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Daffodil Academy

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Daffodil Academy Geography

The Daffodil Academy is one of the biggest education institution on Pastel. Don't be fooled by the academy's appearance. Many assume that the academy is 400 years old due to it's old, rustic and classic appearance, but this academy is actually only 50 years old with the original founder still heading the academy as the Principal.

Daffodil Academy provides Elementary, Middle, High and University education in it's huge campus. The campus is so huge, it's split into 4 key districts: Education district, Research district, Dormitories, and Shopping District.

Education District
Education district splits into 2 section: School and University. School section houses 3 education complex (1 each for elementary, middle and high school). All education complex are complete with classrooms, science labs, teacher offices, etc.University section houses various faculty buildings complete with lecture halls and academician offices.

Research District
Research district houses Narcissi Liberatum Library, post-graduate research labs and other research-based facilities. Daffodil specializes in Agriculture, Chemistry, and Biology research. Daffodil's Physics research is not as well equipped as universities in Progress.

It's compulsory for Elementary, Middle and High schoolers to stay in Daffodil Academy. They will live in the dormitory complex.Dormitories district houses 5 dormitory complex: Male dormitories, Female dormitories, Narcissi Dormitories, Undergraduate dormitories and staff dormitories.

The first 3 dormitories are for schoolers. The segregated dormitories prohibits the opposite gender to be in it's complex. This means, the opposite gender can't visit each other in it's complex grounds.

The 3rd dormitory, The Narcissi Dormitories is a mixed gender complex, however different genders are not allowed to be in the same dormitory room. This mean, a room full of boys can be located next to a room full of girls. This was implemented due to many complains from the student that the gender segregation rule was too strict.

One dormitory complex is for university undergraduate students.The last dormitory is for academy staff. All academicians, teachers, non-academic staffs, janitors, etc lives here.

Shopping District
Daffodil Academy is SO huge that it actually packs it's own Shopping District. It's complete with everything ranging from commercial shops to restaurants, arcades to theme parks.

To be updated soon.

Introduction to Daffodil Education System

We will briefly explain the Education System implemented in the world of Skysea. The education system is adapted from current Japanese education system (hell, since this entire game is catered for Japanese anime fans) but modified slightly to our own local education system.Everyone will start their compulsory education at the age of 6 or 7 at their nearest Elementary School. In your case, you've completed your studies at Daffodil Academy's Elementary School.

Kindergarten / Youchien
Age 4-6. Non playable establishment. Only for NPC.

Elementary School / Shougakkou
Age 6-12. Lower Grade 1-6. Non playable establishment. Only for NPC

.Middle School / Chuugakkou
Age 12-15. Upper Grade 1-3. Playable establishment.

High School / Koutougakkou
Age 15-18. Upper Grade 4-6. Playable establishment.

University / Daigaku
Age 18 above. Non playable establishment. Only for NPC.

Each grade have 5 classes. Class numbers are made up by [Grade]-[Letter]. Students are sorted according to their previous grade's test results. Smart student will be placed in class number 1, while the dumb idiots will be placed in class number 5. Players can only from the first 2 class, middle or the last class of each grade. Classes are held on Monday to Friday, from 7am to 3pm. Three terms, separated by 2 short holiday and 1 long summer holiday.

Major exams are ELE - Elementary Leaving Examination (Lower Grade 6), GCE1 - General Certificate of Education 1 (Upper Grade 3) and GCE2 - General Certificate of Education 2 (Upper Grade 6). Each University will have their own Entrance Examination (exception for Daffodil Academy students applying for Daffodil University)

Daffodil Academy Classes

Daffodil Middle School
Class 1-A Playable
Class 1-B Playable
Class 1-C NPC Only
Class 1-D NPC Only
Class 1-E Playable
Class 1-F NPC Only
Class 1-G NPC Only
Class 1-H NPC Only
Class 1-I NPC Only
Class 1-J Playable

Class 2-A Playable
Class 2-B Playable
Class 2-C NPC Only
Class 2-D NPC Only
Class 2-E Playable
Class 2-F NPC Only
Class 2-G NPC Only
Class 2-H NPC Only
Class 2-I NPC Only
Class 2-J Playable

Class 3-A Playable
Class 3-B Playable
Class 3-C NPC Only
Class 3-D NPC Only
Class 3-E Playable
Class 3-F NPC Only
Class 3-G NPC Only
Class 3-H NPC Only
Class 3-I NPC Only
Class 3-J Playable

Daffodil High School
Class 4-A Playable
Class 4-B Playable
Class 4-C NPC Only
Class 4-D NPC Only
Class 4-E Playable
Class 4-F NPC Only
Class 4-G NPC Only
Class 4-H NPC Only
Class 4-I NPC Only
Class 4-J Playable
Class 5-A Playable
Class 5-B Playable
Class 5-C NPC Only
Class 5-D NPC Only
Class 5-E Playable
Class 5-F NPC Only
Class 5-G NPC Only
Class 5-H NPC Only
Class 5-I NPC Only
Class 5-J Playable

Class 6-A Playable
Class 6-B Playable
Class 6-C NPC Only
Class 6-D NPC Only
Class 6-E Playable
Class 6-F NPC Only
Class 6-G NPC Only
Class 6-H NPC Only
Class 6-I NPC Only
Class 6-J Playable

List of Subjects
Modern Common*
Classical Common*
Any Native Language**
Pastel History
SkySea Science
Home Economics
Physical Education (mandatory)

*Common is the lingua franca and most commonly used language on Pastel.
**Malay, Chinese, Indian, Japanese or any even mother-tongue language. Ancient Chinese poetry is included.
***Ancient Language ala Latin or Sanskrit. No practical use except for ancient studies.
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