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[Comic Fiesta 2014] Wolf Brothers

Doujinshi Booth Manga

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Posted 18 December 2012 - 01:39 AM

UPDATES: 11th DEC 2014   :) COMIC FIESTA 2014 @ KLCC @ 27th & 28th Dec 2014



:heart:  NEW PRODUCTS from ME! (http://krystlekmy.deviantart.com :heart:



:heart:  PREORDER COMMISSION  :heart:


If you're interested, please contact me with your reference. I will take commission orders until 25th December 2014. I will hand over the artwork in person at my Wolf Brothers booth. 


If you can't make it, I can send you in mail but you have to pay postage or i will do scan (300dpi and clean up) my artwork and send it to you in email. It's up to you. If you want my live commission at the spot, well, maybe I will take only 2-3 slots per day. Depends on my hand wrist ^x^;;;


If you want Digital / Animation Icon Commission --> http://krystlekmy.de...-Info-458735886 http://krystlekmy.de...-Icon-459124800



Asahirureiko (http://asahirureiko.deviantart.com) & Eden (http://edenized.deviantart.com)




:exclamation:  My Previous Products with details are below!  :exclamation: 

DeviantART: http://krystlekmy.deviantart.com

Wolf Brothers -Products- Facebook: https://www.facebook...480988852149275

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:40 PM

Wolf Brothers Vol.1 - RM6 (A5 Size / 56 Pages) (3 Copies Limited + 1 Copy with Autograph)


This is a story about a demon named Khoval, the wolf-man who saved the human race from his own kind and lived as their protector in a small village a long time ago. But there was another village where humans lived had a mysterious case about the missing children, which needed Khoval's help. He couldn't leave his village because some demons would show up and attack again in his absence, so he sends his twin sons, Travis and Carlos, both were half-wolves and half-humans, to take over his place and they were also known as "Wolf Brothers"

Wolf Brothers Vol.2 - RM6 (A5 Size / 60 Pages) (1 Copy Limited  + 1 Copy with Autograph)


Wolf Brothers Vol.3 Finale - RM8 (A5 Size /96 Pages) (1 Copy Limited  + 1 Copy with Autograph)



Wolf Brothers 3in1 Completed Manga - RM20 (A5 Size / 200 Pages) (8 Copies Limited)


Wolf Brothers 2 Vol.1 - RM12 (A5 Size / 96 Pages) (10 Copies Limited)


The sequel of Wolf Brothers’ Adventure – Fred is a lonely wolf boy who travels to Rolf Village after the death of his parents. There, he searched for and found his relatives. He started living with them, following the last wishes of his parents.However, he seems to have a problem with his identity – half-wolf, half-human, as well as a phobia of cats - until he encounters the Wolf Brothers, Carlos and Travis, twin sons of the powerful wolf demon, Khoval, and their human mother, Corina. Will Fred get along with the Wolf Brothers and succeed as the new team member? Will he be able to become strong and brave like his father, Kyle? This sequel will reveal the true story behind the mystery of the Legendary Great Beast!


Wolf Brothers 2 Vol.2 - RM12 (A5 Size / 68 Pages) (14 Copies Limited)



Wolf Rookie: Be My Pet - RM6 (A5 Size / 32 Pages) (10 Copies Limited)

WRBMPAd_zps39380d65.jpgThis story takes place after a young wolf man named Fred, who's living with his twin cousins, Travis and Carlos, joined their team, the Wolf Brothers; he suddenly disappeared during a training session and the Wolf brothers started looking for him in the forest but didn't find him for two days. While they were searching, Fred reappears before them unharmed. Unfortunately, he seems terrified. What actually happened to him after he lost rack of the team? His unbelievable story reveals that he found himself tied up as a pet of a total stranger - a lonely girl named Mina!


Wolf Rookie: The Tiny Wolf Mummy - RM12 (A5 Size / 84 Pages) (13 Copies Limited)


WOLF ROOKIE: GiD Scenario Mina's Little Pet (+16 Teenage) - RM15 (18 Copies Limited)


Director & Animator by Krystlekmy

Story & Character Design by Krystlekmy
Backgrounds by Krystlekmy (Mina's House) & Paradisefever (Forest)
Script Editors by My Parents & Everythingunderwraps / Superskeetospro
Music Composers by LaBFind & Halcyonicfalconx
Voice Actors: Krystle- Krystlekmy
Voice Actor: Fred- Everythingunderwraps / Superskeetospro
Voice Actor: Mina- Krystlekmy
Sound Editors: Krystlekmy & Superrookie721

Preview Sneak Peak Video: http://krystlekmy.de...-Peak-360022453



The Wolf Brothers’ cousin, Fred (A.K.A. Wolf Rookie) has been requested by Mina, a “pet lover”, to wear her home-made mummy suit and drink her mysterious shrink potion, so that Fred can become her cute, little pet once again. Will he be able to fulfill her unusual request in order to make her happy?
You’ll have to find out, in this short original animation done with complete, remarkable voice overs!

DeviantART: http://krystlekmy.deviantart.com

Wolf Brothers -Products- Facebook: https://www.facebook...480988852149275

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Posted 20 December 2012 - 05:40 PM

Transformers Fancomics: Jazz Turns Human - RM8 (A5 Size / 84 Pages) (1 Copy Limited)
This is a story about Jazz, the only Autobot, who turned out to be a human being mysteriously. As a result, he wants to find out what has happened to him. In the process, he meets some unexpected people namely, Automen, including its leader, Optimus Prime. However, he feels like a completely different person in the new world. Jazz's life becomes more complicated as he discovers the truth as to where he comes from and everyone he meets.

Rudy The Wolf Boy: A Lesson Well Learnt - RM5 (A5 Size / 92 Pages) (10 Copies Limited each day)
This is a story about a young wolf boy named Rudy, who loved to play in the forest by himself. He did not believe his mother, warned him not to go into the forest because there were hunters who liked to hunt for wild animal for making a fur coat. However, Rudy was kidnapped by a young hunter named Clovis Chaser. What did Clovis want from Rudy and why didn’t he want to hurt him? Rudy appeared to be in trouble! What would happen to him?

Shadow of Destiny Doujinshi - RM5 (A5 Size / 24 Pages) (13 Copies Limited)


This is a story about Eike who have been tied up and died at warehouse in fire by a mysterious killer. After he died, he's back to life before the incident - To find the way to prevent his death.

DeviantART: http://krystlekmy.deviantart.com

Wolf Brothers -Products- Facebook: https://www.facebook...480988852149275

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Posted 11 December 2014 - 03:38 PM

Update 11th Dec 2014  :)

DeviantART: http://krystlekmy.deviantart.com

Wolf Brothers -Products- Facebook: https://www.facebook...480988852149275

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