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Pastel Lingo

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 04:12 AM

Here's a list of Pastel's Lingo. There's two types: Pastel and Meta.

Pastel Lingos are valid to be used in games. It can be a slang, item or anything.

Meta Lingos are not valid to be used in games (unless you want to make jokes about it). Meta Lingos are used for Pastel Game Mechanics.


Aesirium-3 [Pastel]
A rare element found within Mount Aoi in the forms of purplish crystals. Primary used for Fusion Energy Generator's catalyst. Also used by Exalted Characters as source of power.

Aesirium-12 [Pastel]
A rare element found within Mount Aoi in the forms of blue-purplish crystals. It's a lot more abundant than Aesirium-3 but can't be used for Fusion Energy Generator's catalyst. Also harder than Aesirium-3, at 9.7 on Mohs scale. Mostly used for high grade lens and LABSEOR production.

Artefact Zero [Pastel]
An artifact found near Mount Aoi in 1823. It contributed to rapid technological advancements on Pastel and also the discovery of a huge ancient vessel called Dandelion inside Mount Aoi. There is no description on how the artifact looks like. Said artifact might hold key to the mysterious Event Zero.

Birding [Pastel]
Fishing for birds, instead of fish.

Central [Pastel]
Central is official name of Pastel's Government. There are no political parties in Pastel's government but all top ranking government officials are elected to be in power. The current President of Pastel is Willard Wilfer, the longest serving President and also with the highest approval ratings in the entire history of Pastel.

Central Departments [Pastel]
Here are the list of the Government Departments and their initials.

Central Department of Agriculture (Agro)
Central Department of Commerce (DoC)
Central Department of Defense (DoD)
Central Department of Education (DoE)
Central Department of Energy (Energy)
Central Department of Health & Human Services (HH)
Central Department of Homeland Security (Shield)
Central Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
Central Department of Justice (DoJ)
Central Department of Labor (PartLabor)
Central Department of Registry (Reggies)
Central Department of Transportation (DoT)
Central Department of the Treasury (Treasury)

Centrumfugere Orbit [Pastel]
A straight glowing green line in the sky that stretches to the infinity.

Accurately, Centrumfugere Orbit is actually an axis, instead of an orbit. It is discovered that all landmasses in Skysea rotates on the Centrumfugere Orbit. The rotation determines night and day on the landmasses. It's day when the landmasses faces the Zenith, and it's night when it faces the Nadir.

The line is roughly 37 kilometers above Pastel's flat grounds. Crossing the glowing green line appears to be harmless.

Citizen [Pastel]
Everyone who lives on Pastel legally are called Citizens.

CSC [Pastel]
Central Security Command. Also Prefix for DoD's military vessel.

CSSC [Pastel]
Central Special Scientific Command. Also Prefix for DoD's scientific vessel.

Daffodil [Pastel]
A flower. Also known as Narcissus. Daffodium and Daffodil Academy derives its name from the fields of Daffodil that surrounds Lake Tanpopo.

Daffodil Academy[Pastel]
It's a complete education and research complex located in Daffodium. Although just founded in 1972, it is currently the top education body in Pastel.

Dandelion [Pastel]
A huge ancient vessel found inside Mount Aoi in 1890. At the heart of a vessel is an extremely complex mathematical machine which is now known as the 'The Grandfather's Clock'. Any other information regarding Dandelion are kept secret by DoD's agencies.

DoKoMo [Pastel]
A popular Note network service provider. They provide 100% coverage on Pastel, and strong enough to be able to make calls from underground buildings. On average, the bandwidth speed of the Note network is 25Mbps.

Event Zero [Pastel]
The start of everything, Year 0. No one knows what happened before Year 0. There were several theories suggesting that an unknown event took place in Year 0 that eliminates any trace of information Year 0. The event is popularly called Event Zero.

Exalts are individuals with special abilities beyond normal human capabilities. They're able to harness the special magical properties of Aesirium-3 crystals.

Exalted Character [Meta]
Characters with special abilities by exploiting their character stats. They are meant to be played in Mainline Games.

Fiber, The [Pastel]
'The Fiber' is a popular company that provides internet services using optical fiber connections. Subscribers enjoys internet speeds up to 2Gbps.

Flyterium [Pastel]
A matte grey metal-like element found abundant at the bottom of every landmasses. Engineers uses Flyterium to make airships or anything to float. Pastel's Mass Fabricators can be used to make Flyterium.

Fusion Energy [Pastel]
Pastel's main energy production method using a rare element called Aesirium-3 as catalyst. Tokamak Fusion Energy Plants generates electricity and distributes power through Pastel's energy grid. Due to the nature of Fusion Energy generation, the energy plants must be placed near sites with huge supply of water. There are 3 Fusion Energy Plants on Pastel: Progress, Mizumachi, and Rezzan. There's an experimental Cold Fusion Reactor at DoDARPA's lab in Port City.

[font='Helvetica Neue', ', Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif} ']Horizon [Pastel][/font]
All landmasses are aligned to the horizon, not to the Zenith or Nadir. The angle of horizon rotates at the rate of once every 24 hours. The horizon also the determines the gravity direction.

Mainline Games [Meta]
Mainline Games are meant for Exalted Characters. All Mainline Games will be moderated by the conductor and all the postings will happen within specific quest threads.

Magic [Pastel] [Meta]
A slang for "extrahuman abilities". Largely affected by the individuals intelligence and wisdom. All "extrahuman abilities" derives from the essence of Aesirium-3.

Military Ranks [Pastel]
These are the military ranks within the Central Department of Defense and its agencies.

Recruit - An inexperienced soldier.

Veteran - An experienced soldier.

Corporal - A non-commissioned officer (NCO or Noncom) given authority over other soldiers.

Sergeant - A senior NCO.

Master Sergeant - Generally, the most senior NCO within a particular unit.
Warrant Officer - This is an intermediary rank between enlisted and officer typically applied to specialists. For units such as artillery/siege equipment, groups of sappers, surveyors, or pioneers.

Adjutant (assistant) - This the title for an officer who serves as an assistant to a more senior officer.

Lieutenant - The lowest rank of officer. Considered to be the lowest rank of company-grade officers and often found in command of a platoon.

Commander - An intermediate officer rank. Company-grade officers of this rank often serve as the executive officer of a company.

Captain - A bit higher on the officer chain, captains are the senior rank of company-grade officers, and are generally found commanding companies.

Major - The lowest rank of field-grade officers, majors are generally employed as aides to generals or commanding battalion-sized units in their own right.

Colonel - a higher rank of field-grade officer, generally employed as regimental commanders.

General - The lowest of the flag rank officers, commanding divisions.

Marshal - Senior flag ranked officer, often in command of an entire military force consisting of several divisions, called a corps.

Nadir [Pastel]
The dark skies of Pastel. When the landmasses faces the Nadir, it's night time.

Narcissi Liberatum Library [Pastel]
The biggest library in Pastel since 1998. The Principal of Daffodil strives to ensure that his Academy's library has the biggest amount of knowledge asset compared to others.

Note [Pastel]
Note is an advanced electronic hardware, that resembles PDA or Smartphones on Earth. Every citizen are required to carry one as it also serves as citizen's identification and digital wallet. All Piko transactions are done with Note.

There are a lot of Note makers out there, but each citizen can be attuned to only one Note at a time. When they bought a new Note, they have to discard the old one.

LABSEOR [Pastel]
Acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. On Earth, we just call it LASER.

Landmasses [Pastel]
The floating islands are called landmasses. Beneath each landmasses are rich deposits of flyerium.

Pastel [Meta]
1. It's the name of this game.
2. Low saturated colours.

Pastel [Pastel]
1. Refers to 'The Pastel Government', a slang to describe the administration that rules Pastel.
2. The name of the landmass you're on now. It is also the biggest landmass known to humans.

Pastel Post [Pastel]
A company that offers postal and package delivery services, banking services, and life insurance.

Piko [Pastel]

Pastel's currency, based on the energy-based economy on Pastel. There's no physical representation of the currency as everything is in forms of digital transactions. All transactions are monitored and administered by the Central Department of the Treasury.

With Piko economy, poverty is effectively eliminated. Every citizen will receive complimentary Pikoes, more than enough every month. Most necessities are free, so Piko are used to buy slightly more luxurious items to pay for the extra effort and energy used for the item or service. The government also provide basic free housing for those who not interested to buy houses.

Within this economy, education is still compulsory to prevent brain drain crisis.

Pineapple Inc. [Pastel]
A popular electronic company in Pastel, specializes in computers. They also revolutionizes a new series of Note, that lack physical buttons called 'iNote'.

Player Character [Meta]
Characters without special abilities. These are normal students leading a normal life. Meant to be played in Sideline Games.

Redline [Pastel]
The Redline is a popular term to describe the 1690 Peace Treaty Border. DoD's Advanced Pulse LABSEOR Cannons (APLC) are placed along the Redline.

Rose Academy [Pastel]
An education complex nearby to Daffodil Academy. Unlike Daffodil Academy, Rose Academy doesn't have university programmes hence it's a lot smaller than Daffodil. There are unhealthy rivalries between the students of Daffodil and Rose.

Saturat [Pastel]
The biggest government in the world. Although the biggest, they're made out of a lot of smaller landmasses unlike Pastel, the huge single slab of floating land. Imagine them like the Soviets.

Sideline Games [Meta]
Sideline Games are meant for those who want to lead a normal life in Pastel. Players are free to create their own stories on school politics, club dramas, mysteries, high school romance or anything. All postings will happen within location-based threads. Players are to interact with other players within the same location.

Sky Fish [Pastel][/font]
Skyfish are flying animals who fly or "swim" in the clouds. Imagine them like large tunas on Earth, but flying.

SkyNet [Pastel]
Popular company for wireless internet service. The company provides full 100Mbps bandwidth speed within their coverage areas. There's only coverage at areas with medium to high population density. Compatible Notes can connect to the SkyNet.

Skysea [Pastel]
Skysea is what they call the sea of clouds. Sea of clouds seems to be endless. Jump into the sea, and you'll fall into infinity.

The Game [Pastel]
You just lost it.

Zenith [Pastel]
The bright skies of Pastel. When the landmasses faces the Zenith, it's day time.
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Posted 23 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

Added Magic and Military Ranks
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Commander Shepard is sad he's ranked so low.

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Yeah, Major Motoko Kusanagi is commands the shit out of Commander Shepard.
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