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Pastel, a world of vibrant colours of your imagination... The world is similar to our own except it consist of floating land mass in a sea of clouds. Nestled upon one of the land mass, is the great Daffodil Academy, an elite school where students aged 12-18 spend their time on studies, drama, romance and adventure.In this Pastel RPG, you create a character and write stories about him/her, while interacting with other forumers' characters. Think of it as a massively multiplayer fanfiction thread. Your dream character now can live and breathe with others in the World of Pastel...Enter and join the experience.

Disclaimer: This game is organized by the Pastel Gamemasters, a group of voluntary forumers who's dedicating their free time to run the game. It is not organized by Comic Fiesta Preparatory Committee or SAYS Youth Society, hence they're not responsible for any shiz that's going to happen within the game.

This game is still under-development. We will announce it's completion, when it's completed.

1. Introduction to Pastel

This is a Role-Playing Game Forum. You create your character, then play your character by posting in the forum. Although the game is quite simple, it requires quite a bit of reading before you start.

Most of the game mechanic derived from Dungeon & Dragons 3.5e and Exalted, and we oversimplified them to ensure that it's playable with the forum. This only applies to Mainline games.

Reading the instructions and understanding all the rule is a mandatory before you can start your game.

2. Create Your Character

Let's create your character! First, take your time to think of a great character. This will be "you" in the game. If you create a great character, you will play a great character. If you create a lame character, you will play a lame character...and whine on there's nothing you can do when there's epic happenings around you.

Click this link to go to the Character Creation Thread.

Head to that page and come back here once you've understand all the instructions.

3. Understanding the Pastel Universe

This game is conducted by "The Conductors", a group of experienced individuals who have been playing table top RPG for years... somewhat. These are your Dungeon Masters, or Game Masters. Their words are absoluteand they'll be moderating your games, especially the mainline games.

The conductors provides Pastel-Pedia, everything that you need to know about the world. It also contains additional reading for those who's interesting to know more about the Pastel Universe.

The mandatory topic to read are the Pastel Universe, Daffodil Academy and Important People.

Everything else in Pastel-Pedia are additional information for the player. It's extremely useful when you want to create your character's history and background.

Information about the Pastel Universe are updated regularly as the player starts to discover more about the mysteries of Pastel.

4. The Game Mechanics

4.1 Types of Games

There are 2 types of games in Pastel: Mainline and Sideline.

Mainlines are games moderated by 'The Conductors', the Game Masters. These are made for Exalted Characters, packed with epic quest and adventures throughout the world of Pastel. All mainlines games are happening within it's own thread. Be warned that mainline games are for those hardcore RPG players, and lotsa elements from Dungeon & Dragons 3.5 and Exalted are implemented in the game. You have been warned.

Sidelines are freeplay games, the biggest game and also the easiest mode. Mainly for Player Characters, who's not interested in epic adventures but wants to lead a normal life. Players are free to engage with school politics, club dramas, romance between another schoolmate or anything that's not out of this world. There will be minimal moderation from the Conductors. Unlike Mainline games, all Sideline games are happening within location-based threads. Which will be explained after words. We give the players more freedom by letting each Player Characters their own NPC, hopefully this will encourage more momentum in their story.

4.2 Posting

Pastel is all about storytelling. Tell us your story by posting. Here are the basic posting rules that you need to keep in mind at all times.
  • It can be written in first person or third person view, or both.
  • Every post must be at least 100 words long.
  • Every post must not exceed 1000 words long.
  • Use the tags (which will be explained later).
  • Do not meta-gaming or god-moding (which will be explained later)
  • Check the environment time of the thread by the starter.
  • READ THE THREAD, ensure that you know what's going on.
  • Your post must be very neat.
In your post, tell us what you're doing and what's going on in your mind. When talking, use the speech tag. Everything that's in green are the speeches that other players can hear.

When performing a non-basic actions, you can only describe your action. Example: 'With all my might and speed, I rushed towards the door hoping that I'm able to smash my way out'. The Conductors will respond to this and tell you the results of your actions in the next post.

You DO NOT post something like this for your actions: 'With all my might and speed, I rushed towards the door and it smashed into pieces'. This is called god-moding, and you will be penalized, heavily.

In replying to other players, please respond accordingly. Remember to be in character. You can't respond to anything that you do not know or see. For example, you can't hear other player's inner thoughts although they describe it; this is what we call meta-gaming. You'll be penalized for meta-gaming too.

If you're the first at the location, or venue, YOU MUST STATE THE TIME of the day. If you're the only one there, you are free to choose the time of the day. Please check the Pastel Environment Data for the date and weather. This applies to Sideline games only.

4.3 Post Tags

Pastel Season 1 introduced a lot of complex tags for the players to use. In this renewed Pastel, we simplified everything in 2 tags: Speeches and Out-of-Characters (OoC).

Action Tags
Action Tags are meant to highlight your actions so that the Conductor will reply and calculate your results. Action Tags are exclusive to Mainline games and appears in brown.

Example: With all my might, I attempt to break the wooden door.

Speech Tags
Speech Tags are meant to distinguish speeches from normal paragraphs and monologues. All speeches will appear in purple and quote marks are automatically added.

Example: I screamed "I shall pass!"

OoC Tags
Use OoC tags when you want to say something out of your character. Keep OoC to the minimum, and it must not exceed 100 words in a post. All OoC posts will appear in green. OoC marks will be automatically added.

Example: (((For that feat, I'm going to use my +6 bonus to my strength.)))

5. Action Mechanics

In this section, we are going to explain on how the action and character stats plays in the game. This only applies in Mainline games.

When you perform a non-basic actions, the Conductor will calculate your success rate.


Here are the some of the actions and it's corresponding stats.
  • Basic (requires no check): Walking, running, jump at normal height, flip a table..etc
  • STR
  • DEX
  • CON
  • INT
  • SPI
When you perform a non-basic action, choose the appropiate stats and multiply by 3. For example, deciphering an old manual uses INT. If the INT stats is 3, the total would be 9. The conductor sets the DC at 8. Since her score is higher, she succeeds.

Item, Item Bonuses and Damages

Hit Points or HP, is your life bar. Your total HP is CONS x 10. If you have CON of 2, meaning your total HP would be 20.

2 Types of damage: Attacking and Receiving. It's quite clear, isn't it?

Here are the classes of bonus damage, and it's few examples.
  • Piercing - Gun shot, arrows, needles, stabbing knife, piercing magic.
  • Slashing - Swords, sabers, slashing knife, slashing magic.
  • Bludgeoning / Explosion - baseball bat, tnt, explosion magic.
  • Elemental - fire, water, earth, wind, etc.
  • Divine / Chaos - only for mobs, does full damage to anything.
There are many enhanced item in the game that you will find. There are lightsabers, guns, rifles, sniper rifles, shields, scarfs, boots, watches and many more.

Each item that you possess may come with bonuses. For example, if your gun come with Piercing +2, it will be added to your attacking damage when you do piercing damage. Another example, if your scarf comes with Slashing +2, everything to cast slashing magic, it will add to your attacking damage.

Everytime you receive damage, your hitpoints will be deducted. When your hitpoints reaches 0, you'll be unconscious. Due to bleeding (unless stabilized), your hitpoints will continue to drop until -10. When your hitpoints reaches -10. You'll die, and it's game over for you. You will need to create a new character.

There are some cases where you drop into bottomless pit, if this happens, you're dead. Naturally.

In order to reduce receiving damage, you have use armor that will absorb some of the damage. If the armor comes with piercing +2, any piercing damage will be reduced by 2.

Keep in mind that you can't fight any other characters as PvP is no longer allowed in Pastel.

6. Difficulty Classes

Difficulty classes or DC are representation of how hard the task is. In order to succeed, the DC will compared to your STATs x3.

Formula: STATs x 3 more or equal to DC, you succeed.
  • 3-5 - Minimum (climbing a sheerstone wall, racing through the woods on a horseback at night)
  • 6-8 - Average (Walking silently when covered in bells, racing through the woods on a horseback blindfolded)
  • 9-11 - Pro (lifting a millstone, persuading a horse to run through a field of screaming ghosts)
  • 12+ - IMBA (running across a ceiling, pulling a ship over land with a hawser)
For an example, you climb a shoot an arrow to a certain target, you use your DEX attribute. Let's say the DEX was 2, times 3 equals to 6. The DC set by the Conductor is 5, which means you succeeded.

7. Determine Attackers and Defenders

When attacking, there are 3 types of attacks: Melee(STR), Missile(DEX) and Magic (INT). The defender will use defending stats. The attacker will use his STATs x 3, vs the defender's STATs x 3. If the attacker's stat is higher than the defender's stat, he hits. The damage equals to the difference of both stats.

8. Focus Points (FP)

It is gained for every 2 forum posts. Focus points can be used for:
  • Gain 1 HP with 1 FP
  • Raising Attributes. New attributes stat x 10 FP (Example raising to 5, costs 50 FP)
  • Limit break (add +1 to score check) with 4 FP.
8. Where should I post?

For Mainline Games: You will only post in your quest-based threads. Everything will happen within one thread.

For Sideline Games: Since Sideline Games will be the biggest option for most, everything will happen within location-based threads. For example, in the Gymnasium thread, everyone in the Gymnasium will be there. So it's natural to interact with anyone there. If you're going off to somewhere else, you have to state that you're going to another venue, and continue your story at a different venue. You can only go to exist venues, and you can't create new venues. If the thread is locked, it means the you can't access the venue.

Also, dormitory rooms are player's safe house. Players are not allowed to enter other player's room at all cost UNLESS with expressed permission from the room's owner.

9. Additional Read

As stated before, you can read more about the Pastel Universe in Pastel-Pedia. All of the available information in Pastel-Pedia are the same information available from the Narcissi Liberatum Library in Daffodil Academy, the biggest library in the entire Pastel.

The Pastel-Pedia will be updated regularly as the scholars of Daffodil updates the information. All information are available freely to the public, except for any information regarding to 'Artefact Zero' and 'Dandelion'. Any information regarding to 'Artefact Zero' and 'Dandelion' are highly confidential and it's only available to the nation's top researchers.

10. Tips and Tricks

If you have any problems with the game, feel free to PM the Conductors of the game. Please abuse to Out-of-Character forums for anything.

You may also head to the Comic Fiesta Community Chat Room, you may be able to get help from other players.
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Rule update: There are only 5 stats now instead of 6. Wisdom and Charisma have been combined into Spirit. Please update your character sheets accordingly.
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