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ARCC & Anime Festival Asia SG 2013

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 11:35 PM

Hope am posting in the correct Sub-Forum  :blush: 


Just a head-up to Malaysian Cosplayers about AFA FINALLY posting up details on how to sign up for AFA Regional Cosplay Championship. Yes.....21 days in advance to AFA......



Welcome to the 5th year of AFA Regional Cosplay Championship(ARCC)! Everyone must be all excited to represent Malaysia and Singapore in the grand finals just like the representatives from Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam; some of them started preparation as earlier as 2 years ago! Malaysia and Singapore representatives, are you ready?
This year, AFA will be holding the Malaysia and Singapore qualifiers instead of our event partners. Representatives of each country will be selected on-line.
The following are the details for the Malaysia & Singapore ARCC qualifiers:
For Singapore and Malaysia, the ARCC committee will be selecting the country representatives through an online selection round whereby the participating teams will send in their cosplay photos and videos to compete with other teams.
The winner of each country will get to compete in the ARCC final with other countries in AFA and the Malaysia team will be sponsored travel to Singapore as well as hotel stay during the championship.
1) Restricted to *Japanese intellectual property including, but not limited to, anime, comics, game, novel
*Any game, comic, animation…e.t.c. produced in Japanese language including adaptions e.g. Japanese made anime of Ironman
2) Characters in the group must be from the same intellectual property
3) Participants are to provide the title of the intellectual property and name and picture of the character which they are cosplaying
4) Each participation entry must have a team/performance name
5) Competition is opened to the county where this selection round is organised
6) Each group is restricted to 2 cosplayers
7) Participants under the legal age will require consent from a parent or guardian to enter the tournament
8) AFA has the right to use images, video clips of participant’s cosplay and performances prior and after the tournament.
9) Each group’s performance must be cater to the final’s time limit of 3 minutes not including preparation and setting up time for set(s)
10) Costumes can be self-made, commissioned, purchased. Commissioned, purchased costumes will have to bear a handicap (refer to judging guidelines)
11) Each competing team is limited to maximum 5 pieces of set/stage props
Judging criteria
Shortlisted teams will have to answer a series of questions posed by our judges through email. Each team will be judged according to the follow criteria:
1) Costume accuracy – 30%
Character reference pictures provided by the finalists will be used to compare with the costume completed/work-in-progress photos.
2) Costume workmanship – 30%
The quality of the costume will be reviewed based on the costume completed/work-in-progress photos.
i) For commissioned costume(s), the participating team will have to bear a 15% handicap on the scoring
ii) For purchased costume(s), the participating team will have to bear a 20% handicap on the scoring
3) Costume difficulty – 30%
The quality of the costume will be reviewed based on the costume completed/work-in-progress photos. For purchased or commissioned costume, the maximum score that can be awarded for this section is 15%
4) Choice of character – 10%
The score will be awarded based on whether the character is suitable for the participant.
To register, please send the following details to ARCC@sozo.sg :
1) Name(can be nickname) of performing member(s)
2) Gender of member(s)
3) Representing country
4) Name of group/performance
5) NRIC/Passport No. (for verification)
6) Contact Info (HP no. & e-mail address)
7) Name of title of intellectual property
8) Name of the character(s)
9) State whether costume is home-made, commissioned or purchased
10) A picture of the character who the individual member is cosplaying in the finals including a write up of the personality and traits of the character including any links to more information about the character.
11) At least 5 close up photos of work-in-progress/ completed costumes meant for ARCC finals.
12) A video of the skit rehearsal or performance
13) 3 Photos (per individual member) of previous cosplay in high resolution for official publicity and pre-selection. Photos are preferably unedited by any software. Digitally edited photos will result in a penalty being imposed during pre-selection.
14) Photos of contestants in normal clothing.

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Posted 17 October 2013 - 11:38 PM

And in case anyone interested in Details about AFA SG itself:


DATE : Friday 8th to Sunday 10th November 2013
TIME : 9.00am to 9.00pm
LOCATION : Suntec International Convention & Exhibition Centre 
SGCAFE THREAD : Anime Festival Asia 2013
ADMISSION : SGD10 [One-Day Festival Only] | SGD20 [One-Day F+S] | SGD58-398 [I ♥ AniSong Concert] || DETAILS
NOTE : Date announced on Saturday 8th May 2013.

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Posted 30 October 2013 - 10:45 PM

and the Event guide is up! : http://www.animefest...vent_guide.html


This is the first time I'll be going for AFA!(but not to anime cons) I'll be going Thurs-Mon.


Anyone know about any gatherings or any must-dos at AFA?

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