM.If not, you could set up on the morning of the event day. For saturday and sunday, doors are open FOR BOOTH OWNERS ONLY at 8am. Event officially opens at 10.30am - 11.00am.[spoiler=RULES & REGULATION]Rules and Regulations Sales:[list]+ All items on sale must be an ORIGINAL CREATION by the SIGNATORY.+ Any commercially/copyrighted produced item (of any type) will not be permitted to be sold in the Artist Booth.+ Strictly no second-hand, violent, socially offensive or adult materials.+ A notice is mandatory for books containing content above PG-13.+ Booth owners that are selling on behalf of an artist must attach a proof of consent from the original artist.+ Items found to be in violation of the rules will be removed from display in the hall.+ Inspections will be conducted during CF operational hours.[/list:u]Booth:[list]+ The Artist Booths required to be open for operation for the whole duration of Comic Fiesta 2010.+ Booth owners may enter one hour before the event to set up their respective booths.+ Booth members are allowed to enter the Event Hall before the opening of the event only when accompanied by a Representative(s).+ A brief screening will be conducted for the applicants.[/list:u]Electronic devices:[list]+ No computers or any other bulky electronic devices.+ Laptops are allowed but bring at your own risk. There are no plug points. Comic Fiesta is not responsible for any loss of damage of such item.+ WiFis are not provided by the venue management.[/list:u]Misc:[list]+Do not damage the chairs, tables, or any other facilities provided. Booth owners will be responsible for any damage to the facilities provided.+ Items that are on display are placed at Booth Owner's own risk. Comic Fiesta will not be responsible for any items lost/damaged.+ 2 chairs will be provided with each booth.+ Extra chairs or furniture will not be allowed into the artist booths area.[/list:u]Booth Owner's Rights:[list]+ Booth Owners reserve the right to refuse photographers from taking the pictures of their booth or items. [/list:u][/spoiler]Questions? Inquiries? Please do not hesitate to comment here or PM. You can even e-mail me at cf.artbooth@gmail.com[spoiler=Frequently Asked Questions]1. Is there any island booths this year?Due to lack of space, there isn't any. We apologize for the inconvenience.2. What are the current table sizes?Table size is 2 feet by 4.5 feet.3.For an artist booth, do we have any admission tickets?Yes, one free ticket per booth. The secondary representative has to get his/her own ticket.4. Does one both day booth entitled to a free ticket for saturday and sunday? You are entitled to a free ticket on the day for which you have registered. E.g.: If you have a 1 day booth on Saturday, you are entitled to one free ticket on Saturday, but you will be required to pay for the entry ticket for Sunday if you wish to enter the event.5. How about booth tags? How many am I entitled to?1 Booth is entitled to two tags. One tag for booth and 1 for second representative. That means if I order three booths, I have 4 booth tags. 3 tags from the booth, 1 booth tag for second representative6 So, booking one booth entitles to...?1 booth is entitled to one free ticket and two both tags (1 for booth and 1 second representative as registered in the form. 2 booths is entitled to 2 free tickets and three tags. (2 booth, 1 second representative7. What's the point having booth tags then?[i] They're merely representation that you are a booth owner, not a con-goer. It makes it easier for security department to give you access to prepare your goods. It does NOT entitle you to free tickets.[/spoiler]
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