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Welcome Back, Season 1 Players

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#1 edo



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Posted 20 November 2012 - 08:47 PM

O hai thar,

Welcome back Season 1 Players.

Back in 2011, due to the decline of forum activity, I've tried many ways to revive the forum back. We toned down moderation, forum seeding topic, hell we even opened a new section just for trolling but nothing can beat the unstoppable force of Facebook, the ever popular choice of social interaction in this age.

I thought of combining the advantages of a forum and the things that I like: RPG. It's something that we've never done before. Forum threaded discussion system is perfect and RPG will encourage more people to do bullshit fanfics that I like. Hopefully, it will bring back life to the forum.

I approached my senior, also favourite Dungeon Master, Cyle to help me out. Back in our University, we played pen and paper Dungeon & Dragons games along with some other weird random tabletop RPGs. It was.. good old days and I want to relive those days again.

Together me and Cyle started to work on our research to create a suitable Forum RPG mechanic and we explored many many sites. Also, we want to create something that would please everyone and ultimately we chose a high school setting.

While Carl was busy working on the game mechanic, I was busy setting up everything else like the world setting and stories. I had a lot of fun writing them all, and I can't wait to see how the players run around in the world.

Ultimately, Pastel Season 1 was born.

Then, we fucked up.

We never knew that we were going to be overwhelmed with huge number of participation. We assumed that we would be handling 5-10 players, not 30-40 players. Our game mechanic was not suitable to handle to many players. It was due to the newly established Felyne Brigade too, where all the Felynes were still hyperactive from their camp. Abruptly, Season 1 dies. It just dies.

What happened?

1. The game mechanic was not suitable for huge groups.
2. The game conductors can't keep up with everyone that we had to recruit our experienced players to be game conductors.
3. There was loopholes, here and there.
4. Game mechanic was to loose and complex at the same time.
5. The forum engine changed from myBB to Invision and all formatting went to hell.

It was no longer a school. It was a school, in hell. With people destroying buildings and people with pet panthers eating other people's head, it was.. chaotic.

That's how, the game died. Then it was forgotten. And the forum, is still dead (other than the Marketplace).


But too much work and effort has been poured into creating the world of Pastel. I can't just let it die, yet. At the same time, I want to see this forum flourish again. Also the fact that I'm no longer in Malaysia anymore, the forum is the only thing I have left to do all the bullshit that we loved.

Facebook is getting boring don't ya think? Since Facebook is slowly declining, I would like to take this opportunity to revive the forum AND Pastel at the same time.

We revamped the game mechanic and oversimplified many things.

They'll be 2 games now: The Mainline and the Sideline. The Mainline are for those hardcore RPG players, and this game will not be simple and will be extremely complex to many who are not used to tabletop RPG. Everything, will be moderated tightly by the conductors. Be warned, this, this be a very slow game.

The sideline are the super simplified version of the game and it's a sandbox. You are free to do whatever you want within the school grounds. Everything is almost the same like Season 1 where you have locations in school and you are free to visit them. School politics, club dramas, student romance, you are free to write all your story.

Both game has new XP system. Yes, you can now level up your characters, although this will only largely affect the mainline games. XP will be given to anyone who role plays very well. Anyone who makes me laugh till I cry will automagically receive huge bonus XPs.

Also, I've introduced the new club room forums. Just like your dormitories, but this is for all your club members. So feel free to do all your club bullshit in the club room.

You are free to import your characters, but you have to create a new character sheet no matter what. Your new character must abide to the new game rules. Whatever you choose, the game conductors will do their best to ensure that your experience will be epic, awesome, and glorious.

Now, let's explore the floating worlds of Pastel!

Epic regards,
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Posted 21 November 2012 - 02:31 AM

*Doki Doki* hhhmmmmm when will it be relaunch again....
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Posted 21 November 2012 - 11:48 AM

Finally~ This time I'll put full effort into writing up stories~
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