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Youth Jam- Sony Cyber-shot J' Anime Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Youth Jam Sony Competition

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#1 Karasagi Yoh

Karasagi Yoh

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Posted 03 August 2012 - 08:54 PM

Hi all Youth jam for the 1st time will be holding an anime Cosplay Competion at Sep 16th 2012 @ 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM Sunway Pyramid, Orange Atruim Outdoor

1. Giving opportunities for youth whom interested in the cosplay activities can participate and experience the ambience of competition
2. Public get chances to understand more about cosplay activities, Japaneses cultures and decrease some people’s negative opinion toward cosplay
3. Creating a platform for cosplayers to gather around and share their experience among them and public
How does it really works?
11.00am - Registration
12.00pm - Cosplay competition starts
1.30pm - Cosplay competition ends
2.00pm - BREAK - Participants may go home and rest before prize giving ceremony
9:00pm - Prize Giving Ceremony

Person to contact for more information :
Miss Elaine Hoh (0149049109)

For extra information or register go to this site

http://www.youthstod...lay-competition :P

#2 Karasagi Yoh

Karasagi Yoh

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 05:49 PM

General Rules & Regulations
Part I: General Rules & Regulations

1.The cosplay competition is open to Malaysian and Permanent Resident of Malaysia from aged 13 – 30.

2. Please ensure that the information that you have provided is clear and concise. Youthstoday.com holds the prerogative to disqualify any participant who does not present proper reference character names (eg spelling or terms) for our qualifying round.

3. Please do not show up only partially clothed and/or nude. Anyone who does so will not be allowed access into the event area. Contact the Youthstoday.com crew shall you have any inquiries regarding the state of exposure of your costume.

4. Please do not use any obscenities, foul languages and rude hand signs in the event area. Remember, rudeness is a weak man's imitation of strength. Poses that require extreme bodily contacts that suggest sexual behaviors is a strictly not allowed, including any kind of sexual fetishes related poses.

5. Prizes will be forfeited should the winner not present him/herself at the time of presentation, performance and/or prize giving. No appeals will be entertained.

6. Youthstoday.com decision is final, no appeals will be entertained.

7. Photographers are not allowed to stalk or take unethical shots of any cosplayers. Photo shooting is strictly not allowed in the washrooms/changing rooms. Kindly, ask permission from cosplayers before taking their pictures.

8. Cosplayers have the right to refuse any photo shoot request made by photographers. If a photographer insists on taking your picture without permission, please shove him/her away politely or head towards to any working Youthstoday.com crew nearby. Cosplayers are free to leave the scene after their picture has been taken.

9. Youthstoday.com may tape or photograph cosplayers at its discretion. Entry into event hall is an agreement by the contestants to allow Youthstoday.com to use their likeness/image, etc in any current/future advertisement, promotion or product.

10. Cosplayers and other visitors are not allowed to use the stage without permission even when there are no activities taking place on the stage. The Youthstoday.com crew holds the right to remove anyone from the stage and event hall if they should not follow this rule.

11. Cosplay at your own risk. Youthstoday.com will not be responsible for any loss or damage that happens outside the event area.

12. Cosplayers agree by entrance into event hall, have read and understand all contents of rules & regulations set by Youthstoday.com. All cosplayers will be subjected to all the rules & regulations and thereby liable for any action taken against cosplayers if they decide not to adhere to the rules & regulations

13. Youthstoday.com reserved the rights to convert or replace the prizes to other item(s) that have equivalent value.

Part II: Cosplay Props Regulations

Disclaimer: The Youthstoday.com holds no responsibility towards the preparation and/or actions made by the cosplayers throughout the competition.

1. Cosmetics/costumes/tools/props/replicas are to be prepared by the cosplayers themselves.

2. Youthstoday.com discourages the use of any materials for the crafting of props. Cosplayers are reminded that the handling of props must be done responsibly with the utmost caution.

3. No volatile/explosive/toxic/radioactive/reactive/corrosive/easily flammable substances are allowed. Our attendees are not to be experimented on.

4. The usage of non-solid props (e.g. Fake blood) and other mess-inducing objects (e.g. confetti) are highly unadvisable. Youthstoday.com reserves the right to make the cosplayers clean up after their act (literally).

5. The responsibility of all replicas/props and anything done with it is to be held by the owner(s) themselves. Youthstoday.com will not be held responsible towards anything as a result of individual carelessness.

6. Any replicas/props found to be handled irresponsibly and/or deemed dangerous by our security personel will be confiscated. Ignorance is no excuse. Items which are confiscated will be returned after the event.

7. Youthstoday.com reserves the right to withdraw the rights of participation should anyone be found to break any of the aforementioned rules & regulations.

Part III: Changing Rooms & Washrooms

1. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to enter the changing room or washrooms of the opposite gender.

2. Please clean up after using the washrooms. Please keep the changing rooms/washrooms clean by not leaving behind any make-ups, wig parts, accessories, food wrappers/packages, water bottles and props in the changing rooms/washrooms.

3. Vandalism, messing up the changing rooms/washrooms is highly intolerable, those who are responsible will have to clean/repair the washrooms/changing rooms.

4. Be a considerate person, please do not hog the washrooms unless if you are needed for assistance by other cosplayers.

5. Do not leave your properties in the changing rooms/washrooms. Comic Fiesta Committee will not be responsible for any loss of items. You are advice to guard your own properties or have your trusted friends to look over your properties shall there be a need for you to leave it behind.

6. Youthstoday.com is not responsible for your lost items and only does so in goodwill and may not be held responsible for your loss

7. Cosplayers required to register at the Youthstoday.com registration booth on event date to confirm attendance.

9. Contestants are also required to burn a CD containing the audio file for the performance and submit it to the registration personnel when confirming attendance.

10) Please label the CD with the name, character name and also series name as well as contact number of contestant.

Judging criteria for cosplay competition:
Accuracy and Quality of Costume = 20%
Character portrayal = 30%
Creativity = 10%
Staying faithful to the original series = 30%
Performance & Showmanship = 10%

IMPORTANT REMINDER***Take note that we won't be accepting any recording (.mp3) that's lower than 192kbps and please bring along a copy of your performance recording during the competition day itself.

Cosplay Competition Rules & Regulations - Solo Category
The solo cosplay competition will take place on Sunday, 16 September 2012 and is opened to twenty participants only (20) first come first serve basis.

1. General cosplay rules & regulations apply.

2. Cosplayers are required to be in full costume upon registration. Cosplayers are not allowed to send a representative to register on their behalves.

3. Participants are also required to attach a clear coloured reference picture of your character (front and back,full view if possible) along with the registration form. Failure to provide a clear coloured reference picture of your character will result in a deduction of points.

4. Requests for equipment (including microphones, chairs/tables) must be indicated in the registration form.

5. Contestants may not enlist extra help from helpers for the solo competition (We call it "solo" for a reason)

6. Contestants may not interact with the judges during their time on stage.

7. Format: Each cosplayer is given FIVE (5) minutes to perform ANYTHING they want.*

8. The top three winners of cosplay competition entitled to receive DSC-WX50 camera and a goody bag from Sony Malaysia.

#3 Kin Chia

Kin Chia

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 09:37 AM

This event is 2 hours only or the competition is 2 hours only? O.o


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#4 Karasagi Yoh

Karasagi Yoh

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Posted 17 August 2012 - 10:18 PM

Competition will be 2 hours only cause they will be having the kpop showdown competition after the cosplay competition.