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Pastel World History

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0000 - Event Zero. No one knows what happened before event zero.

0037 - Humans found out that they're living on flat earth.

0096 - First human civilization established near Lake Tanpopo. It's called Tanpopo town.

1000 - 'The Longest Day' incident. For 4 days straight, the night never came until the 5th day. There were no detailed records regarding the incident.

1003 - Vacaran Archives we established and become the world's first library.

1215 - The Declaration of Common Rights, all established settlements are united into a single government known as 'The Government'. Tanpopo was chosen to be the new capital city and renamed to Daffodium.

1237 - The huge landmass officially called Pastel, named after a famous cartographer Hennepin von Pastel. The Government is now called 'The Pastel Government'.

1299 - Electricity discovered.

1314 - Pastel Wind Farm Array and Pastel AC Power Grid completed. Electricity is now commercially available.

1453 - The Ellen Bore: A massive drilling project, downwards.

1455 - The Ellen Bore reached it's end when the drilled reached the bottom of Pastel. They found Skysea and the new metal element called Flyterium discovered.

1510 - First airship invented, by manipulating Flyterium and humans found out that they're living on floating land masses.

1560 - Humans start exploring Skysea.

1610 - Humans start to colonize other land masses. Human starts to claim land on their own and external governments were formed.

1615 - Man touched the centrumfugere orbit for the first time.

1635 - A group foreign land masses formed a new government called "Harmony", a violation to the Declaration of Common Rights.

1650 - World War I. "Harmony" starts conquering and absorbing small land masses into their administration. Since Pastel was a huge landmass, they can't afford to send their military far from home. Pastel focused on protecting the homeland instead of reclaiming other forward landmasses.

1690 - Pastel lost WWI and Harmony managed to control all known land masses except small land masses surrounding Pastel. For the sake of both government's future stability, both government agreed they can no longer spend more resources on war. Pastel & Harmony signed a peace treaty and the Redline was introduced. Harmony, becomes the Skysea's biggest government and renamed themselves as 'Saturat'.

1715 - Saturat fully retreated back to their main islands.

1800 - The Pastel Government renamed themselves to 'The Central Government' to promote unity.

1802 - Adminstration Centre moved from Daffodium to a new and more strategic location, Centrum.

1823 - Pastel researchers found an ancient artifact near Mount Aoi. Said artifact could explain Event Zero incident, and now popularly known as "Artefact Zero". Any other information regarding Artefact Zero are confidential and only accessible to the Department of Defense.

1840 - "Artefact Zero" encourages technological advancement on Pastel.

1890 - "Artefact Zero" leads to the discovery of massive ancient vessel known as 'Dandelion', which also comes with an extremely complex mathematical device, know known as "The Grandfather Clock".

1893 - Internet discovered in Port City's lab.

1894 - Discovery of Aesirium element and it's variants.

1895 - Tylium, Aesirium-3 and Aesirium-15 was found abundant inside Mount Aoi.

1901 - Personal Computers and Internet is available to public.

1910 - Fusion Energy discovered in Port City's lab.

1915 - First Tokamak Fusion Energy Generator completed in Progress City.

1922 - Saturat demands Pastel to share their technology knowledge. Pastel refused due to due to their sour history.

1923 - A total of 23 Pastel citizens disappears without a trace.

1924 - Saturat declares war on Pastel, World War 2 starts. However, Pastel managed to repel Saturat's attack due to Pastel's superior technology. President Isil Novacek decided instead of wasting resources on offense, Pastel strengthen up only on defense. Clearly, it was a good move.

1925 - The Central Government releases a new decree that no one is allowed to cross the 1690 Treaty Line, or the Redline. It's released after the completion of Advanced Pulse LABSEOR Cannons (APLC) arrays along the Redline. While the WW2 is still happening, all Saturat attempts to break into the Pastel's border fails.

1937 - Mass Fabricators introduced. Due to the abundance of energy, energy now can be converted into mass. Mass Fabricators now fabricates basic elements. All Mass Fabricators are under the jurisdiction of Central Department of the Treasury.

1943 - 'Notes' are introduced and all citizens are required to carry one.

1945 - The economy reshaped from gold-based economy to energy-based economy. Piko is introduced and poverty is now eliminated.

1962 - Daffodil University was founded

1965 - Project Lantaern was drafted and introduced: plans to create a massive scientific exploration airship away from the Centrumfugere Orbit.

1968 - A total of 68 Pastel citizens mysteriously disappears again without a trace.

1970 - Completion of Project Lantern, the skyship is called CSSC Novacek.

1972 - Daffodil Academy was establish after it introduces Elementary, Middle and High School education.

1973 - CSSC Novacek undocks from Port City and starts it's journey away from the Centrumfugere Orbit. Central Command lost communication with CSSC Novacek after 2 months.

1974 - Project Lantaern revised. The order to build a second ship is authorized, and projected to be completed by 1990 due to the new amount of research that needed to be done. It's primary objective is to explore the Skysea away from the Centrumfugere orbit and find out the fate of CSSC Novacek.

1988 - Willard Wilfer, a politician who left the acting scene became the new President of Central Government. He sets record of being a President with the highest approval rating in the entire history of Pastel.

1989 - A massive Saturat armada, 23 Battle Airships attempts to penetrate into Pastel's border. All failed due to the APLC arrays.

1990 - Cold Fusion Reactor experiment started in Port City's lab. Project Lantaern's second ship only reach 50% completion.

1992 - Due to unknown reason, the DoD ordered a mass evacuation of Freya Landmass, a skyfish fishing town. The landmass is now a restricted area.

1993 - Daffodil Academy participates Project Lantaern.

1994 - APLC array upgraded with new technology. An entire new array of APLC deployed at a new line, "The Orangeline", which is 5km outside the Redline.

1995 - Completion of CSC Forward, Central Department of Defense's largest Battleship packed with the latest technology, including an experimental Cold Fusion Reactor. While Pastel is safe with APLC Array, President Willard instructs the construction of this military vessel to further strengthen Pastel's security. Currently CSC Forward patrols the skies of Pastel. It's 1/3 the side of the missing CSSC Novacek.

1996 - 2 balls of fire fell from the sky. The impact side created craters. The government sealed the 2 impact sides for 6 months before reopening it to public. It became a new tourist attraction.

1998 - Project Lantaern's second scientific vessel is at 95% completion. The government announces a competition to the public to name the new scientific vessel, which is 20% bigger than CSSC Novacek. The uncompleted ship can be seen at Port City's dock. It looks like a huge disc.

1999 - On 31st December 1999, a total of 551 citizens jumps of Pastel into the bottomless Skysea. A cult called 'Children of Dandelion' believes that their Dandelion God are coming back 2000 years after Event Zero. They believe that their God will come to destroy everything and reset everything back to Event Zero, and the cycle will repeat every 2000 years. The ones who jumps into the Skysea will be saved and placed back on the new world, the start fresh all over again.

2000 - Current Year. No, the world didn't end at that stupid cult predicted. Heh. Welcome to Pastel!
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