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Comic Fiesta 2013 Doujinshi Feedback Thread

doujinshi feedback

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#1 MaX


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Posted 22 December 2013 - 11:50 PM

Hiya everyone! As per yearly tradition, here's the Comic Fiesta 2013 Doujinshi Feedback thread!


Feel free to comment about the stuff you have bought at Comic Fiesta 2013 with constructive feedback and such (e.g.: 'There were too many booths selling badges for the same <insert fandom name here>, hopefully there'll be more variety in the future!')


Please be polite and keep discussions civil, even if there are differences in opinions.


With that, may the doujinshi/merchandise critique session begin!

#2 monk-ed


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 01:15 PM

...(e.g.: 'There were too many booths selling badges for the same <insert fandom name here>, hopefully there'll be more variety in the future!')...


Can't say it any better myself. Disregarding fandoms, booths are seriously cashing in on badges.

Some may prefer badges, yes, but personally speaking, I had looked forward to more manga works.

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#3 arju-naa


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 05:01 PM

Gotta agree with Monk-ed here, it seems like there's a lot of badges being sold this time around. I personally loved all the works all the booths had to offer, but I'd love to see more doujinshis/manga/artbooks uwu 


And yes there seems to be a lot of the same fandom, but even then there's a lot of variety being seen in them. Although, I'm so happy that I actually found some Kingdom Hearts and ONE Dragon Ball merch this time around! 


Personally, I look forward to more new people and more non-manga stuff. It's nice to see quite a good number of non-manga or anime merch this time around, so it's really refreshing! 


That's all I got for now at least. 


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#4 nicklausyap


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 06:13 PM


I agree with Monk-ed and arju-naa. There were a lot of badges sold at the booth this year. I also like all the artwork the booth had to offer but I feel there were expensive.


A lot of fandom item can also be seen. I hope at the next Comic Fiesta event there will be more manga/artbook, t-shirt and anime merchandise at a cheaper price.


This is all the feedback I got for now :)

#5 fuyusuki


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Posted 23 December 2013 - 06:29 PM

I guess badges are easier to sell than artbooks and mangas? Welp, things are pretty much hard to sell if nobody knows you and if it's not from popular fandom.


I would personally prefer to buy artbooks and prints, but I'm spending more towards commissions and badges this year lol.

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#6 Shion-chan


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Posted 24 December 2013 - 09:49 AM

I need more Doujin Artbooths next year~

Btw, the booth owner might want to lower their price a bit because some were actually selling a badge for like RM7 while the standard price was RM5 (trust me, this is the price I see everywhere)


The art were really cool though, I felt really depressed that I can't draw...


Hoping for a more spacy area next year, I know it is quite impossible but yeah...

#7 LuluRiru


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Posted 27 December 2013 - 02:20 PM

Badges, Badges Everywhere~


well, i'm not against badges. for teenagers, it was a fun things to collect badges, then put it on your stuffs like school bag/shirt/cap/etc. because i did that too before. but for someone who past their teen life (well, i know i'm getting old now... -_-) i realize that i had no point of buying it. collecting it is fine but for what? and where do i keep it? just leave it in your desk forever? better if not buying it then.


please don't say to put it on my home curtains. its a big no.


i enjoy doujin manga more because for me its much worth buying. cant draw? well, fanfic is fine for me too. ^_^ at least i get to read it, n laugh. :D i don't really mind the price because i know its not cheap to publish it. but, it is merely the point of view from someone who already working. school kids cant afford expensive stuffs except if their parents are rich or something.


again, i'm not against badges, bookmarks, keychains or anything that i thought its worthless for me to buy it. but i hope for the next CF, maybe seller can think for older/working customers (damn i said it. i'm ooollddddd! D:)


n thats all. don't worry, i am still gonna support CF. :)


update : ah forgot to mention. 'the adventure time' tea bag is a nice thing i ever bought this year. :D

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#8 rabbit-miza


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Posted 28 December 2013 - 03:56 PM



Here are the comics i got from CF this year. I didn't manage to see all the booth due to time constraints but i think that is a good thing for my pockets. Hahaha.

Anyway, I'd be glad to give a deeper review on each of the doujins if the author/artist/group wants to know my view. Please don't do a count on how much i've spent based on the picture above...but if you do count, tell me anyway. At least next year i can lower the number that i've spent. Mwahaha. 


Overall, there were a mixture of fancomics and original ones. As you can see i have more original comics than Fancomics. I regret not getting any Free! fancomic. Maybe next year.

For people who are doing original works, I support you but you must know i am a very picky customer. If the story and art are not appealing enough i might not take a second look and if a first look does not hook me, second look should. Actually this goes for those who are doing fancomics too. I don't care how pretty your art is as long as you can tell a really good story, then again i don't care how good the story is if your art is going to make me unhappy. There must be balance....especially  if the buyer is picky like me. 

On a good note, some people really improved and i'm happy to see that. 


Also i might be more strict on my purchases next year. There were some doujins or comics that did not interest me but i got them anyway...  I may not buy them in the future. it is...rather disappointing to see that the doujin only had one anime/story that i am familiar with. 


I didn't buy any badges this year since i've spent most of my money on comics. Artworks... there were so many. But due to time constraints i didn't get to browse for any. I'm sad that the postcards i did want was sold out. Mainly the hobbit postcards. Below are non-comics item i got at CF.



I love stickers... if you make stickers that i like, i will buy two copies. I don't care if they are the same, i will have two copies of the stickers.... unless they are really expensive.


What i look forward to in next year event are... more comics? There were too many SNK and FREE (but it is understandable, the market flows with what is in)..... MORE WESTERN FANWORK!!! please... Please please please let there be more Western fancomics and artwork... Fancomics more likely. I'm pretty sure there were a lot of artworks... I just didn't manage to get any.


To booth owners, I hope you would organise the table more clearly. "Is this for sale or just decorations? how much are these? Oh well...nothing interest me here... i'll come back later."

PLUS! Promoting your items on CF forums and FB or Deviantart or TUMBLR really catch my attention. 


previous year items that i'd be happy to do a review of if you want:


#9 Maiki


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Posted 31 December 2013 - 09:54 AM




Wow, I'm very curious for that top right "Stalking for Dummies" book hahah XD Is it a fancomic or original comic?


Btw, the booth owner might want to lower their price a bit because some were actually selling a badge for like RM7 while the standard price was RM5 (trust me, this is the price I see everywhere)


Have you checked if those RM7 badges have special coating/printing on them? That might explain the price increase. Not every doujinka are lucky enough to find cheap badge-printing services (either because of lack of research or lack of time thus extra costs for faster printing) so I wouldn't put it against them. ^^; If people won't buy, then they won't. If they would, they would, so I'd just let the sales do the talking.

#10 DinJerr


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Posted 02 January 2014 - 02:20 PM

My doujin stash:


Will post review once I actually finish reading all of them. orz

#11 rabbit-miza


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Posted 03 January 2014 - 12:37 AM





Wow, I'm very curious for that top right "Stalking for Dummies" book hahah XD Is it a fancomic or original comic?




Hi Maiki,
"Stalking for Dummies" is a fancomic for the anime K (K-project). It's about the Red King and Blue King when they were in highschool. 

It's my friend's fancomic. I can't really give a review on it since i help write it, Hahaha. But i can say that she really did a good job on telling the story. 

Also it is entertaining if you're into that kind of theme or have an open mind about it. ;)

#12 tashigi


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Posted 03 January 2014 - 01:50 AM



Some doujinshi which I got from the event itself. Wanted to buy more, but there's not enough budget for this.

So far I see that the doujinshis which I got offer reasonable price. Love the FREE! crossover one because of the comical content, and the epicness.

Haven't got a proper laugh recently until I read it. Attack on Pacifier was filled with Shingeki no Kyojin innocent babies jokes.

Wanting to get both VOL of Butterfly Ink  from Veleries, but I was too late as it as sold out ady :'( 

Will definitely start looking for doujins which I've missed during the event, once I've got enough money, I will hunt the doujin groups later~

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#13 DinJerr


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Posted 21 January 2014 - 08:49 PM

First part of doujin reviews/impressions.


Liga Perajurit

A doujin based in a classical Malay setting, definitely sets it apart from the others. The art is good, and some nicely designed characters. Though IMHO it might be best to cut down the number of characters so that they are more focussed and better developed. Token female character gets token damsel role. I don't quite understand the resolution at the end, perhaps I was reading too fast.


Blanc et Noir

A collection of fancomics of various games, from various people. Art & printing quality is consistently good. Good mix of styles by the contributors. I don't remember AmeGee's Alice to be blonde though.


Yak Bok Te!

Who'd thought there'd be a book featuring social criticism of current local events, trends and politics being sold in CF? Quite funny and well drawn, perhaps the material is more relatable to the more mature readers.


Mr. Charlie

Being a murder thriller book makes it something out of the CF norm. I bought it because of its unique art style, but it is also one of its weakness. There are many closeups and panels barren of backgrounds, that it becomes disorienting as to where the thing in the current scene is taking place. In the end, despite a good start, the murderer was just another run-of-the-mill serial killer without any special twist to him.


Tokimeki MGS 2

I loved the first one, but this book wasn't as good. Not to say it's bad, it's quite entertaining. But I wish more elements of Tokimeki made it into the book like love rivals (bomb?) etc. Perhaps it's time to do a Tokimeki Revengeance (because Raiden never gets any love.  :(). Art is spotty in some spots.


Touhou Fantasia

It's Touhou, it's a lovely art book, and it's expensive.  :mellow:



It's an Indonesian smallpress comic, about a painter who is trying to find her muse and happens to do so quite literally. Her benefactor had to do some mumbo-jumbo to get her back from the other side. Nice monochrome watercolours, though I need to brush up on my Indonesian to fully enjoy this.


DreadOut: The Official Manga

It's the manga based on DreadOut, the still unreleased creepy Fatal Frame-clone from Indonesia (if you don't know what it is, go download the demo or watch Pewdiepie play it). The stories are not related at all to the game's heroine though, so I guess they're just back stories to some of the game's locations. Art is okay, we know Indonesian mangakas put good effort into drawing backgrounds.


Oh No! Manga

A Filipino manga magazine. The comics were rather average, and I can't find anything more to say about it, good or bad.


No Pink Ponies vol.2

Can't review this, as I'm biased towards the webcomics series since I've been reading it since its inception.  :P


:at: venturer

It's a colour comic book by a single artist! You can tell a lot of effort went into this book. Art is good, execution is good, story-telling is good. I do have crits though. A lot of the panels are too safe; it's as if the cameraman is always tagging along with the characters within arms reach, at the same eye level. Perhaps the artist may look into more adventurous (lol!) angles and setup in the future. Another thing I found disappointing was the final battle was disproportionate to the buildup, in the end it was Mr.A distracts while Miss.B casts spell... and that's it. Hope there'd be better battles in future installments, as it has potential to be a good series.


Maids VS Zombies

One of my favourites, the book is nicely drawn, great angles, great fight scenes and has teh sexies. Also: maids. Who can hate maids? (I'm not talking the bibik variety here). It tries to emulate the feel of recent darker mahoushoujo shows, which is good. I quite like the main character, and the style shift the artist uses whenever he wants to uglify somebody. So this book gets my Must Buy recommendation of CF2013.  B)

(Fast fact: This is perhaps the only group that I went to that I bought ALL of the titles they had for sale, I kid you not) 



Okay, end of part one of reviews. Will try to finish reading the second batch soon.  :wub:

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